Salman Khan to send 2500 water tankers to Marathwada

Salman KhanBollywood superstar Salman Khan, through his NGO Being Human, is going out of his way to supply drinking water to Maharashtra’s drought-hit Marathwada region which covers 8 districts Aurangabad, Nanded, Osmanabad, Latur, Beed, Jalna, Parbhani and Hingoli.

Salman has taken the responsibility upon himself to supply 2500 water tankers to several towns and villagers in the region, that are reeling under the worst drought to ever hit the state.

While Salman refused to comment, his father Salim Khan told Hindustan Times “There’s nothing to publicly talk about something like this. Helping out people in need has been an inherent trait in the family for years now. It gives me immense pleasure that my children have inherited this good characteristic too. Being Human’s initiative is a good thing.”



  • Salute to his helping nature..true Being human ‘ Salman Khan ‘..we all should also try to help the needies rather bitching abt each other actors .

  • Kudos sallu bhai…take a bow….i am neither ur fan nor of ur acting..but i support ur this divine deed..carry on……..

  • I am not a big fan of Salman but I think in this modern fast life, everyone wants to take a break from daily run for bread and butter. Everyone wants to take rest, relax and get entertainment. Salman’s movies are giving this entertainment to larger mass and this in return is paying him off. According to me this, one of the main reason for giving consistently hits after hits in recent time. His charity work through Being Human has benefited many and touched many hearts. I sincerely hope he gets more success in life and continues to help poor and needy people of our country.

  • What more can we say about Being Human Salman bhai that hasnt already been said. Its an immense honour to donate to a charity which acts in this way. Keep up the good work. :-;

    To the ‘dislikes’, I suppose you guys would prefer to see people die of thirst right than seeing anyone lend a helping hand??? Charity is about the ‘receiver’ than the ‘giver’ so for Gods sake look at the bigger picture from the eyes of the needy…!

    Seriously ‘Do Charity Whatever The Intention’ clearly flies over your empty skulls no doubt.
    More needs to be done still so will make more donations this coming month god willing. :-)

  • What a drama king?He is just doing that to improve his public image.Also that he should be forgiven in the “HIT & RUN” and “BLACK DEER” case.If he really wants to do charity,then where was he before 2008.I mean to say that he opened “BEING HUMAN” in 2008.And from then onwards he stsrted doing charity.Whereas superstars like BIG B,SRK,AAMIR,SANJAY DUTT,etc. started doing charity from the time they came into film industry.But some idiotic,illiterate & uneducated people believe that he is a good human being.

  • Srk steals dam water from a district whis is hit by drought for CE shooting whereas Salman donates water tanks. Srk n Rohit Shetty should have asked BH to donate some tankers instead of stealing coz they do not want spend on water n shoot up movie budget.


    When you face the problem which Marathwada people facing now that time you will realise the importance of water.

    When you unable to get a drop of water after traveling long distance in 42 degree temperature that time if a person gives you some water then you will accept it from the hand of that person who may be murder of thousands of people.

  • @Danish : n you are the director of this drama. Imagine a great drama n tragedy king ‘srk’ in your drama it will break DDLJ records. :p

  • yes really….. great work done by great person .in this 21st century every person should think like salman. Salman bro you really did the great work .

  • New trend of charity……call the media, hire some cheap volunteers nd then spend 10-20 lacs to show the people that i m doing a charity….
    srk is running so many trusts nd got unesco award…he never bragged abt it…
    aamir is doing a lot of charitable works….he never revealed it…
    sanjoo baba , sunil shetty, hritik….there are a lot, who did charity, but they never proclaim abt it…..
    but wat is the reason that every one is paying his attention on the crap works of this “crapstar” “remake” kahn…the reason is simple….it’s a pre-designed , well planned arrangement made by budhha remake khan to get the sympathy of peoples and court to get rid frm his various offences.
    as there is a law in our constitution that if a victim shows some positive attitude, then he deserves to a less imprisonment….
    but budhe taklu sallu….don’t worry…u ll pay for each bit of what u did in past nd ur crap “fake” charity works are not going to reduce it….

  • Again a publicity stunt by and fooling people…
    Good statergy Salman
    but god will not forgive you

  • He is doing this not by his own property, these are charity given by people,named Human Being…

  • Now this is what you call actually making a change! Salman Khan through his Being Human foundation is practically helping the needy all around the year! It’s sending the water tanks and like acts that make a difference in reality, and not merely shedding tears in a 1 hour Sunday morning show like his friend Aamir Khan!

    Salman’s Being Human has also tied up with Fortis hospitals to provide free treatment to children suffering from heart diseases. This is REAL ACTIVISM unlike crying on TV for publicity and charging 3.5 crore for the tamasha other star does!

  • @hritik……actually u have gone made…as u r not finding any appropriate u started talking rubbish…don’t loose ur grip….i m so worried abt u…lol..

  • @xzone : You started again with your senseless comments and claiming to be winning. Everyone knows who was hiding for months. Cut the crap !!!

  • This is called action, and action speaks better than thousand words.

    A simple solution, keep it up.

  • guess what will happen next?

    – politicians will run to villages when the tankers arrive, for publicity, and then later in assembly when the issue of water cut in Mumbai is raised, they will blame Salman for taking all the water to villages. LOL.

  • @xzone: srk is doing nothing he used most of the balance water of maharasthra for chennai express if you need i can provide you the link talk with some logic don’t talk like fools. Did SRK have any charity foundation? he is big beggar what he will give to others

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