Shah Rukh Khan – Sunny Leone item number likely in Raees

There are reports coming in from reliable sources that Sunny Leone is all set to feature in an item number with Shah Rukh Khan in Rahul Dholakia’s upcoming film ‘Raees’.

The item number, sources say, will be used to take the film to the masses.

“Everyone, Shah Rukh, director Rahul Dholakia and producers Farhan Akhtar and Ritesh Sidhvani felt the film needed that sizzling number, that tadka. And that’s how Sunny Leone came into the picture.” a source was quoted as saying.

The report also adds that the song was first planned with Shah Rukh and his lead co-star Mahira Khan. But the makers felt the Pakistani star wasn’t ‘seductive’ and ‘sensual’ enough for the song.

The news comes months after a journalist questioned Sunny if big stars like Aamir Khan would be willing to work with her because of her career in the adult industry.

Aamir had said he would be glad to share screen-space with Sunny. But with the Indo-Canadian star all set to feature in a Shah Rukh Khan film, it’s probably as big as it can get for Sunny.

An official announcement on the SRK – Sunny Leone item song is yet to be made.



  • @Anonymous Zebra Fan, that’s why your king always praises himself. E.g. I am the King, I am No.1, I am the biggest brand… blah blah… Who else does this?

  • When Salman’s heroines worked in a erotic thriller which was a super hit, they bad mouthed Salman!
    When the Meoww bhai is desperate to work with a real porn star in Raees meoww (which will otherwise most probably be a flop without her as his time is over now), he respects Women’s hardwork. What do you call this? Babaji ka ghanta???

  • When Salman’s heroines worked in a erotic thriller which was a super hit, they bad mouthed Salman!
    When the Meoww bhai himself did a half pon film, they behave like suffering from selective amnesia. What do you call this? Babaji ka ghanta???

  • Lol!! Look at these pathetic losers!! They normally hate Ajay and Aamir. Sometimes, even Akki..But these meow bhai’s zebra fans are now taking refuge under their shadows to save the assof their hero… Kyun, are not your meoww bhai enough for you, paglapurians??

  • @Original Idiot :

    Better don’t talk about MNIK which was a Hit in India and ATBB in Overseas .
    Lol , Ready was a south-remake . Don’t think that it worked due to non-actors stardom !
    I spit on such stardom which can’t guarantee u even semi-hit verdict even in your so-called golden phase , just when u come out of holidays …!

  • @anand-the original, you didn’t get what action speaks louder than words, I mean to say when amir Khan supported by words Shah rukh khan did it by action by taking sunny leone.

  • Salman need Salman to reach at masses (Mass need Salman) but here SRK need Sunny Leone to reach at Masses.

  • I am loving the frustrations of srk fans, TIkTik fans, Joker kumar fans, and other tiny star fans who are barking against salman and aamir and showing their jealousy. because deep in their heart they know that aamir and salman are biggest megastars and no one can come close to their stardom, fan following, popularity, etc. they have been giving HGOTY since last 8 years consistently while their stars are nothing but struggling for hit/super-hit. keep burning all haters, aamir and salman will continue to rule box office and this year will also belong to only aamir and salman.

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  • @Phenom : And the same spit is licked by SRK, not once but twice !!!!!! You want me to open the pole and throw some facts on your face ?

    It is funny the same SRK fans were abusing Salman for giving Sunny Leone chance in Bigg Boss (though I believe it was colors or show makers who brought her to indian television) and now same morons are going ga ga over an item number. No wonder SRK had promoted Jackpot and we know the result. Now Sunny L is returning the favor and we will know the result this time Sultan for head-on CLASH !!!!!!!!!! Bring it on !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Shameless and double standard cheapos.

  • Some comments from Salman haters (they dont even deserve to be called as SRK fans).

    January 19, 2014 at 9:28 am
    What is Salman doing in Bollywood movie industry.
    He should be in Sunny Leones special film industry. He wont even need to act. But I heard he has hardening problem so how will he work with Sunny Lol

    January 19, 2014 at 6:28 pm
    A stripper (always strips his shirt in every movie) is teaching another stripper to wear cloths..
    They both are in bollywood because of stripping…

    Now what do you call this SRK fans ? an item number with Sunny Leone whereas Salman taught her indian-ness with a saree !!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • @Phenomenol Idiot, Ready worked because it was a South Remake?
    Then, what about Billu? Wasnt it a south remake? Your king, Lara, Deepika and Irfan could not save it? That too during your king’s golden phase??
    Going by your theory, it should have worked.

    And where is your logic for Jai Ho’s under performance? Wasnt it a south remake?
    Yet it crossed 100 crores easily. It was not a clean hit just because it was sold with a higher price to the distributors??

    In that senses, ur king’s festive releases like Ra1, Don2, Dullwale were not clean hits either….

  • @sss dumbass keep dreaming. Salmir are here to stay and rule. Salmir were always the biggest megastars of Indian cinema. They have been ruling the industry since 1988. Your tiny star should thank yrf and dharma for getting eligible to compete with megastars like salmir. Yes, its you who is jealous by looking at the kind of language you use

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