Salman threatens to quit Twitter if fan wars don’t stop, gets philosophical

In his inimitable style, Bollywood superstar Salman Khan took to Twitter to request his fans to stop making Twitter an ugly place, that is filled with abuses and fan wars.

While most Bollywood celebrities on Twitter get plenty of support and love-filled tweets, they are also at the receiving end of abuses and trolls from fans of other stars.

Reacting to some of these abuses, Salman said:

“Messed up fighting over your hero’s with each other. Make this journey beautiful, don’t sign up for this ugly twitter war, am not a part of it. Continue it and I will be off Twitter. Came here to spread love, share some thoughts have fun with fans, not for them to insult my fraternity. Hut.”

“See a lot of love and respect and happy to be here but then there is a lot of die hard fans who are going wrong in their thought process competing. Don’t want them to fight or turn nasty, ugly, abusive. Twitter should also block abusive language, how difficult is that.”

“How rich in culture and respect we were. Kya ho gaya yaar. Itni nafrat Pyar mein kyun? If anyone who follows me disrespect any of my fraternity I will not be on this social network any more. Bus khallas, khatam, wanna follow me and want me to be here to Pyar mohobbat se raho. Or I am out.”

“Yahaan pe koi compete karne ke liyeh nahi aahya hoon ke kiss ke followers zyada hai aur kaun mere doston and competitors ko gira raha hai. Have come here so we can grow together be happy and if me and my colleges are creating a darrar between fans then it’s not worth it. Ek toh vaise bhi kum tweet karta hoon, nahi karne pe majboor mat karo. Nahi that twitter pe nahi hoonga phir se, kaunsi badi baat hai.”

“Don’t even need to tweet all this but wanted to so that u understand it’s not cool for u fans to fight with each other. Shahrukh and Aamir hate it too. And for my fans don’t let me down. SRK and Aamir Khan are my friends toh buss. Bhad mein gaya No 1, 2, 3. Samjhe kya?”

The actor also posted one more thought-provoking tweet



  • @Khiladi kumar- and if we take holiday collection than
    salman- 233 crore
    srk- 227 crore

  • @javed @ Aniel : What did you learn from Srk Tweeting about BB ?? Does it mean you have exclusive rights to abuse anyone n expect silence n respect in return ??? Grow up. It was for all, whether you follow your idol or not but I will try my best to abstain from it n will not abuse unless someone instigates me !!!!!!!!!

  • @sss : You are a perfect example of a hater n abuser n a big reason for some Srk Haters to abuse him despite trying to avoid. Tera kuch nahi hoga !!!!!!!!!!

  • @Challa : Please share that link and show it to your friend @sss most importantly you follow srk preaching first n then ask others to do it !!!!!!!!!

  • @Legend @Ishan @Sky : Please take care of this Fake Aamir fan @Queen Aamir. He is instigating fan wars between Aamir n Salman fans !!!! We don’t want to abuse Aamir or any other actor unless their fans instigate Salman fans. We know how to give it back !!!!!!!!!!

  • @Rewi, ur bhai posted this comment in order to gain attraction and wants other actors fans watch his bb on this Eid .??

  • finally its over from me….no argument,no discussion anymore …I m sorry for my cheap comments SPL to @sss but u make me sure I will give it back due to ur nonsence ….I m sorry….no more fights

  • Dont care for what bhai says on such trivial matters as its what he says on the big screen that matters more to me…

    There I spoke the truth so my hatred for Sarkar will never diminish n my resentment towards jadoo boy for manipulating the boxoffice will continue to burn strong…!

  • @Hrithik “@Legend Aamir Khan” is a fake Aamir fan.
    Whenever he praises Aamir, he always says something insulting about Aamir indirectly.
    Look what he posted:
    “Legend Aamir Khan
    June 11, 2015 at 3:12 pm
    “I Will Destroy Aamir Khan”

    Inversely Proportion :D

    1995 se ek Bandar, Sher ko Chidha raha tha.

    Ab Sher ne 2008 se Jawab dia to ….. :D”

    So according to him Aamir answered bandar’s 1995 threat in 2008. So indirectly he is insulting Aamir while using an Aamir fan’s id. SRKian in fake id.

  • @hrithik dont worry he is not aamir fan. He must be akshay or hrithik’s fan who is creating all these mischief and fan war between aamir and Salman. I assume he mud be another fake id of @Babaji ki Lungi AKA trashcan thullu. Because you should know that we aamir fans are most sensible fans and genuine and never abuse or write anything bad about Salman. Ignore that jerk span. I also hate such fraud people.

  • @Javed why would Salman need to get this attention from other fans? He already has largest fan base in the country, much bigger than srk in India. So shut your nonsense. It seems like effect is still on you. Lol.

  • @Navin then you at not true Salman fan if you don’t respect what he said. Shame on you moron

  • This iz because salman knows that other actors fan will Say about his bad reputation With his past girlfriends & His Some Crimes …!

    because of his fans , We Akki fans calls him lallu nd keep Calling if lallu fans will say anything about akki….!

