Salman Khan to send 2500 water tankers to Marathwada

Salman KhanBollywood superstar Salman Khan, through his NGO Being Human, is going out of his way to supply drinking water to Maharashtra’s drought-hit Marathwada region which covers 8 districts Aurangabad, Nanded, Osmanabad, Latur, Beed, Jalna, Parbhani and Hingoli.

Salman has taken the responsibility upon himself to supply 2500 water tankers to several towns and villagers in the region, that are reeling under the worst drought to ever hit the state.

While Salman refused to comment, his father Salim Khan told Hindustan Times “There’s nothing to publicly talk about something like this. Helping out people in need has been an inherent trait in the family for years now. It gives me immense pleasure that my children have inherited this good characteristic too. Being Human’s initiative is a good thing.”



  • @aki aka an illiterate sallu fan…if u r a blind …then get a treatment nd then read it…..

    “NGO called Make a Wish Foundation work out on the wishes of such children and make their wishes come true. Shah Rukh Khan has been closely involved with this NGO and has consistently come to help them out whenever they have approached him. Many of these little ones wish to meet Shah Rukh Khan and the actor arranges for such kids to be driven to his house and ensures that he spends some quality time with them bringing in joy in their lifespan.
    The media is always hunting for an SRK quote. A Shah Rukh Khan interview sells more than anything. The actor who is quite aware of his popularity and market value used it to good effect a decade back. During the release of his film Dil To Pagal Hai, Shah Rukh used to charge Rs 5000 per interview whenever a media channel interviewed him. But before you think he exploited his fame to his benefit, let’s clarify that he used the money strictly for charity purposes only. He used to take the money in the form of cheques in the favour of NGO.
    When Shah Rukh was working on Sanjay Leela Bhansali’s Devdas, an unfortunate incident occurred on the sets. A person who had just come to visit the sets and see the shooting, met with a tragic accident when a large fan fell on him and he died on the spot.
    Shah Rukh personally offered help to the deceased’s family and send them money in testing times. SRK was not responsible for the mishap in any way nor was he officially obligated to help. But out of his moral sense, the actor did come forward to do the needful.
    Everyone who has been working with Shah Rukh Khan’s company Red Chillies Entertainment right from the top-level managers to the watchmen have been treated with utmost love and respect. Shah Rukh might be taking additional revenues from banners for his star power but he distributes the share from profits to his company members as well.
    It is believed that after the super success of his film Om Shanti Om, SRK distributed good part of the profits amongst his company employees as a goodwill bonus.
    Some years back a reporter from a popular media channel met with an accident just after he had interviewed Shah Rukh Khan. His condition was quite critical and the hospital authorities demanded big money for his treatment since the injuries were severe. There was little time and quick money was needed for his admission.
    When SRK got to know about this, he immediately arranged for the money which reportedly amounted to as high as Rs one lakh per day for the treatment. Unfortunately the guy succumbed to his injuries in some days.
    Thank to Indiatimes Movies for the Article about Shah Ruks unbeliveable big heart.
    And thats only a few of Shah Rukhs Charity works. Not to forget the Department for Childern with cancer in the Nanavati Hospital in Mumbai wich Shah Rukh has founded. The 2 orphans from Jammu and Kashmir wich have strong burnigs and wich now get medical help because Shah Rukh pay thier whole medical costs. So please don’t say Shah Rukh don’t do Charity. Shah Rukh does more Charity as we all know. But he does it silently. God bless him. Oh By the way Shah Rukh is the most famous ever.”

    moreover…he is also going to establish a world-class hospital in mumbai for child care for slum kids.
    so…charity is not a thing about which one shud proclaim…’s a work done behind the curtains…but it won’t be enter either in urs or ur remake khan’s mind….!!!!

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  • salman khan is the man with a golden heart.. everybody in the film industry swear by it.. there is one thing in common which everybody says about him is that he is a great human being n a man with a golden heart.. whether it be helping his collegues or newcomers and helping the needy through his ngo being human.. he is always there.. really proud to be a salmanian

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  • Salman didn’t gave these tankers nd d cost of these tankers are not much , what bout Uttarakhand trashdi

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