Being Human to enter jewellery business next month

Bollywood superstar Salman Khan’s charity brand ‘Being Human’ will enter the jewellery business from August this year, his sister Arpita Khan confirmed.

“I’m here because we are launching Being Human jewellery next month and that’s really close to our hearts. So I decided to come out and support this as well” said Arpita at the Retail Jeweller India Awards 2016.

“The Being Human jewellery basically is affordable to all the consumers. It’s 70 per cent ladies’ collection and 30 per cent the men’s. It’s basically based around the values of the brand, which is share, care, love and joy.” Arpita added.

Being Human’s clothing and footwear line is a massive hit with the youth.

Founded in 2007 by Salman Khan, the brand has a charitable foundation. A percentage of the profits from the clothing line goes into charitable causes of the foundation such as education and healthcare of the underprivileged.



  • When are you entering into the business of groceries, electronic items, medicines and toilet cleaners?
    ‘Being inhuman’ was a perfect masterstroke, as what I felt from the beginning –

    1. It strengthened the position of non-actor khan in the court on the moral grounds as his lawyers kept on referring his philanthropic works in order to obtain the remission from the court.
    2. It opened a new source of income for non-actor, who otherwise, was dependent upon the earnings coming out of his south Indian remakes.

  • For those who are unaware – a running business body (registered with the company of registrars) has to pay certain amount of tax to the government every year.
    However, you can save the tax if you show in records that a huge chunk of your earning is being donated to the non-profit organisations and philanthropic works.
    The benefit is two fold – first , you save the taxes. Next, on the account of same taxes, you build a public image.

    Earlier Ambanis , Ajim Premji etc took the same path and non-actor khan is the recent addition into that list.

  • One side Nana Patekar working for poor ppl without any publicity and these guys are making business out of philanthropic work…Charity should be done without any promotions or publicity otherwise it is just showoff to look good in ppl eyes and clean up the spoiled image..

  • I never saw Nana Patekar organising a press conference in order to boast about his charity works done by him in Maharashtra.
    My hero is Nana (who put his entire earning on stake just to empower the drought affected peasants) and certainly not a person who heavily commercialised the entire concept of philanthropy for his personal gains.

  • keep it up salman…u r doing great job….allah is with u man…thats y u r free from all cases….no one can harm u….

  • If you want to be really ‘being Human’… instead of investing in jewellery and showing that it’s for charity… Go directly for opening hospitals and schools if you really want to benefit the underprivileged… anyways ! all the best…

  • Being human clothes are too much poor and their fabric is not as high grade like other big brands.i f not quality then by looks they successfully made fool to some bunch of illiterate rural area peoples.

    And but jewellery business?????what?are you kidding me?????this criminal lost his sense he wanted to fool peoples though his poor products so that he can gain some portion of the publicize charity he given to some Poors.I know this criminal’s intention very well more than criminal fans.

    But irrespective of whatever the verdicts of corrupt high court,SUPREME COURT must have to hang this criminal,as his victims are completely awaited for the justice.

  • @ xsone
    What is ur problem man ????
    Sultan Highly successful theatrical run is coming to end….but still this man insulting SALMAN….
    Shame on U @xsone….
    We salmanics @ cloud 9…but u..
    We R celebrating the Success of SULTAN…but u……
    Salman delivered another ATBB but ur idol……
    Just chill man….if u r A Indian u Should proud of SALMAN….
    As a Outsider [ Sri Lankan ] I fell Sorry for this man @x sone & some other jealousy people who don’t understand that SALMAN OS NUMORO 1 ACTOR In IND

  • Indicine please block the users like Xzone who speaks against nation because anything said against verdict of highcourt is a condemned of court .they are actually making fun of Indian judicial system..shame on such guys.

  • @ponting
    Salman sir doesn’t want money from charity…
    He already a billionaire…….
    His last film gross 405 Cr domestically & 550 Cr WW…
    And The Best part is,…..
    SALMAN walk away from Sultan with WHOPPING 100cr ….earings
    [ satalight rights & profits sharing ]

    So he earn RS. 1 000 000 000.00
    From sultan….
    R u still think he has Money issues & want to generate it from charity ????? LOL Lolo LOL

  • @amit
    True bro….@indicine should take a step forward & block @xsone…
    Coz…he regularly posting POINTLESS comments …..specially in Salman related articles……
    If u can’t block….then moderate his comments…..

  • @sss bro…..
    R u challenge supreme court decision……i mean r u challenge INDIAN SUPREME COURT….
    Right now u R d criminal who challenge IND supreme court…..

  • @sss…….bro cool man……Sultan is Successfully over but still u r here & insulting SALMAN…….
    I think u should concentrate on ur idols articles rather than here….

    By D way…r U see Salman Hit a man & run away ?????
    R u C Salman hunting black b ???
    If u ……
    Then why not u filed a case ……
    Lol man Lolo lol

  • Some idiots still posting haters comments @ here….
    Get a life bro,… concentrate on ur idol’s future.. whole world know his career in ALL TIME LOW.. probably it will Over in next couple of months..
    So get out from here…..this article is for us….

  • Xzone may charity work can be benifitted in tax but still salman khan is always every year is one of the highest tax payer in the country .so dont bark unknowing .also earliear you and other loongiwalas was chanting its the money power that helped to escaped salman from court but now you came with yet another baseless logic that charity worked to get out of court . Lol
    if it was so then the worlds all accussed one should have open charity works to do so but thats not reality man so dont bark unnecessary and doing charity and opening organisation which totally depends on salman stardom in india is still a very good initiative unlike some actors who openly donates money to terrorist country headquaters and showing off at UN to get awards from them representing the cheap mentality .

    @sss keep barking but atleast first try to read full article properly you illiterate moron no one has to tell to give review about your products you use, indicine has clearly mentioned that Being human products is a huge success so dont burn your as@ use some burnol .lol

  • Time to reveal the truth
    We srk fans are jealous of salman

    So many court troubles still he rules bollywood without faking

  • To start something realtively new and to make it a recognised brand all over the country is something quite an outstanding achievement.

    Unlike others, Salman took a different route and established a successful apparel brand that caters to the every section of the society. It speaks of the stardom and brand reach of Salman.

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