Shah Rukh Khan – Sunny Leone item number likely in Raees

There are reports coming in from reliable sources that Sunny Leone is all set to feature in an item number with Shah Rukh Khan in Rahul Dholakia’s upcoming film ‘Raees’.

The item number, sources say, will be used to take the film to the masses.

“Everyone, Shah Rukh, director Rahul Dholakia and producers Farhan Akhtar and Ritesh Sidhvani felt the film needed that sizzling number, that tadka. And that’s how Sunny Leone came into the picture.” a source was quoted as saying.

The report also adds that the song was first planned with Shah Rukh and his lead co-star Mahira Khan. But the makers felt the Pakistani star wasn’t ‘seductive’ and ‘sensual’ enough for the song.

The news comes months after a journalist questioned Sunny if big stars like Aamir Khan would be willing to work with her because of her career in the adult industry.

Aamir had said he would be glad to share screen-space with Sunny. But with the Indo-Canadian star all set to feature in a Shah Rukh Khan film, it’s probably as big as it can get for Sunny.

An official announcement on the SRK – Sunny Leone item song is yet to be made.



  • “The item number, sources say, will be used to take the film to the masses.”

    The sentence clearly says that Mr Overactor does not have stardom of bringing audience to the theatres.

  • @fasal loongi:
    Bhai neither needs big banner nor big heroine to give blockbusters. Eg- Dabang, Dabang 2, Kick etc.

    That big banner & big heroine’s logic is applicable to only your Overactor. Your Overactor yet to touch even 100cr mark without big banners and big heroines…

  • @Chuhe… what a Moron you are!!!
    your non actor giving cult classic flopho without good banner & Actress…. #power of non actor lallu…
    your south remake bhaijaan is nothing without Remakes & masala craps….
    #Raees Bhai will easly crush sultana bhabhi….
    #Fasal kerala

  • wondering why bollywood started using porn stars in their films? hundreds of her dirty pictures and porn videos could be found in google search.. what a shame!! how Shahrukh Khan would agree to hire her for his movie?!!!! I don’t think that even hollywood hired these law class girls for their movies!!!!!

  • @ANK you have called names like Srk Ajay Aamir so what expectations do you have with Bhai? Bhai can’t perform half of what Srk Ajay Aamir can be it any role. Why wasting your time answering non actor fans like Salman? Even Akshay and Sanjay are far ahead of Lallu bhai so save your energy. Imagine Lallu in Darr company Vastaav outim am sure even imagining Lallu in those roles is very very very hard. Yes he might play roles of Deepak tijori in Vastaav Randeep hooda in outim and that of Dalip Tahil Darr if he puts in 150% effort. too much fun!!!!!

  • @Aisha Iqbal. Dear in brackets for all the Lallu bhai chartbuster you should have indicated either Pocket dance,Shirt swiping and playing guitar without an ample. Too much fun!!!!!!!

  • hahahahahaa….. sunny leon n srk.. n then a pakistani actress in a film.. n nw they expecting it to work against sultan… bettr run away nw.. insecure khan.

  • This site is totally biased.They can’t bear a single word against their brand ambassador sr___ but post every comment against others as soon as it is commented.We know majority of your users are srkian but that doesn’t mean you’ll hurt others.

  • Can your so called global star act in Dabangg,ETT,BB,Kick??..I agree bhai can’t do emotional roles but what else your star knows other than logicless romance.

  • Imagine srk in Dabangg..Can srk do action films like Salman ?? Do the actions in hny,ce,ra one,dullwale suit him ?? Every actor has his unique quality..So don’t compare anyone’s acting skills with others.

  • @fasal loongi:
    The same chanting again!!! I have already replied Bhai neither needs big banner nor big heroine to give blockbusters. Eg- Dabang, Dabang 2, Kick etc.

    Now come to your south remake logic. 300cr grosser Bajrangi Bhaijaan, ATBB Dabang, blockbusters like ETT, Dabang 2 etc were not south remakes, you loongi wearing retard.

    Forget blockbusters your Overactor has not given even a clean hit without big heroines & big banners. The global Overactor yet to touch even 50cr mark lifetime without big heroines and big banners, 100cr toh bhul hi jao….!!!
    Doob Marne Waali Sharm ki Baat!!!

  • @Harsh Dholkia how more popular sunny will become now? She was the most searched Indian personality on google for last two years. Even Salman and Namo couldn’t beat her. And srk wasn’t even close to above people.

  • Despearate Times need Desparate Measure……….the adage suits so well to the team of Raees !!!!

    After all the big talk, they want an item number from Sunny to save the movie…..The makers are already trembling with fear of clash…….It is like in Mahabharata, to counter Bheeshma, they brought Shikandi………………makers of Raees are going pathetic.

  • Sorry for leaving out the list of other evils in Raeees!! Lol! I can say that looking at the hints given in the trailer…
    ‘Glorifying Evils’ doesn’t mean an actor should not play variety of roles but that it should not portray negative people or characters in the positively like in Don.
    A negative character should have a bad ending…
    But in Raees, going by the trailer, it is highly likely that they will show all evils in positive light. Thats called Glorification of Evils.

