SRK is not a terrorist, MCA ban is childish: Raj Thackeray

While we don’t usually post statements from politicians, the MCA ban on Shahrukh Khan is being discussed on various news channels and social networking websites.

Talking to the media on SRK not being allowed to watch the IPL cricket match between his team the Kolkata Knight Riders as they take on the Mumbai Indians at the Wankhede Stadium, Maharashtra Navnirman Sena chief Raj Thackeray said “Whatever happened is old. He is not a terrorist. The ban is very childish”

About a year ago on May 12th 2012, Shahrukh was involved in an ugly incident with MCA officials at the stadium soon after the match concluded.

MCA Treasurer Ravi Savant had vowed to never let SRK enter the Wankhede “He brought a few people into the field of play and when a lone security guard tried to stop him, they all around 20-25 abused him and attacked him. They also hit our security guards. Shahrukh came totally drunk and he misbehaved with the officials. We will ban Shahrukh for life from the Wankhede stadium. We are also going to file a police complaint against him”

The very next day, at a press conference which we attended at Shahrukh’s residence, the actor had said “I think they should apologize to me, for behaving the way they did. There were several people who were rushing at me, I am extremely disturbed that they should man handle children in the name of security. They have no right to touch little girls, who are not even 13 years old, physically. I think it’s completely unpardonable. Personally, if this is the kind of behaviour that is meted out to people at this stadium, I wouldn’t want to go there myself.”

In a recent interview, SRK said he would be cheering for his team from outside the stadium.

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  • he can go there wearing a burqa.then nobody will stop.
    raj thackery is right srk is not a prove himself,he made a movie ‘my name is khan ‘i am not a terrorist.

  • Raj thackery is right…..ravi sawant is out of his mind……infact ravi sawant should be banned for life from entering the stadiums……

  • right decision by MCA officials but also is less, it should be minimum 10 years, I think.

  • I think, this is totally biased decision taken by MCA officials.If there was a violation of rule made by SRK, then there are some other ways to punish him.May be they fined him with some heavy amount, but this ban of 5 years is completely absurd.Because the offence (so called) made by SRK is not too big, that he should be banned for 5 years.
    Under such circumstances, i must say that this ban is not more than a cheap publicity.
    They only want to show others, that they din’t discriminate b/w celebrities and common men.
    But the realities are far away from the fact.The fact is, 4-5 drunken youngsters were spotted on the ground post the match of CSK-MI at wankhede.But those were not the headlines of news, nor they bothered MCA officials too much.

  • Ban Raj too…

    Raj and Srk can discuss politics to their hearts content outside Wankhede Stadium…

  • It seems everything is Pre-planned. MCA officials fixed the photographer hidden, send one innocent-looking security on the ground, then provoked SRK and got his pics at various angles. Even single pic of MCA officials is not taken. Audio tape proves that they are provoking SRK big time. Else how is it possible SRK is not aware of this pics being taken.

  • I think, right decision by MCA officials but also is less, it should be minimum 10 years.

  • we, the bhai fans will call this act of srk a great sin; but on the other hand the act of bhai where he killed a beggar was mere accident. v rock…

  • @hrithik. Come on it’s just verbal fight. God knowz who is right..But in ur Salman case it’s criminal act. He had already killed an animal (intentially) and a man (unintentially) and ran away. Now he is doing the biggest crime by fooling people in the name of charity bussiness. Hope u heard about being human business.
    I can assure u that salman is lying in deer case. I’ll tell u why. I saw salman interview few years ago and heard him saying that he was driving the car and in b/w he saw a dead deer in the way. He stopped the car and looked what happened to it n all. Dont want to continue coz he feels that all indian are fool, else why shud he make such a story. I think it was during Wanted promotion, he was in that get up. If he said was true then how can a superstar like him have to go to jail?, isnt it strange?.
    Now in hit n run case, he was not driving? Really!. If that was the case then why shud he had to make chakkar of the court. Come on give a thought abt it. Salman is a biggest lier ever born in India.

  • @soroop : if salman is liar then srk is king of lies. A person who promises a legend respect then make mockery of him (oso – manoj sir), fires a loyal employee of 12 years and pose as if he cares about his employees, steals water from drought hit district. Go n testify against salman in SC if you are so sure about his accident n Black buck cases.

  • BH is huge n an NGO. It is not a personal charity to keep it secret. How would people know about it unless it is brandartise. Some morons call it as publicity stunt, if it so then Salman wud have started it during his bad phase, thats when he needed the publicity most. Non sense comment by moron srkians.

  • @hrithik. Manoj kumar is famous japan actor or an indian actor. Why shud he be worried about a film which is dubbed in japan and releasing there. If ur smart enough then u will know, it’s just for publicity manoj kumar is shouting again. Sharukh might know, that’s why he is mum.
    Do u know how much salman charging for a movie and for a ad?. Why he need being human business to raise a money. Even 0.25% of his money is enough to help crores of poors in india. Come on hrithik gimme another excuse.

  • @soroop : Hahaha, that is the biggest crap I heard. Manoj sir needs publicity, tomorrow if srk does something similar to Bib B, u srkians will say Big B needs publicity. Lol. Why wudn’t Salman charge, he derserve it, ask any actor to show some guts and give 5 – FIVE consecutive Blockbusters. Who the hell are you to judge Salman’s earnings? Where were you when srk was looting Indian audiences ? Do one thing, Go and ask any elder in your family how an NGO or charitable trust can be reached to deserving people without any ads or banners? srk does some chillar charity hence he keeps it as secret coz people will judge him that despite earning so much he donates so less. :D

  • @sooroop
    bhai needs to repay his loan which he took to recover loss of 49 flops, so his charity needs publicity. is it ok now??

  • @soroop Ah you again and charity in the same sentence only means more misery for those crores of people in dire need of charity. You will not help them but only speed up the process of their demise you sadistic sociopath…! :-P

    You pest- if it was down to you then there would be no charity coz noone would meet your criteria to start a charity up. :-P

    All charities need an awareness but in your world, scrap the charities, scram all the needy in one corner of the country and lock them up- throw away the key.

  • @blockbuster- wow that was an All Time Block Buster comment…! ;-)
    Keep rocking.

    @hrithik- great comments but totally wasted on these robotic srk pr fed moronic apes.

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