Salman Khan rejects ‘Tanu Weds Manu’ director’s next film

Director Aanand L. Rai, who recently directed the super-successful ‘Tanu Weds Manu Returns’, approached Salman with something very different. The script of his next film will feature an actor playing the role of a dwarf and Rai wanted Salman to play the character.

Unfortunately, the actor has decided not to do the film.†But Rai says “it’s all part and parcel” of the business.

At the success bash to celebrate the extraordinary box office performance of ‘Tanu Weds Manu Returns’, Rai said†”You’re in a business, you tell stories, you work on films, you work on the scripts, you go to your actors. Sometimes they like it, sometimes they don’t. It’s a part and parcel of your game”

After directed ‘Tanu Weds Manu’ in 2011, Rai followed it up with a critically acclaimed film like†’Raanjhanaa’. But it was the unexpected blockbuster success of ‘Tanu Weds Manu Returns’ that has put him in the top bracket of directors in the industry.



  • Stupid filmi idea but the chameleons automatically assume it was a class idea when I feel not even a DOG nor MOSQUITO will go n watch such crap in a theatre….

    Absolutely the right idea to shun this stupid film.

  • Salman has only given hits with full blown commercial/masala films. Anything not masala film flop. He’s not accepted in non commercial films.

  • @11:10pm

    Nothing wrong with what ultron said you imbecile… afterall bhai helps out not just struggling directors but also fat wannabe actors like Arjuna Kapoor or your fat Lootera maam or going back afew decades even some weird alien looking shivering spoon fed star kid you guys call RithiK but we call the Jadoo Boy… nothing better than helping someone struggle but guess you happy with jadoo boy working with only established directors to make flops with for only to return home for papa to save/ revive his career with another home made Cartoon movie right….

  • I don’t know the reason why Salman rejected this movie . Anand L Rai is a very good director who has given movies like Raanjhanaa and TWM Series . This role looks challenging to me . If i remember only 2 Actors have played Dwarf Characters in Indian Cinema – Kamal Haasan and Anupam Kher . Kamal Sir played a Dwarf Character in Appu Raja and won lot of accolades for his performance . Anupam Sir played a Dwarf role in Jaanemann . I eagerly want to know which actor is approached for this movie . I heard Ranveer was approached for this movie but i think it was a rumour .

  • So our wannabe kindergartener topper n failed apprentice of krk has not heard 2 sides of a story but still manages to write the most 1 sided manipulative comment rivalling his very own crappy manipulative reviews where clearly readers can see that the buffering on his laptop results in him missing large chunks out of the movie hence he fails to see the bad points in crappy movies like Lootera, Bombay Helmet or Bong Bong… either the slow internet connection can be blamed or the sheer fact that hes just a complete idiot but whatever the excuse its obvious krk was absolutely right in terminating his apprenticeship as hes simply not upto making tea let alone write nonsensical reviews….

  • Look at the treacherous bhojpuri babuji slamming bhai for not attempting a movie to play a dwarf which is as stupid a filmi concept as akki Sir playing second fiddle to gawjus Entertainment in that crappy doggy movie last year… oh yes lets not forget that the bhojpuri didnt even watch that crap in theatre but here hes acting all innocent like he watches experimentation movies…. chameleons at their worst shade

  • Jadoo Boy walked out of Shuddhi after the karans insisted on a clause that should his epic shivering return n disrupt shooting then they should be compensated but the great boxoffice manipulator took his signing on fee and ran out of suzanne sorry the karans…

    This real facts escapes nipun juniors baby pea sized mind but truth is truth and facts are facts mr not so smart critik…

  • Some foolish commenters said this movies and shuddhi needs acting thats why salman isnt doing this but if he dont know acting why makers thinks about him to cast in their movies? hrithik also out from shuddhi so you mean he is not actor? every actor left some films and choose some films. Dont make fool yourself salman is an actor thats why all makers are dying to work with him.

