Salman threatens to quit Twitter if fan wars don’t stop, gets philosophical

In his inimitable style, Bollywood superstar Salman Khan took to Twitter to request his fans to stop making Twitter an ugly place, that is filled with abuses and fan wars.

While most Bollywood celebrities on Twitter get plenty of support and love-filled tweets, they are also at the receiving end of abuses and trolls from fans of other stars.

Reacting to some of these abuses, Salman said:

“Messed up fighting over your hero’s with each other. Make this journey beautiful, don’t sign up for this ugly twitter war, am not a part of it. Continue it and I will be off Twitter. Came here to spread love, share some thoughts have fun with fans, not for them to insult my fraternity. Hut.”

“See a lot of love and respect and happy to be here but then there is a lot of die hard fans who are going wrong in their thought process competing. Don’t want them to fight or turn nasty, ugly, abusive. Twitter should also block abusive language, how difficult is that.”

“How rich in culture and respect we were. Kya ho gaya yaar. Itni nafrat Pyar mein kyun? If anyone who follows me disrespect any of my fraternity I will not be on this social network any more. Bus khallas, khatam, wanna follow me and want me to be here to Pyar mohobbat se raho. Or I am out.”

“Yahaan pe koi compete karne ke liyeh nahi aahya hoon ke kiss ke followers zyada hai aur kaun mere doston and competitors ko gira raha hai. Have come here so we can grow together be happy and if me and my colleges are creating a darrar between fans then it’s not worth it. Ek toh vaise bhi kum tweet karta hoon, nahi karne pe majboor mat karo. Nahi that twitter pe nahi hoonga phir se, kaunsi badi baat hai.”

“Don’t even need to tweet all this but wanted to so that u understand it’s not cool for u fans to fight with each other. Shahrukh and Aamir hate it too. And for my fans don’t let me down. SRK and Aamir Khan are my friends toh buss. Bhad mein gaya No 1, 2, 3. Samjhe kya?”

The actor also posted one more thought-provoking tweet



  • No one is interested in Bajrangi Bhaijaan now. All eyes are on Brothers. No one cares what he says, not even his fans. It will be proved in indicine, you can see. ;)

  • But after watching aib I thought that fraternity has a great sense of humour! If fans do it then abusers and actors do it then cool entertainers!

  • so right from now i will not spread haterd towards any other actor but if somebody will spread negativity about salman i will give him better reply.

  • great gesture bhai but even that won’t b enough to stop ur stupid fans like ultron,navin,tiger,yuvraaj,anand etc from talking rubbish about others

  • akki should also gv out a similar tweet.his fan base is gradually starting to behave very similar to sallu fans.look at @ajinkya @armaan and few others.they r too much

  • Bhaijaan first called his Chichora fans fake, then disowned them, then threatened them, then called them unemployed. Aur kitni Bezzati sahenge bhojpurians? Navin uncle ko padhna chahiye yeh msgs.

  • Sallu fans plz learn sth from ur bhai
    who has big heart …
    if u do not listen to him , ur not his fan .
    u will be consider his enemy making people hate him by abusing other actors!
    well said bhaijaan ???

  • Salman badly wants support of other superstars’ fans too during the time of his film release and verdict over Hit and Run case!

  • That’s why I never provided my FB/TWITTER IDS to anyone I didn’t involved any fan wars in social networking sites nor will do any day,but I had seen many fans of those who are commenting here engaged in those fights and most of them are salman fans.and salman knew it very well,now he is acting to promote his flopped bb teaser.if he really cared about this then why he said it now which he have done many years ago.and recently many salman/amir fans asked teased questions to KING KHAN to insult HIM,that doesn’t mean WE SRKIANS couldn’t do that,we could gave reply better sman/amir,but WE let it be gone.that’s what what WE SRKIAN’S CLASS SAYS.

    It’s really very silly and shameful if anyone fights on popular social networking sites irrespective of forgetting what millions of people is thinking about them along with their relatives.though what salman said that will not affect his fans a little and I’m sure he’ll not leave twitter even after knowing this or may he planned to left twitter as be couldn’t defeat KING KHAN in terms of followers as twitter doesn’t allows fake ids like FB,LOL.

  • Even salman is ready to quit twitter theze fan wars r not going to b stopped.. To some extent its fun without abusive language. But if it crosses limits then it turns ugly. Fan wars shud b like fun fight between friends.

  • I was watching the show, Indian Idol Jr.
    There was a tapori bhaifan who came for audition. He sang well, but jury rejected him due to his stupid style. Vishal Dadlani and Salim even called him a chhichora. Lol.

  • Respect Salman. Whatever he said is completely true. But look at srk, does he have any guts to make such statement and troll his fans over fan wars??? That’s the difference between Salman and srk. While Salman gives a voice to his fans to stop the fan wars and spread respect towards other stars, srk laughs off when his fans bash other stars. And that’s why I hate srk. He had never taken a stand to troll his fans over their cheapness unlike Salman. That’s why aamir and Salman are better human beings even after achieving much bigger stardom than srk. Anyways let srk’s cheap fans show their cheap character and let srk remain the way he is, but we salmir fans are far better human beings than those cheapsters so we wont bash any star from now on.

  • @indicine why all my comments are still in moderation? Even non-abusing comments! I just said Aamir is bigger than shahrukh+salman, all knows that. Others are more abusing and you publish, but not mine. Seems bhaitard! Grow up indicine.

  • love you salman.
    and wow salman fans getting blamed for everything….not saying salman fans don’t abuse but all other’s fans also do the same. the tweets are for everyone.enough of fanwars.spread love and respect.

  • Top non-actors in bollywood who still survives because of power and money:

    1. Salman Khan
    2. Vivek oberoi
    3. Aftab shivdasani
    4. Tussar kapoor
    5. Shahrukh khan
    6. Kamal R khan
    7. Saif ali khan

  • Salman is correct. People should be fans of good movies rather than worship actors and thrash/abuse others they don’t like. How do people find the time to do this?

  • Hes just trying to save dat crap bajrangi bhaijaan. Salman is well aware dat there is no buzz around BB, so hes desperately seeking publicity. N btw most of his tweets are just idiotic as. he has nothing good to share. So we vil b more than happy if he indeed decides to quit twitter.

  • other star fans call him bhojpuri a language which speak in up, mp and bihar 3 major states of india. He is hero of real india unlike your blind hollywood cultured heroes Thats why his movies has more indian emotion than other stars and thats why he is most popular indian stars.

  • Well said bhaijaan but srk fans need some tone regularly else they will keep dreaming that there is only srk in these world who is famous than any other star .

  • Awwew…so sweet of bhaijaan..he z doing all this for his movie …he don’t have any respect for his contemporaries

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