  • Looks like “No win “is burning with jealousy that Krish 3 has collected 244
    crore in domistic ???
    what if mohenjo daro becomes the biggest surprise hit of 2016 after Raees …
    he will die becoz of jealousy …!!!

  • @Bewi no 1 , why ur bhai did not post these tweets 3 months ago as Sallu fans
    have been abusing since 2012 ????
    why he posts now when his movie is so
    Near u bloody turncout!

  • @js,you lost your sense.OUR KING is not a sadakchap taporis like your bhai.HE has CLASS.who can irritate .ore than your south remake 2rs papa’s boy tortures always with his south remake/masala tortures and doesn’t knew still what’s acting.and you’re calling THE KING as overrated?????let your lallu to do a single CLASS movie,after that you will see heaven you illiterate rikshwalas.your star’s name and his film’s name also irritates.bloody CLASSless ,1st identify yourselves.

    @legend amir_khan,you also forgot atank hi atank,awal number and many more such 90’s craps along with mangal pandey:the tortures still on,fanaa and very recent tortures dhoom3,pk and upcoming dangal pandey.

    @hrithik,to kaun sa ehsaan kiya hai?????couldn’t you mark how he is doing promotion?????,lol.previously it’s amir was playing such gimmick before release of films,now salman also follows him,lol.and BTW I will never salman because he is the biggest liar in this earth and also a long as he’ll not accept his guilty by his own even though how many years he’ll punish as imprisonment.

  • @Rew1 : Thanks !!! For sake of True Aamirians like you, @Legend, @Ishan, @Sky and many more I will ignore this loon. But if he crosses limit he will have it from me.

  • @javed : In current scenario, such support and publicity is badly needed for SRK who is struggling to give a Single Highest Grosser of the Year since 2007 despite releasing his movies on festivals since 5 years. Aamir and Salman had one non holiday release each !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Salman or his fans does not need support from people like you & @sss !!!!!!!!!!!

  • That’s real attitude of a human being.
    Buy sorry to say still some bloody fool fans of Amir Khan satires King Khan

  • @Hrithik You are in independence to abuse any other star. But one thing please, don’t use this word ‘salmir’, coz it is shameful to us that Aamir’s name is joint to a crapstars name. Please, be patient and drink pran litchi. Bhaitard will be happy.
    @Rew1 you say you are an Aamir fan, but said that bhaitard has biggest fan base in India! Do you think all indicine readers have gone mad? You are a true bhaitard in disguise of Aamir fan. We Aamir fans don’t need bhojpurians to make ATBBs. We just need Aamir. History speaks.
    @Legend Aamir Khan, don’t mind mate, we are with you. Bhaitards suck.

  • @Rew1 One thing you said true is that Aamir fans are most sensible. We don’t like crap films like HNY, Kick, Bajrangi.. , CE, Reddy, Bodyguard Shera, Badangg, JTHJ, Ratoon.1 , Ek Tha Bandarrr, marigold, youvraj, main aur mrs katrina, london debacles, Veera, bullu, my name is bakra khan etc etc. :D

  • @javed when where you born to indicine? Do you even have any enough info about Bollywood updates? If not then dont reply me. Salman said this same thing last year also. Hope you first get some info about something then dare to write. Salman doesnt need to do these to promote his movie. His films work on his name alone. So get a life. And last thing, improve your English grammar. Maybe after being with your illiterate mate SSS, it seems your grammar is also messed up…? ? ? ?

  • @king aamir khan, you are nobody to decide whose fan I am. I am aamir fan and will always remain. But I also like salman and you are nobody to give me any advise whom I should like and whom I should not. If you are true aamir fan then you wouldn’t write all these craps about Salman. So dont be pretentious. You must be someone else in disguise. Just get lost and don’t ruin aamir’s name by your crap comments.

  • @Queen Aamir : It is proved you are not an Aamir fan. You are a phatto n insecure like your hero (whoever it is). Aamir has praised Saman many times n you are trying to bring down Aamir and proving him as liar. This shows your true identity. I have seen many Aamir fans on Indicine, some are there from years but none had said what you are blabbering !!!! Grow up n come back to your identity. BTW wtf are you stop me from using SALMIR word ??? I will write it as many times as I want. Kya karega ?????

  • The moronic fan wars sill don’t stop. What a lame pathetic lifeless losers they are. They should respect all stars for their hard work and unique talent, Like aamir for his perfection, Salman for his entertaining presense, srk for his self made stardom without any background, same goes for akki, hr for his dance talent and Ajay for his acting.

  • Lol. Bhojpurian in disguise of Aamirian. Bhaitard sucks. There is no point not to bash Salman, coz he made too many craps one after another. And one thing, Aamir and Salman are friends doesn’t mean that we should not speak about Sallu fans. They are so ratard that they don’t even want to accept that Aamir is miles ahead of Salman acting and boxoffice wise.

  • @7:51pm

    I said the same earlier but indicine sure do love their fav chameleon baba so by protecting kShitij they blocked my comments… They will never unveil his treachery here despite my frequent calls for them to state how many ids the old bhojpuri babuji possesses..

    That ‘queen sarkar fan’ is another one of kShitij’s lungi/ ID…

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