Salman on Arijit Singh controversy: Producer and director decide singer

Bollywood superstar Salman Khan has spoken for the first time about the controversy involving singer Arijit Singh, who wrote a open apology letter to Salman on his Facebook page.

When a journalist asked Salman about Arijit Singh, the actor said “Who is that?”

He then added that it’s the producer (Aditya Chopra) and director (Ali Abbas Zafar) who decide the best voice for the film. The actor also said they rejected his voice. Rejection, he said, is life and there is no reason to get so upset or hurt.

“In every film, there are lot of singers who sing. Itís the director and producer who make the choice of who is going to be the best voice for the film. One voice was mine but that was also rejected. So why get so upset and hurt? This is life. Then smart comments, post (Facebook).. you come to know the intentions (Arijit’s)” Salman said.



  • what a pathetic comment by sallu. who is arijit?? then fb Twitter posts u get to know intentions..!!

    today I hv lost all respect for salman. he has revealed his real cheap personality today.

    learn to b a human first and then wear being human t shirts

  • Being in the same industry and asking ‘who is that?’ about Arijit Singh (a supposedly well known singer) shows the arrogance of Salman…his fans will now jump saying he is speaking frankly and from his heart which is nothing but bullshit!! Which planet Salman was living if he was not aware of who Arijit Singh is, the apology letter and the controversy surrounding it? Lol!

  • he’s obssessed with himself….its really irritating that he’s hurted for 2 years for one small thing.

  • A tight slap to those people who spread fake,rumors like salman removed Arijit song ! JAG GHOOMEYA is best in Rahat Fateh Ali Khan voice !

  • And Salman thinks his voice getting rejected for a song and Arijit’s voice getting rejected for a song are of the same magnitude…waah Bhai waah… :P

  • simply bcz he is a cheap guy he finds cheap intentions behind every action of others. arijit apologized to him 100 times for a small immature mistake bt he didn’t forgive. so arijit decided to apologize publicly despite being a huge iconic star himself and yet this moron notices cheap intentions behind it..!!

    lol. arey bhaijaan he is not vivek oberoi..he became a icon by singing.for saif ranbir aditya rajkumar rao and then other big stars. so he arijit won’t b affected by not singing for u. still he apologized publicly bcz he has huge respect for u

    but then tu to rahega hi gawar ka gawar

  • @arjun youngistaan
    You moron it is clear the producers cut Arijit’s song not Salman.
    And Arijit is not the Prime minister that everyone should know his name.

  • his reply to Salman in award show itself shows how arijit respects his seniors. Is that the way to reply India’s biggest super star? Salman should have slapped him there only..

  • Not cool Salman, you know who Arijit is. Everyone in the country knows him. However, there is a possibility that Salman may not be responsible for removing Arijit’s voice and it could be producers call.

  • What the f…. who is Salman??
    Same guy na who had been involve in hit and run case from past?!
    Shame shame shame… being arrogant…

  • this is the reason i like salman
    akshay ajay & hritik
    if u read the of this actor mostly r in hindi language they always promote hindi language
    were in south tamil actors were promoted there language worldwide & also there film than y not bw
    y south doesnt need hindi film to watch for entertainement
    we all know that all the indian not only north but also south people can understand hindi but they feel shame to speak in hindi im talking about only celebrity becoz tamil actor promoting tamil
    telugu actor promoting telugu
    mai bas yah chahta hun ki bw wale south or hollywood filmo ka remake chod ke nayi filmi nyi content ke sath tabhi bollywood jyada income karegi
    if u make a remake of any south film
    for ecample magadheera
    all the people hav already watched the film it will not do good buisness in south & alson in north already they have watched in sony max thousand time
    or yadi koi dusri film remake kr rhe ho south ki toh tum south audience kho doge
    bajrangi bhsijaan was original filmthats why film is doing good buiseness not only north but also in south
    pk is also example
    now a days bw copying the hollywood film they r realy fool nowadays everyone watched the hw film u got every film in hindi dubbed then y the necessary of remake
    im a fan of salman but im against of south remake & also after the sucess of bb he realize the power of original story u got follwers from south also

    bw need good director producer and story writer
    bas ye bhatt family jo hai film banana band kr de
    ab ye nanvati case me erotic sex wali film banayenge kya jarurat hai already rustum aa rhi hai

  • Arijit should be kicked out the industry the intention was clear when he made cheap post publicly if he really apologize he should gone to salman directly i will not listen his songs from now.

  • This clearly shows how cheap this old man is. Arjit compromised his dignity and humbly apologised to this old immature man but insaanjaan she think it is a cheap smart move.

    Plus it says what is arjit? Shame on it. Who does it think it is? This inhuman creature

  • @Fake even real Singers like Kumar Sanu,Sonu Nigam’s voice got rejected in Past so who is Autotuner Arijit ? ?

  • Expecting bhai to know the name of every singer or actor rejected for a role in his movies is ludicrous….!

    Afterall we the audience dont even care for the final cast n crew of bhais film so why should we care a damn about a loser who was rejected for a particular role or song…!

  • @ARJUN YOUNGISTAAN MORON FAN yes true ! Salman gawar hai jisne Ek Garbage Arjun Genda kapoor ko bollywood me hero bna diya :(

  • @1:42pm The Kindergarten THUG

    Abey juvenile thug bhai said that with tongue in cheek- its called humour but ofcourse being a fan of jadoo boy you are clueless as to what humour is as your jadoo boy only looks funny (looking like a reject from an Aliens movie) but cant do comedy…!

  • Bhai was also asked about Arjuna Kapoor n he surprised many like me inc the Bengali Village Idiot that he knew of his performances…!

    Just a shame bhai thought arjuna had any role in Planet Of The Apes, ‘Dawn of…’ and ‘The Rise of..’ movies….

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