Salman Khan Case: Missing original documents retrieved, hearing on Sep 12

Last week, there were reports that 57 of the 64 original testimonials related to Salman Khan’s hit-and-run case had suspiciously gone missing. Now, the Bandra Police Station has retrieved the documents. The next court hearing is scheduled to take place on September 12.

A Mumbai court had reprimanded the investigating officer for misplacing the original testimonials of witnesses. Out of the 64 statements of key witnesses in the case, originals of only 7 were available.

Salman Khan Case

Salman Khan Case

During the last court appearance, the current investigating officer had informed the Mumbai court that he had been unable to locate the files which had preempted the court to issue notice to the old investigating officer, Kishan Shengal, to be present in the court hearing on September 12. Shengal is now retired from service.

The missing files could have dealt a severe blow to the case built by the prosecution with even the court asking what the way forward was if the statements could not be located.

Salman’s lawyer Srikant Shivade had said that as per law the original papers were required to be produced before the trial court, while the police had argued that as per practice in Mumbai courts, the trial can go on with the true photo-copies.

On September 28, 2002, the superstar’s car had allegedly rammed into a bakery, killing one person and injuring four others sleeping on the pavement outside.



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  • @ pravin

    kiling? accident is kiling? hope u face this thing once in ur life. if there was driver what is need for salman to drive the car? i dont think he was driving that time. press needs masala so they put blame on salman.

    do u think any relative of died person r linked with this case, no cuz this case is media stunt.

    I dont wanna talk about blackbuck cuz for me every animal is same and if this is crime everybody who is non vegetarian and in business of selling or eating meat are all criminals.

    for govt gender, cast, religion equality is important but what about animal equality, human equality, poor rich equality.

    i m vegetarian but salman fan.

  • Babaji I have said I don’t have any problem with you but you necessaryly try to insult SRK n say you’re not a hater that’s why I said I have a problem with you… I only bash akki when you bash SRK stop bashing SRK I’ll stop bashing akki

  • @Babaji, do not take Aamir’s name here. Aamir does not like anyone to say or accuse anyone blindly as u r doing now. Law and enforcement are there. trying to create misunderstandings between Aamir and Salman fans.

  • i’m happy to see salman & srk fans fight every where every’s feeling great to me every time :)

  • @yuvraj
    though all animals r equals there r certain laws which have to be followed by everyone irrespective of celebrity status.
    Salman is alcoholic is known to everybody. you think all witnesses r liar n Salman is harishchandra ki aulad. media can give publicity to case but cant produce fake witnesses. accept reality.

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  • @ pravin i dnt think u r the witness of that accident so u dnt know what is reality as i dnt know also but that was accident not kiling i dnt think salman had any intention to kill any people he is not a bad man and rahul is the only harishchandra ki aulaad not salman nor me nor you.
    there are many criminals who r in politics. i m against the law which made only for rich mans comfort. i beleive in only gods law. human is puppet of mistakes i dnt think anybody have power to give punish to other if he himself is not inocent. hamme se har ek hai paapi thoda koi jyaada. god gives everybody same life. curtupt people is production of currupt govt. we want ram rajya.

  • Haters does not know the difference between accident and murder (killing). Now they chant what Salman fans will do if someone will smash (God forbid) anyone of our family members? I would say there is a law to deal with it. If we start giving judgments then what is the need of higher authorities like courts? Stop being blind haters, its about someone’s life and not just about carrier.

    @Sahir : I think you were the one who brokerage the deal to hide documents. Did you get your commission ? :-P

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  • @pravin : why are you so desperate to see Salman in jail ? If you say its about justice, there are hundreds of people get killed in accidents on everyday. Can you help their families or law to send all the accused ? Or is it insecurity or hatred towards Salman ? Poachers had killed hundreds of Black bucks n National animal Tiger, what have you done to nab them ?? If you are a witness better testify against Salman in court n solve this once for all. can you do it ??

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