  • Yes..Salman doesn’t need manipulated bo collection and make them blockbuster. Our greek tomboy last year do craps Bing boom and also manipulated collection to surpass SR lifetime collection.
    Salman busy with his next why sign others project?
    @Nipun, what about Mosquitoes spray, Kiss kiss barbara, bing dong, Manipulated K3, Angrypath?

  • @Ultron Your comment made my day Salman had just tweeted level badhao apna
    On a serious note it was Anand’s mistake to approach Salman with a script. And Nobody ever dare to say Bhai doesn’t do anything different.He invents new pathetic dance steps in his every movie

  • Well done why Salman reject but he sould have done this movie, anyway best luck for the actor who will sign this film.

  • Ppl foolishly expect a so called successful director to continuously give / make good/ great cinema…. lets not forget Yash ji at the very end gave his crappest film EVER in the form of Jab Tak Hai Mojo or Rakesh Senior in his last outing made that horrible freak show Jadoo 3….

  • @1:21pm

    Bhai invents steps atleast n doesnt perform the same old routine our Global Queen has been doing for 25 yrs which is stand still on top of a hill arms spread out wide n back arched head tilted back whilst some yawnafest Saans boring slow song is played out….

  • @yuvraj then tell me 1 salman movie in which he hasnot done single overacting.


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  • this role should go to either Akshay(He is already looking for good scripts) or Aamir(he also has good script sense and he has small height)

  • Who will you compare Salman with in the Industry?

    The industry feel the star power and pull for the masses for Salman’s movies is comparable only to Big B during his peak time in late 70s and early 80s.

    Now, all of you out here criticising “what will you expect from Salman except masala films”, I want to ask one question – How many off beat films did Amitabh did during his peak success?

    The answers is: None.

    There in lies the answer. Salman is loved by the masses, he doesn’t need to reinvent and do something different to get people to the movies. He just needs to do the regular stuff to make it a blockbuster.

    So, just like Big B, who reinvented himself only when his career graph was down with movies like Agneepath, and later Aks etc., Salman is still going through the success phase. Let the low phase come, and let us see what is he capable off.

    The people who were criticising Amitabh in the 80s, like the film critics, media and actors like Naseeruddin Shah, for Amitabh playing safe and just happy to play to the masses had to eat back their words when Amitabh got National Award for Agneepath, and now he has more national awards than most of the art movie actors.

    So, before criticising do realise that Salman has survived almost 25 plus years in the industry. Most of the newcomers have come and gone, and of the new ones currently, many will go too, but Salman will still be there.

    You all might attack me for comparing Amitji to Salman, but it is a fact, Amitabh was never considered a great actor, a thing that he even recently said in one of the interview, but he proved when the chips were down. Will Salman do it? only time will tell. Till then wait and see, or if you still don’t want to, keep doing what you can best do….criticise.

    I personally felt Salman to do such roles, and will be great if tomorow he accept this role. But look at what happened when you go too off beat eg., Swades, Guzaarish, Khamoshi….they just won rave views, but were super duds at the BO.

    The decision to me is a very practical one by Salman.

  • Let these bhojpurians like Navin uncle and myamar bark. . We shouldn’t damage our brain cells by arguing wid them.

  • @Challa @sss @javed @nipun @Babaji : Don’t force us to abuse your stars. I have decided not to fight or abuse unless someone instigate it. I see on this page the abuse comments are started by Salman haters. Fools, he has survived in industry for more than 25 years none of you will be even auditioned for 2.5 minutes forget surviving for 25 years !!!!!!!!!! There is something about Salman which makes him standout in top actors !!!!!

  • @Nipun, so why you jump here? Go to jump jadoopur…, we also never effect from like you, @Sss and javed. What about jadoo boy didn’t do Paani and Shuddhi?

  • @mr.x -non actor to overactor match your first comment to last comment and you find the answer of your question. you are only a hater who dont know anything about acting. first watch some theater to understand what is acting.

  • Unlike my good friend @hrithik I reserve the right to activate my own preemptive strike towards Paglapur, bhojpur and Jaaduppoor if I feel danger is looming…. I wont sit around idle waiting for haters to appear on bhais article n spill their vile filth…

  • @jc, bro that is one of the best comments I’ve seen on this site filled with more hatred for other actors than love for their fav stars.people by commenting that salman’s movies and his fans are cheap think they are intelligent and sensible while it just shows their own ‘true’ class.these people will never learn no matter how much they are taught.

