Salman threatens to quit Twitter if fan wars don’t stop, gets philosophical

In his inimitable style, Bollywood superstar Salman Khan took to Twitter to request his fans to stop making Twitter an ugly place, that is filled with abuses and fan wars.

While most Bollywood celebrities on Twitter get plenty of support and love-filled tweets, they are also at the receiving end of abuses and trolls from fans of other stars.

Reacting to some of these abuses, Salman said:

“Messed up fighting over your hero’s with each other. Make this journey beautiful, don’t sign up for this ugly twitter war, am not a part of it. Continue it and I will be off Twitter. Came here to spread love, share some thoughts have fun with fans, not for them to insult my fraternity. Hut.”

“See a lot of love and respect and happy to be here but then there is a lot of die hard fans who are going wrong in their thought process competing. Don’t want them to fight or turn nasty, ugly, abusive. Twitter should also block abusive language, how difficult is that.”

“How rich in culture and respect we were. Kya ho gaya yaar. Itni nafrat Pyar mein kyun? If anyone who follows me disrespect any of my fraternity I will not be on this social network any more. Bus khallas, khatam, wanna follow me and want me to be here to Pyar mohobbat se raho. Or I am out.”

“Yahaan pe koi compete karne ke liyeh nahi aahya hoon ke kiss ke followers zyada hai aur kaun mere doston and competitors ko gira raha hai. Have come here so we can grow together be happy and if me and my colleges are creating a darrar between fans then it’s not worth it. Ek toh vaise bhi kum tweet karta hoon, nahi karne pe majboor mat karo. Nahi that twitter pe nahi hoonga phir se, kaunsi badi baat hai.”

“Don’t even need to tweet all this but wanted to so that u understand it’s not cool for u fans to fight with each other. Shahrukh and Aamir hate it too. And for my fans don’t let me down. SRK and Aamir Khan are my friends toh buss. Bhad mein gaya No 1, 2, 3. Samjhe kya?”

The actor also posted one more thought-provoking tweet



  • @9:36pm

    You have no name n yet you want me to heed everything bhai says but you can ignore everything your sarkar says because you hide behind afake ID…. Smart boy- Come on tell me who you are Mr Chameleon so that we can cross reference your history n see what exactly you follown n what you ignore etc etc

  • @queen sarkar fan

    Yes yes so you are an Aamir fan and we all believe you… oh wait a sec… wow I just seen a pig flying over the moon…. ok back to you- show your love for Aamir now by doing something positive about it like watching AAA as most Aamir fans consider that as his best comic performance and you know what he was simply MAGNIFICENT alongside Salman Khan…

  • I LOVE U MY HERO SALMAN KHAN,,no coments for other hero’s fan.. jst being human nw
    BB Trailer Next Week

  • @hrithik we real Aamirians don’t consider @King Aamir Khan as an Aamirian.. So chill..

    @javed SRK used Bhai to promote his upcoming Varunwaale and Rabies..?

  • @hrithik Who loves who doesn’t matter. If it did, than we Aamir fans can’t bash Ranbir coz Aamir loves him. But how can we digest craps like besharam or roy or BV? Did not you bashed that media spoon boy? Did not Navin ankle? Yes, we did. So, stop pretending Aamir fan you moron! Aukaat main raho.
    @Navin ankle, these days you slip your hand too much that you forget you are a true bhojpurian. Aamir not only starred that film but completely overshadowed Salman with his impeccable comic timing which your bhaitard can only dream of. Salman’s presence spoiled a lot of fun of that film. Don’t know why he tries to cry when he can’t act!
    @kid_original You are such a kid that think that by saying a false a number of times false becomes truth! Retard, better tell your bhaitard to learn act and not to do bandarrr dance. It is so irritating!

  • @Navin angle, this ‘alongside Salman’ phrase is killing me. Salman spoiled a lot of fun in this wonderful film. Only for his poor acting, movie became average. Otherwise, it could have been superhit if Aamir would get more screen presence.

  • @Fake Aamir Khan : pehle apni aukaat dekh. You are chameleon n you need even Aamir name to bash Salman. Don’t cross limits else ? khayega !!!!!!!!!!

  • Ha ha a real amir fans is bashing salman fans here.still sallu fans are so much insecure so as some amir fans they don’t want to give their individual clarification or forgot their star’s individual identity because this is the only way to fight against THE BIGGEST MEGASTAR —-KING KHAN.I also want to remain unite you as always.then only the rivalry will be a treat half actor is out of now from RAJU/DHOOM camp ,now IT’S KING KHAN will easily destruct you 2 decade loser unite flopstars both in Bo as well as in PERFORMANCE.

    carry on these fights,I’m enjoying.WE’RE alone enough to diminish such puny 2rs star’s fans,lol.

  • @sss wow you are so much blindly in love with aamir as even though he has no release this year, you cant miss aamir’s name in 90% of your comments. That’s the power of king aamir. His haters have to mention his name at least 2 or 3 times each day in each article. Great going dude. Keep I up.??????

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