I fear losing stardom, that love and respect from audience: Salman Khan

Bollywood superstar Salman Khan, who is currently at the very peak of his glorious career, has said that the fear of losing stardom bothers him. The actor also said the fear is not just about losing stardom, but the love and respect that fans have for him.

“Everyone is scared of losing stardom. I would be lying if I say no. It’s not just the stardom… It’s that love, it’s that respect… Suddenly, it all gets over… That is one quality you are working so hard for and suddenly something happens and you are not the liked person any more… That bothers everyone.”

The ‘Sultan’ star was quick to point out that he has gone through a low phase in his career, when most of his films failed at the box office in the first decade of the century.. but said life is more than just being a hero in movies.

“You need to be that man who could take that. I have seen my father (writer Salim Khan) go through it… He has gone through it twice in his life. I myself have gone through that… I think life is more just than being a hero and star in movies. I think it’s a lot more than that” Salman said.

Salman also said, most actors (seniors who were major stars) had left the industry by the age of 50.

“One has to work hard at this point of time only because all our seniors left at this time only. By this age, almost everyone left (the industry). I saw a close-up of mine in one film, and I was like, ‘What is this? When I am only not liking it how others are going to like it’.”

To regain the love and support from the audience, the actor said he has had to put himself through a lot of pain, torture and hardwork.

Sultan releases in theatres during Eid this year.



  • look at @Navin
    Dude if i am not wrong u were the one who had said that SRK’s time is over
    And before any srkians came to the site u took his name hinting towards him
    because even u know that ones srk”s movie carry good WOM,, lallu will have to say TATA BYEBYE forever

  • Salman is the same guy who:
    1. Killed a man by his car 2002
    2. Killed a black bug illegally 1998
    3. Whose movies like Chori chori chupke chupke, Har dil jo pyar Karega were fonded by underworld
    4. Who was found in a photograph of Dawood Ibrahim
    5, Who supported Yakub Memon
    6. Who threatened to kill Bibek Oberoi
    7. Who harrased Aishwaarya Rai
    8. Whose fans call SRK desdrohi just because he spoke in favour of Secularism
    9. Who made controversial statementht on Divya Bhartis Death
    10. Who said that 9.11 attack was targeted to elite group
    11. Whose fans troll SRK because he couldnt resist anyone insulting him in Wankhede calling his children offensive words targeting Islam
    12. Who hasnt even learned English forget acting from this 8th grade dropout

  • Proud to be a Salman Fan, Whatever he says touches our heart deeply!! He is brutally honest unlike others who are manipulating BO collections so that he still remains in top 3 which is not the case..More power to you Salman..Haters hate as much as u want, you know even your idol doesnt command such a huge fan-following that Salman has..Despite having ‘3.6 Billions’ Fans hahah

  • Even if Salman had stopped doing films after mpk ,people will remember and respect him but he has two more films viz hahk & bajrangi bhaijaan

  • @Navina Bhabhijaan,

    Yes we cannot forget the decade blockbuster film Marigold record and even Chunky Pandey or Rajpal Yadav cannot even think to break that record made by the Salmoron…

  • @7:43pm The Unbearable Gobbar

    You carry on remembering Marigold bcoz you n your fellow makkhirards are still stuck in n around that timezone where you n your star consider a 60cr movie as a HIT…!

  • @5:26pm Gollum Lover

    We saw PaNkHa arrive in April carrying Rich Content but that hardly had enough puff to blow a wendy house…!

    Keep waiting for that pot of gold at the end of the rainbow bcoz everyone knows theres more chance of someone finding the holy grail…!

  • @Honest thought-Indicine itself said SRK is the most successful actor in the history of bollywood. And don’t make up stories about Lallu having fans overseas. Nobody knows Lallu in overseas that’s why he doesn’t have many blockbusters there like SRK has. And talking crazy things like nobody can match Lallu’s stardom?!! Yeah no superstar can match Lallu’s back to back record breaking flops and pathetic openings at box office. What people say is true, Lallu is just a newcomer sensation who was born on 2010. Peace out.

  • Hiii Salman khan Dont worry About Stardom bcause ur a Stardom Superstar of TodayAnd A Hero Of Bollywood And U Rock Sultan .Luv U Too Salman khan As My Biggest Diehard Heartrobe Craziest As My Birth Hero And Also U R My Guru And Worshipper Fan Of Mine Luv U Too Salman khan.

  • Tu Darta Hai Na Eid Ke Alawa Film Release Karne Se…

    Aur, Darta Hai Apne Stardom Ko, Fans Aur Respect Ko Khone Se…

    Ye Darr Hona Chahiye, Ye Darr Mujhhe Achchha Laga…!!!

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