  • so only salman haters have the exclusive rights to abuse salman and his fans but when salman fans return the favour, it’s called cheapness and abusive? waah re..what a logic.

  • if you don’t wanna be abused, just don’t instigate by abusing others.simple as that. applies to everyone including myself.

  • How can people compare Big B with Salman?
    Big B has won numerous National,Filmfare and international awards for his Terrific acts. Salman has Zero awards. I am laughing imagining Salman in a film like Paa or Black ! If I’m not wrong, SRK used to be compared with Big B!
    I haven’t seen anyone criticizing Big B for his acting. Was BigB continously repeating the same genres like Salman is doing now a days? Well! I’m not too sure as I was born in 1995 and at that time, Big B was not the most Bankable star! The only current superstar who has been treated as big from last 20 years is SRK. Here I’m not being biased towards SRK either. But it’s a Fact as SRK has been compared with all the leading superstars during their respective dominated period! Salman took no. 1 spot in the years, 2010-14 and even in 2015 in terms of craze,although, Aamir is the most bankable star currently!

    And, please! Nobody is asking Salman to do an off-beat film. As far as my knowledge is concerned, TWM series is a rom-com series and Raanjhana was a political-love-story! So Rai’s next is not likely to be an off-beat film.

  • @nipun : Do you understand something called ‘Fan following’ ‘Craze’ ‘Stardom or you only know Marvel comics, Jadoo Toy, Guzaarish, Lootera ??? If you understand only second stuff then you will never understand the first three words. @JC was comparing the stardom and Craze of Big B’s during 80’s to Salman current standom. If you still dont believe go to any city or town or village when Salman visit it you will come to know. I am sure there are some small villages where nobody knows who Hrithik is. It does not mean he is not popular but a Superstar’s reach to even small, poor and isolated people. Getting famous in overseas and Hollywood is click of a button due to frenzy media and social networking but reaching to lowest class is something extra ordinary. Now dont say Hrithik can be compared to George Clooney or Tom Hanks !!!!!!!!!!

  • why should the biggest commercial superstar in the country play a dwarf in a small budget film appealing to a limited audience? and playing a dwarf isn’t a popular choice even among the so called great actors.only two actors-kamal hassan and anupam kher has played a dwarf. and salman has nothing to prove.his acting skills is doubted only by haters.he proved he can act really well when he wants to in tere naam, khamoshi, phir milenge, etc.

  • @5 years is less,oh man,youíre too much hilarious and your comment is just outstanding and seems to be completely based on TRUTH.

    @jc,so you thinks BIGB didnít has any CLASSICS during HIS peak period?????hats off to your logic.and why did you take BIGBíS name ,that to save your starís back,right?so you even think just like BIGB how did OFFBEATS after his career peak period,similarly salman can also do that easily,right?????I mean the man who couldnít learn how to cry in a film till now,even masla films has such perfect crying act did by BIGB/KING KHAN.and youíre comparing salman with BIGB?????you could have try some other way to save your star other than this excuse.and what you said about surviving in the industry?????even saif Ali khan also survived above 20 years that doesnít mean he also should have now compare with a legend.yeah complete offbeat movies are boring and people canít watch that,that doesnít mean STARS should ban to do it in order to get success.what I said that also applied for KING KHAN also,who tried films like JTHJ in this decade and now RAEES.

    @hrithik,ha ha ha ha again survival argument!!!!!saif so survived above 20 years,so that doesnít mean be also will be compare with need to understand that.what youíre saying about audition?a high talented actor having ability also couldnít get a standard job anywhere else just because he has not a filmy papa/chacha even though has a dream to 1st provide a filmy papa/chacha to each person youíre challenging ,then sew theyíll emerge far better star/actor than your non keep your bhojpuri knowledge with in yourselves.and one more thing,donít try to warn me,because Iíll decide to take it then Iíll not spare you even a minute.

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