I fear losing stardom, that love and respect from audience: Salman Khan

Bollywood superstar Salman Khan, who is currently at the very peak of his glorious career, has said that the fear of losing stardom bothers him. The actor also said the fear is not just about losing stardom, but the love and respect that fans have for him.

“Everyone is scared of losing stardom. I would be lying if I say no. It’s not just the stardom… It’s that love, it’s that respect…Suddenly, it all gets over… That is one quality you are working so hard for and suddenly something happens and you are not the liked person any more… That bothers everyone.”

The ‘Sultan’ star was quick to point out that he has gone through a low phase in his career, when most of his films failed at the box office in the first decade of the century.. but said life is more than just being a hero in movies.

“You need to be that man who could take that. I have seen my father (writer Salim Khan) go through it… He has gone through it twice in his life. I myself have gone through that…I think life is more just than being a hero and star in movies. I think it’s a lot more than that” Salman said.

Salman also said, most actors (seniors who were major stars) had left the industry by the age of 50.

“One has to work hard at this point of time only because all our seniors left at this time only. By this age, almost everyone left (the industry). I saw a close-up of mine in one film, and I was like, ‘What is this? When I am only not liking it how others are going to like it’.”

To regain the love and support from the audience, the actor said he has had to put himself through a lot of pain, torture and hardwork.

Sultan releases in theatres during Eid this year.




  • This is a pretty childish statement from Salman in my opinion . Nobody should fear losing stardom . Stardom is not permanent . Stardom is temporary for 5, 10 20 or the max 30 years . After some point of time you are not a star but you still can be remembered as an actor . The Best Example is Mr. Amitabh Bachchan he is not a star now he is just an actor but he is still commanding respect for his performances . In fact Salman should be fortunate that he has completed 28 years in the industry and still going strong rather than being pessimistic . I know many people will not like my comment but this is not expected from someone like Salman who is 50 years old and has completed 2 decades in the industry . This statement is expected from Ranbir, Ranveer, Shahid, Varun, Arjun, Sid etc. as they are yet to achieve something substantial in their careers . I hope Salman realises that there is a world beyond Box Office Numbers and Stardom . All the 3 Khans should realize as all of them are 50+ . It is good to be competitive but better to be a realist . Nobody will last forever but they will leave behind a legacy for future generations . I hope people don’t get me wrong . !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • 3 khans will rule next 5 to ten years. Red chillies will be important for these 3 to extend their kingdom.. actually rest of actors miss the X factor including all young guns except Fawad khan,,,another khan which has a world wide appeal and charisma with acting talent

  • Salman sir we fan never leave you. You are our real Hero(Being Human).We love you till the end. We all love you..

  • We love you bhai jaan forever forever forever unconditionally irregardless of how many accidents you are involved in or low points…!

  • Sultan prediction based on mixed to negative WOM:
    DAY 1 EID – 39 cr
    Day 2 – 32 cr
    Day 3 – 31 cr
    Day 4 – 31 cr
    4 day extended weekend- 134 crore
    Day 5 Mon- 15 cr
    Day 6 Tue – 13 cr
    Day 7 Wed- 12 cr
    Day 8 Thu – 10 cr
    Extended Week 1 – 184 crore
    Weekend 2 – 26 crore
    Week 2 – 40 crore
    Week 3 – 16 crore
    Week 4 – 7 crore
    Week 5 – 3 crore
    LT India collection- 250 crore
    Overseas – 75 crore
    Worldwide Gross – 450 crore
    Mark this.

  • I fear that my business wont run well.. Thinking abt what’s gonna happen tomorrow.. someone else fears about loosing their job… everyone has fear in their own field.. anyway u spoke the truth which makes u a great man..

  • Bhai has millions of genuine fans unlike those part time youtube only billoins of fans belonging to that other lesser loved teesra khan…!

  • Every great superstar will loose stardom one day. It’s inevitable. But it is the Legacy that one leaves behind that actually matters in the end. You will always be respected .

  • Its better to have afew million passionate hardcore fans than part time billions of fans who are more interested in partaking in useless online polls imo…!

  • If u loose your stardom in coming years or not but you will be remember forever for whatever bar u have set for other……u r a true box office king….good phase bad phase its all part of life but nobody has such stardom not even rajesh khanna or amitabh bachchan

  • 100% agreed. Its been easy to become popular but maintaining the popularity in for long time is very difficult. Despite being so much up and down in his life, Salman able to get his best period of his career in this age. He definitely deserves the credit for same. I wish Sultan will be loved by audience and should become one of the major grosser this year along with Dangal,MJ and shivaay.
    Best of luck Salman.

  • This why he never opt for niche genre films….. keep entertaining.. they will keep loving you

  • @12:55pm SackMan

    You clown whats wrong with fearing for ones current status…? We all everyday for example at work strive relentlessly hard in order to maintain our status within our work environment n its obviously the same in tinsel town…! Even Big B reluctantly had to step aside when upon his comeback he realised his once unprecedented stardom had dwindled- if Salmans fear for his stardom means he will be more focus on his choice of films then more power to him…!

  • I think salman is very intelligent. He knows well that after 5 year he will be not a top star.not only salman BT amir and srk will be down.new generation ready to lead them.when youth actors started releasing movie on festivals that moments alarming for these top actors

  • Slyvester Stallone …. Almost 70yr old…. fans still have same craze for him all over the world, most loved Action star on planet …… waiting eagerly for Expendables 4…… so don’t worry salman khan

  • @SackMan

    Also with regards to Jadoo Boy I hope he realises that he needs to let go of Papas coattails n move away from always playing an ugly looking freakish alien/ maanvar in that crappy Jadoo franchise…!

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