Being Human to enter jewellery business next month

Bollywood superstar Salman Khan’s charity brand ‘Being Human’ will enter the jewellery business from August this year, his sister Arpita Khan confirmed.

“I’m here because we are launching Being Human jewellery next month and that’s really close to our hearts. So I decided to come out and support this as well” said Arpita at the Retail Jeweller India Awards 2016.

“The Being Human jewellery basically is affordable to all the consumers. It’s 70 per cent ladies’ collection and 30 per cent the men’s. It’s basically based around the values of the brand, which is share, care, love and joy.” Arpita added.

Being Human’s clothing and footwear line is a massive hit with the youth.

Founded in 2007 by Salman Khan, the brand has a charitable foundation. A percentage of the profits from the clothing line goes into charitable causes of the foundation such as education and healthcare of the underprivileged.



  • @xzone : Again showing your chutzpah !!!!!!! Keep burning it won’t matter to him or his fans or the courts. According to your rotten logic, Vijaya Mallya can escape his cases by showing charity, why don’t you give this idea to him it may help him get away from punishment !!!!!!!!!!!

  • New Challenge for SRK and his fans : Cross Rowdy Rathore collections even with festive release !!!!!!!! Lol

    Too much fun !!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • @sss……yes…my first Hindi movie is KKHH ……@ that time I’m just 7 years old……year 2003 I watched KKHH in DVD…..
    But it never make me a Bollywood fan…’s DABANGG in 2011 …which make me a Salman fan & Bollywood lover .i watched it in Sri Lankan [ tv channel…]
    After 2011 I watched 10-15 Bollywood movies [ only Salman starring ]
    But real game changer is BB which released 2015 & I’m completely addicted 2 Salman…right now I’m big die hard Salman fan in Sri Lanka…….I watched each and every SALMAN starring movies [ 70 ]
    Every day search ‘salman khan ‘ in google…every day visiting @indicine & @boll arena……..
    EVERY time I HEAR SALMANs Success it’s make me happy……
    It’s fell like my success…..
    Salman is D only reason for me 2 visit @indicine too……

    I’m still keep my promise…….
    I will not bash SRK…..coz yes he is a legend…..but right now SALMAN IS D #1 superstar in IND ….in South Asia….in Asia….probably in whole universe…….
    So please stop insulting Salman without a point…..
    Concentrate ur idol’s Career……which will be crashed in next couple of months [ may be..hope it will not ]

  • @sss : You mean to say SRK did not take risk in last decade and continuously gave hits (chota mota hits) doing same genre. Then what is the problem if Salman is not taking risk continuously giving Blockbusters? You mean to say every one should take risk and do experiments when SRK is doing ? Lol on your logic. You are proving Salman is just doing what SRK did to survive in last decade !!!!!!!!

    Importan thing, SRK did 3 south remakes (Paheli, Swades & Billu) all three miserably failed that is why he stopped doing it had it worked for him like Ghajini or Dabangg he would have tried the same stuff. Poor chap even failed with Masala genre and could not give a single HGOTY since last 9 years, next years it will be 10 years your words like DECADE STRUGGLER will come back to haunt you and your queen.

    Too much fun !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • @hrithik,new challenge for lallu,cross 40cr with an offbeat movie,if your bhai has the real power of stardom.

    @kanz,ha ha ha ha so you’ll think KING KHAN’S career will be crashed I’m next few of months?????THE MAN’S CAREER WHO BUILD IT WITH HIS OWN HANDS?????really?????KING KHAN’S right now situation is 1000 times better than your decade struggling flopstar’s situation in last decade.if your decade struggler idol can renounce by stealing south Indian movies ,then KING KHAN’S REBOUNCE will be THE BIGGEST ind bollywood,remind it.what your star is the biggest in South Asia.just Google it—-KING OF BOLLYWOOD—-BIGGEST MOVIE STAR OF WORLD,tell me who se biography,articles,photos respectively you’re getting?????REAL BIGGEST MEGASTAR is the whom WHO never fears to take risks and does films from every genre with out thinking about money and never face bad period in whole career.and that’s WHO IS THE KING/THE BADSHAH —-KING SRK FOR BOLLYWOOD.HE WAS,IS AND WILL REMAIN NO.1 in all category not only box office ,HE is facing clash and doing offbeat risk taht’s why behind sallu in only box office while far ahead in ACTING than your sallu,because HE IS THE BIGGEST MEGASTAR OF THE GENERATION.I think this much is enough to shut your mouth,rofl.

  • @hrithik,you idiot when I said KING KHAN didn’t took risk in last decade’s?in fact in last decade HE took even more risks. After BIGGEST 2004(WITH HGOTY),next year HE did PAHELI ,who till now has take such risk you born oxymoron?????still KING KHAN has so much SUPER HITS,BLOCKBUSTERS unlike your decade struggler disaster star struggled whole decade for his own starrer hit like a beggar,rofl.

    And PAHELI,SWADES both are non remakes and Billu was not a KING KHAN movie.aur kitna jhoot bolega be?

    When KING KHAN failed with masala genre ,can you show non actor decade struggled flopstar’s fan?????,rofl.

    and decade struggler is called to that person,who can’t give his own starrer hit through a decade like your decade struggler sadakchap non actor,rofl.

    If so your lallu struggled most 16 years for to give his own starrer hgoty—-1994-2010(hssh is multistarrer,no entry is not a lallu film).

    So according to your logic he’ll be considered as double-decker struggler ,isn’t it?????so much fun?????

    But much more important than anything your lallu is the biggest struggler for most 22 YEARS and still struggling and will struggle until 30 years(triple decade struggler) record is also crowned by your most flop/disaster giving star among aukatless,recordless non actor will always will remain aukatless as well as recordless till the end of his shameless non acting career,rofl.

    Still if you want a HEAD TO HEAD COMPARISON of KING KHAN VS lallu

    Then see

    still if we’ll compare year wise from 1992-2016.KING SRK VS salman only.

    1992—-KING SRK>>>>>>>>>salman
    1993—-KING SRK>>>>>>>>>salman
    1994—salman>>>>>>>>>>>>>KING SRK
    1995—-KING SRK>>>>>>>>>>>>>>salman
    1996—salman>>>>KING SRK
    1997—-KING SRK>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>salman
    1998—-KING SRK>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>salman
    1999—salaman>>>>>KING SRK
    2000—-KING SRK>>>>>>>>>>>>>salman
    2001—-KING SRK>>>>>>>>>>>>>salman
    2002—–KING SRK>>>>>>>>>>>>>salman
    2003—-KING SRK>>>>>>>>>>>>salman
    2004—-KING SRK>>>>>>>>>>>>salman
    2005—-salman>>>>>>>>KING SRK
    2006—-KING SRK>>>>>>>>>>>>salman
    2007—-KING SRK>>>>>>>>>>>>salman
    2008—-KING SRK>>>>>>>>>>>>salman
    2009—-KING KHAN has no films.
    2010—-salamn>>>>>>KING KHAN
    2011—-salman>>>>>>KING KHAN
    2012—salman>>>>>>KING KHAN
    2013—salman has no films.
    2014—-salman>KING SRK
    2015—-salman>>>>>>KING SRK
    2016—-salman>KING SRK.

    in 25 years long career (1992-2016)—-

    KING SRK —-13

    Means KING SRK remained 4 AHEAD of salman,aukaat!!!!!,rofl.

  • @sss : You confuse aatma !!!!!!!!! First decide what you want to say and stick to one thing dont jump around like joker every time to defend your bhagodi !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Lol

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