  • Small tussles happen in Bollywood but how did things got so messy in the Hrithik Kangana spat. Kangana may have started it by calling Hrithik a silly ex but dont u think Hrithik went a bit too far when he filed a defamation law suit against Kangana and then things got dirtier with both accusing allegations at each other. Whats your take on the whole matter?

  • Salman fans all get defensive when it comes to the real craft, i.e, acting itself. They give excuses like can SRK do roles like Dabangg, Ek the tiger which involves no acting and shaking belts and doing action scenes. Well it’s a simple fact-doing action scenes doesn’t require much acting and if some people have done action and acting simaltaneously, they are Ajay Devgn and SRK. Sallu fans say whether SRK can do a cop’s roll. Well SRK has done better. He has done Army man’s roles(Main Hoon Na, Jab Tak Hai Jaan), that too with sheer acting chops and made them hits. Sallu fans cry saying SRK has done hits only with big banners and big actresses. Well he is the most talented of the lot and that’s why all the great directors want to work with him. He is even Aamir’s director Raju Hirani’s favourite. He has done films with a lousy director like Farah Khan and been successful there too. All bollywood people know all heroines aren’t Sridevi and Madhuri and film’s boxoffice record doesn’t depend on the heroines. SRK has his own banner,i.e., red chillies and still he will keep working with big banners because his fans require him to make class movies which lives up to his acting calibres, not stupid masala only movies which doesn’t require much acting. Sallu fans don’t complain when he does mindless movies but SRK fans complain when he is doing mindless masala films like HNY, Dilwale. And your Sallu’s best performance in Bajrangi couldn’t get him the major awards since he is still amateur when it comes to acting. MMS is right. Even Ajay, Sanjay and now Akki (in recent times) is ahead of him actingwise.

  • @MMS, yeah it’s an insult to SRK, Ajay, Sanjay, Amir, Akshay(I am liking him only recently) comparing their acting with Sallu’s. Even the newcomers are far better than him actingwise. He can be called a competent entertainer at best. Nothing of an actor. SRK’s worst crime has been to forget his own competency in acting and following Salman’s footsteps in doing massy mindless masala only films like HNY and Dilwale. If he does films like Chennai Express once in a while I don’t mind, but to keep doing them isn’t forgivable. SRK admirers don’t admire everything he does, that’s the class of his and his fans. Something that neither Sallu nor their fans can attain. Keep them barking about box office because people remember the movie and the performance, not the box office record. That’s why films like Darr and Bazigaar and all the other class romantic movies of SRK are still remembered.

  • @Original Idiot – 11:19 am

    #1 Idiocy
    /* I can say that looking at the hints given in the trailer… */
    — But the trailer hasn’t released yet …, how did u watch it ?

    #2 Idiocy
    /* A negative character should have a bad ending… */
    — Oh really …? What a Lallu Logic …! Have u seen The Godfather ?

    #3 Idiocy
    /* going by the trailer, it is highly likely that they will show all evils in positive light. */
    — Oh mannn ! U have finished watching the film as well ?

    You IDIOT , u can’t write a single comment without preventing your idiocy from creeping in , and you are here to tell us what is right and what is wrong …?

  • @Chuha – 9:06 am

    /* your Overactor has not given even a clean hit without big heroines & big banners */

    Really , Chuha ? So what is Main Hoon Na then ? It had a debutant actress and no big banner – wasn’t it a Hit ?

    Lol , you chuha tell your Bhojpuri Non-Actor to come out of Eid and show his stardom . Even he knows the result would be Flop Ho …!

  • whether there is sunny or not but RAEES is going to thrash loltan,the film of a nonactor lallu miya,hahaha,lallu will become terenaam after the clash,bcoz lultan will become super disaster and after that lallu will become mad and commit suicide and so his fans,we srkians will pray for their souls after that.

  • Salma begum should realize now that he has no space in Bollywood industry now…he should retire now otherwise his career is drowning now…

  • Rofl Rofl Rofl @MMS. Hilarious Dude!
    @Sultan downfall on Eid. What Dabaang are you talking about. King Raees will reject that role and rather go for Singham. Agreed Dabaang was before Singham on release date but not even an inch close to Singham. The Trp of Singham was 8.1. Even among cop movies Singham and Rowdy Rathode was more better and enjoyable than crappy dabaang. They were also by miles more difficult than Dabaang. Action wise ask anybody here both Aj and King of bollywood 2007 are way much better stunt men than Salman. Now get lost. So you see comedy romance action patriotic movies Salman tops non. While Akki Sir Ajay Sir and King of bollywood forever can top any of those genres easily.

  • @Anonymous. Add one two ka 4 too where King played a cbi officer with style emotion flair and guile.

  • Action speaks louder than words, shah rukh khan proves it and there is a reason to call him King of Bollywood! He respect women their hard work, I am proud of u sir waiting for Raees.

  • @Phenomenol idiot, be it a teaser or a trailer… It gives the same hints that it will glorify a terrorist and his evils.
    Yes, a bad character should have a bad ending. The character must be killed or turned into a positive one. As all know, that’s not the case with the terrorist don Raees Alam whom the film is based on. They will glorify him for sure.
    Duffer, what about Ready? A non holiday release which was a blockbuster!! But your meow bhai hasn’t had a non holiday since My Name is Meow flopped big time.

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