Salman Khan rejects ‘Tanu Weds Manu’ director’s next film

Director Aanand L. Rai, who recently directed the super-successful ‘Tanu Weds Manu Returns’, approached Salman with something very different. The script of his next film will feature an actor playing the role of a dwarf and Rai wanted Salman to play the character.

Unfortunately, the actor has decided not to do the film.†But Rai says “it’s all part and parcel” of the business.

At the success bash to celebrate the extraordinary box office performance of ‘Tanu Weds Manu Returns’, Rai said†”You’re in a business, you tell stories, you work on films, you work on the scripts, you go to your actors. Sometimes they like it, sometimes they don’t. It’s a part and parcel of your game”

After directed ‘Tanu Weds Manu’ in 2011, Rai followed it up with a critically acclaimed film like†’Raanjhanaa’. But it was the unexpected blockbuster success of ‘Tanu Weds Manu Returns’ that has put him in the top bracket of directors in the industry.



  • sallu bhai will nvr reject scripts like bodyguard,marigold,kyun ki,baabul,jai ho but will happily say no to films like chak de india and directors like anand l rai

  • Salman will reject a hirani/speilberg film to act in a struggling director film just to help him out of crisis that’s the power of blockbuster bhaijaan

  • i feel salman doesnt have time for this movie cuz he is busy in some big projects. After salman i feel he should approach ajay devgan.

  • what dwarf role? Salman has done right job.Waiting for bb,prdp &Sultan all are going to be all time blockbusters.

  • Anand L. Rai- Salman this is the script. Do this film. Very challenging role can bring you lots of accolades.

    Salman (after hearing the script)- are yaar is film ki script mein to sense hai. Mere fans ko to sirf nonsense scripts with stupid action hi pasand aata hai. Aur kya challenging role. Tumne meri movies nhi dekhi kya? Mjhe acting thodi na aati hai bas jaakr hr movie mei same acting same expression same maar dhaad. Maine aisi koi chllenging film ki na to public joote maaregi mjhe. Koi non sense action script ho to lao.

    Anand L. Rai.- Ok sir abhi to nhi hai pr jab aapko july mein jail hogi 5 saal ki tab un 5 saalon mein likhunga script. Aapki coneback movie after jail term.

    Salman- ?????????

  • Obviously Salman has a habit of doing regular masala films so this was way too difficult for him.
    Bhai knows his fans will reject him if he does an offbeat film .

  • If he works with any of the established superstars then he has the potential to beat tanu weds manu returns business and score yet another blockbuster

  • I’m not surprised. Salman would rather work in Kabir Khan’s or Sohail Khan’s or Arbaaz Khan’s or PrabhuDeva’s or Agnihotri’s next.

    I wasn’t surprised to hear that he backed out of ‘Shuddhi’, either.

  • Bhaijaan loves doing Classics like Ready,Bodyguard,Jai Ho, Kick, Veer, Dabbang 2 etc.. He doesn’t want to work with crap director like Anand L Rai :p ;) :D

  • just because he is busy in as usual masala films.
    see aamir nd srk.
    both are doing performance oriented movies at regular intervals.
    see hrithik also.
    see even akki now is doing some good movies.
    lol bhaitards.

  • Salman has no brain. He has no ability to do such type of role. He always do south remake because they are already success and has no more to act which he don’t know( acting). He is worst non actor in the industry. We can take example of his acting of kick where he and mithun drink in bar and irritating jaquline. Such a bullshit. What is that f***. He is also out of shuddhi because he cannot act.

  • “Ultron
    June 11, 2015 at 10:27 am
    Salman will reject a hirani/speilberg film to act in a struggling director film just to help him out of crisis thatís the power of blockbuster bhaijaan”

    Stupidity and Blindness at their best! !

  • After Bajrangi Bhaijan and Prem Ratan Salman Bhai will ready for SULTAN and No Entry Main Entry.

  • Anand L. Rai’s movie needs acting, which Sallu can’t even dream of. Don’t know why he went to crapstar. Maybe because of the dwarf role suits Sallu more. Lol

  • Nowadays people demand good movies.
    but want song also acting also action too!
    what else needs to be fulfilled dudes?
    I hope Sallu does a movie which will be remembered for 50 years …
    those who say Sallu can’t act what about Teri naam … that movie is still especial.
    Every actor can act in accordance to his ability. ..

  • Well salman has a habit of getting carried away while helping out or showing his love for friends and family and dey cash upon him and eventually he falls flat.. he’d do crap films for them leave the gud ones every now n then.. but 2 people who say he cant act.. well they r jus haters.. actually salman is very natural at acting.. he dsnt hav to put effort like most others.. he can do a tere naam Or a garv or a baghban or a dabanng or a hahk or a partner or a andaz apna apna or a karan arjun or a ek tha tiger quite naturally.. n people if u think he has acted the same in all then u r jus haters.. as wld srk haters do 4 srk.. or akki haters 4 akki..

  • What Dwarf ?? Stupid role give this role to some tingu like rajpal yadav .
    Haters be like if salman will accept then they will say it will flop and disaster .and if not then they will say he cant act. Get a life haters.

  • Why concluding something from a one sided story? Do u know d reason? We’re u there wen he refused? Probably he has tyt schedules n politely backed out. Salman is to professional to do dat except he has changed? Later d reason will reach us. For now y bashing him? U think Salman doesn’t know ppl like Arbaaz Khan priyadarshan Nadiawala and Robot shetty cldnt b today blockbuster directors wit little experience but d actors made them rock till today!=
    Some fans r saying he does craps n refuses qualitative movies! Really? How sure were u guys if D directors next movie main plot isnt crappy? And Salman ddnt like it ? Y does he have 7 100crores movies highest ahead of 2nd joint spot Shah rukh khan and Ajay D and Aamir 4/5?? having 100 crores membership? Okay then his crappy movie with young New crappy directors on an average apart from jai ho gives above 140 on an average base

  • ready was comedy, bodyguard was lovestory ek tha tiger was action movie but some fools here targetting salman for continues masala!
    nipun got recently highest iq boy of bhojpur award on pogo tv.

  • Salman wil b busy for next three years. No dates of him r available. And we dnt want salman to act in low budget films. He is a super star. Bajrangi bhaijaan is going to b 2nd biggest grosser of the year.. Wait wait first wil b prdp..

  • @nipun, why did hrithik refused swades, shuddhi ? everyone has their choice. you are no one to judge his choice.

  • Such small so called class films are of no importance to Salman nor his fans… even fans of so called crap stars like Jadoo boy or Joker Gobar dont watch their stars crappiest films like Mosquito Anguish or Greedy Gobar or Baby Nipun or Non Flying Kites but still these 2 specific chameleons have the audacity to come here acting like they watch films of their crap stars in an actual theatre…. Salman is at a stage where he should ONLY do big budget films n leave the experiment craps like Billu Fan or Morning Darr to other actors which are flops in the making….

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