Being Human to enter jewellery business next month

Bollywood superstar Salman Khan’s charity brand ‘Being Human’ will enter the jewellery business from August this year, his sister Arpita Khan confirmed.

“I’m here because we are launching Being Human jewellery next month and that’s really close to our hearts. So I decided to come out and support this as well” said Arpita at the Retail Jeweller India Awards 2016.

“The Being Human jewellery basically is affordable to all the consumers. It’s 70 per cent ladies’ collection and 30 per cent the men’s. It’s basically based around the values of the brand, which is share, care, love and joy.” Arpita added.

Being Human’s clothing and footwear line is a massive hit with the youth.

Founded in 2007 by Salman Khan, the brand has a charitable foundation. A percentage of the profits from the clothing line goes into charitable causes of the foundation such as education and healthcare of the underprivileged.



  • Lol , Now that all cases are over he can enter into real business. Now we can see whats the difference between Human Being and Being Human. Brainless Fans will still buy products from this brand.

  • Who says charity cannot be done openly .If it will remind others to do the same ,it will be useful for all

  • @kanz Rich people want to earn more money than anybody else… As of Salman he need money coz of his criminal activities…to buy expesive lawyers which is in crores per day…so ur Rs.1000000000 all gone to……………………….U better know!! Support Salman but not his bad things…

  • @kanz,WE Indians are shaming of an non actor like salman.may be your country is empty of such non actor’s so that you choose your sled to be the fan of a bhojpuri non actor’s like this loser.

    EID is one of the biggest period if still you’re not able to give ATHG in this period,then you proved yourself of not having the potency like man can have got that?????OUR IDOL already proved that let your non actor who is the biggest criminal country to prove that once,then bark like an idiot you loser.




  • A great human being once said ” if you do charity for a reason than thats not charity”
    And that Great human being is SHAH RUKH KHAN.

  • since all the court cases are closed at high court level, being human will slowly shut down its so called charitable work and start doing branded fashion accessories, jewelries business. now supreme court advocates fees has to be paid which will be very expensive.

  • @sss : You need to be hanged for wasting Indicine & all its visitors time by posting gibberish & stinking comments. You also know Srk can now come on top only if Salman gets a jailed term. Tum mein aur tumhare idol ki g mein dumm hai nahi 100 crs cross karne ki and dreaming about Salman getting punishment by SC. Keep dreaming eventually you will be on roads singing ‘Chann ke se toote koi sapna……
    Jag sunaa sunaa lagaye’ !!!!!!!!!!

  • Some people can’t digest without blaming Salman. He does something good or bad, does good movies or bad still keep cribbing about him !!!!!! Every successful man will have haters, so I am not surprised instead of this they should spend more time & money on their idol’s sinking career n help me give a huge hit or a single HGOTY which he is struggling to give since last 9 years !!!!!! Poor & loser souls.

  • let them hate and denigrate as much as they want it doesn’t make any difference by doing so they tried to come out of their debacles moreover they mulls and spending time about him

  • Srk fans logic :

    Salman is doing charity for show off, publicity & to escape law.

    PS : Srk got an award from UNESCO for charity without showing off, issi badi publicity toh ho nahi sakti !!!!!!!

    Moral : This is how Srk did tax ki chori & became highest net worth actor in India !!!!!!!!! Not to mention more heinous crimes he committed & hiding using money & charity power !!!!!!!

  • I believe hate is often a sign of weakness, envy and fear. Haters hate on you because you’re doing what they cannot, will not or are too afraid to attempt.

  • @sss…bro Salman is non actor according U & some intelligent high class people….
    But for me he is A LEGENDARY Actor……yes he hasn’t much more AWARDS……..
    But every year he gets The biggest award from His Fans…..
    That’s why Content less wrestling comedy Movie [ Sultan ] gross 550 Cr WW……..
    If u still think he is a non actor then as a outsider I think majority of INDIAN CINEMA AUDIENCE r Idiots..who spend their money for Salman films…Lol Lolo lol

    Reality is Salman Khan is D biggest superstar in IND & probably Whole world…..

  • Earning from Being Human this year will be more than collections of (Fan + Mohenjodaro + Rustom + Dangal + Raees ) combine …. Dear Zindagi doesn’t count as it’s collections not worth our tip as well

  • @abdull…..
    Sultan is still running in cinemas….
    Still counting……
    Then how can u say such a hilarious thing …….P
    Sultan will cross 300 Cr @ D end of 4 th weekend……

  • love you Bhaijaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaan love you love you Salman the Biggest super star in india

  • @sss……….u indians Should Proud about SALMAN rather than shaming …..coz Salman is D only reason for me 2 watch Bollywood movies……

  • @hsv…….lol get a life bro…..
    R u jealousy……oh…..yes……she is burning like a hell……
    Keep burning……..bye…..

  • @ponting…..bro Salman earn whopping Rs. 1 000 000 000.00
    Only from Sultan…….but his last 4 films earn…… Rs. 10 000 000 000.00….hu…..Hu Hu…..

  • I am die hard fan of Salman khan sir
    Aamir khan sir…love akshay sir and harthik roshan…
    And hate srk for his arrogant..ego..
    Akshay kumra sir far better than srk
    Airlift super hit h3 hit.
    Pk sultan or krrish ko to choro yarr..
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    Kahan sultan kahan superhero harrtik kahan mr perfect aamir kahan humara khiladi Akshay…
    Or kahan shamless stupid overactor so called gangu teli(srk)

  • All d very best #SalmanKhan. Just like clothing n footwear, i hope jwellery business also becomes hugely successful or in boxoffice term it would be BLOCKBUSTER.

  • @kanz,but most of overseas peoples watch Indian movies since 90’s to till now is only due to one reason THE KING OF BOLLYWOOD—-KING SRK.if you’ll be one exception then we couldn’t help one psychopath like you,rofl.

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