‘Shuddhi’ has been shelved says Varun Dhawan

Karan Malhotra’s much-delayed ‘Shuddhi’ has been shelved. Varun Dhawan, who was signed to play the lead, has confirmed the same.

“‘Shuddhi’ is not happening at the moment. I think Karan announced it” Varun said.

The film which was first announced with Hrithik Roshan and Kareena Kapoor Khan as the lead stars, was delayed when Hrithik opted out of the film and signed Ashutosh Gowarikar’s Mohenjo Daro.

After Hrithik’s exit from the project, producer Karan Johar approached Salman Khan, who agreed to do the film. Then came reports that Salman too had decided not to do the film.

Karan finally announced that ‘Shuddhi’ would feature Varun Dhawan and Alia Bhatt in the lead.

Unfortunately though, Karan Malhotra’s second directorial venture ‘Brothers’ tanked at the box office, which is probably one of the reasons why ‘Shuddhi’ has been indefinitely shelved.

Varun awaits the release of ‘Dishoom’ later this year.



  • There’s just something wrong with the scripts which Karan am sure has just realised it. Varun definitely knows the reason but it’s better to stay mum and allow karan malhotra and his back room staffs to re-strategize…simple as that.

  • I HOPE tat shuddhi may never be made .. hrithik was the first choice for shuddhi and the best choice ………… karan malhotra should have waited for hrithgik recovery from brain surgery .. he did not waited for hrithik … biggest mistake of karans life really ……….. shuddhi will never be made and if made somehow will not be as big as it would have been if hrithik was there in it ..

  • kaabil -1000 crores ,, thug -1500 crores …… uultan – minus 100 crores , usha fan – minus 100 crores ,, duuuungall – minus 100 crores … in khans films audience will demand their money back plus they will ask for extra money of 200 rs for each ticket for the mental agony, mental sufferings , trauma which they will suffer after watching pathetic khans films .. HRITHIK ROCKS … KHANS ARE FLOPS …

  • KARAN JOHAR wants to see that on what level can Varun Dhawan carry a film on his shoulders alone. I think the film will start once Varun becomes a totally bankable super-star!

    He doesn’t want to risk it now & also doesn’t want to deteriorate the film quality wise & on production level wise!

  • Without hrithik, karan malhotra and shuddhi has no identity…its good that hrthik has opted out of shuddhi….

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