Mohenjo Daro ‘Arena’ promo: Sarman fights for his life

A new promo of ‘Mohenjo Daro’ has been released and they are calling it the ‘Arena’ promo. Hrithik, who plays the character of Sarman in the film, is seen fighting for his life, after Maham (Kabir Bedi) declares ‘Maran dand’ (death sentence).




  • now i m sure its going to be Epic Blockbuster… Look at the Background Score… surely Goosebumps… have seen already 10 times this …. 12th Aug will be D Day ….

  • Wow….some people may say the MD trailer was average(mostly because of high expectations) but now the marketing team is just giving us spectacular content. I am getting more and more pumped!

  • awesome …….. action scenes will be the usp of this movie & if content clicks ,then it can do 200 crore

  • Kya ek bhi promo dhang se nahi banayenge ye log. It is on of the worst edited promo ever. Ek bhi stunt tak pura nahi liya hai is promo me. I feel like the makers are hell bent on destroying this movie.

  • My goddd….he is looking so strong and hot. This action scene is solid!! Waiting eagerly for MohenjoDaro :-*

  • With every new release song or promo its going down nd on August 12 it wil finaly wil be down nd out !!

  • trade experts- mohenjo daro will loose the clash and will be a flop

    akki fans – mohenjodaro will be flop zee prod. -we have done a lot of negativity on md, rustom will win

    twitter polls -rustom will win

    hritik roshan fans — challenge accepted

  • Look.. half of the negativity(Unnecessary) on Mohenjodaro is because of its clash with Rustom….Therefore, Its a great opportunity for the team of Mohenjo daro to shut all these so called born yesterday mindfucked Historians when the movie releases on august 12.. Despite all odd, Standing tall..
    And keep in mind… in the nxt 1week.. buzz will increase to 70% and the remainin 1 week.. 100% buzz guranteed.. #AllHailMasterPieceCinema

  • this scene can be the best ever action scene of bollywood
    waiting for sarman’s adventorous journey on 12th august
    mohenjo daro this independence day

  • In the beginning the priest king nailed it..This Action promo surely increase buzz of MD…Waiting for second trailer…it will be a treat for HR fans…
    And where are those historian and media negativity PR agencies who are repeatedly complaning about language..Want to see their faces..

  • The action scenes quite matched with Agneepath-2 and hrithik ‘s acting too matches with that.

    Waiting for the movie.

  • Hell yeah!!!!!
    That’s what i wanted a dhamakadar promo and I got this. Superb promo and RAW action looks like Hollywood type action.
    Hrithik is true super star in bollywood.

  • Make way, The Fight For Love & Honour Begins From
    MOHENJO DARO Day (12th August)
    HTITHIK Rules…
    HRITHIK Rocks…

  • First Day First Show because just Action Films and I know maximum people love action films.

    ROMANCE is bonus point for MOHENJO DARO to reach every section of audiences

  • Has Mohenjodaro movie has only this fight. Teaser, trailer1, trailer 2 , action trailer all showing only this.

  • We can’t really understand the pronunciation’s of Hrithik . He is only can do role like Koi Mil Gaya .

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