Salman Khan Case: Missing original documents retrieved, hearing on Sep 12

Last week, there were reports that 57 of the 64 original testimonials related to Salman Khan’s hit-and-run case had suspiciously gone missing. Now, the Bandra Police Station has retrieved the documents. The next court hearing is scheduled to take place on September 12.

A Mumbai court had reprimanded the investigating officer for misplacing the original testimonials of witnesses. Out of the 64 statements of key witnesses in the case, originals of only 7 were available.

Salman Khan Case

Salman Khan Case

During the last court appearance, the current investigating officer had informed the Mumbai court that he had been unable to locate the files which had preempted the court to issue notice to the old investigating officer, Kishan Shengal, to be present in the court hearing on September 12. Shengal is now retired from service.

The missing files could have dealt a severe blow to the case built by the prosecution with even the court asking what the way forward was if the statements could not be located.

Salman’s lawyer Srikant Shivade had said that as per law the original papers were required to be produced before the trial court, while the police had argued that as per practice in Mumbai courts, the trial can go on with the true photo-copies.

On September 28, 2002, the superstar’s car had allegedly rammed into a bakery, killing one person and injuring four others sleeping on the pavement outside.



  • All the best, Salman Khan!!! It was all nautanki by anti-Salman camps… Hope you are proved innocent as you always are…

  • if our bhai is jailed, then he will make a sequel to jai ho, as JAIL HO! we bhai fans hope it will cross jai ho’s lifetime.

  • Emraan bhai supremely popular in masses. Arjun kapur bhai supremely talented and popular in classes. So its class + mass. Waiting for finding natwarlal and raja fanny fernandes.

  • Taarikh pe taarikh!!!

    When will those poor people get justice…???

    I hope the verdict comes as soon as possible,films are secondary things…
    How can you let a criminal live so leiserous life..?

  • It’s crazy that this case is still being dragged on since 2002. It should have been over by now with a final decision.

  • Wow… killing ppl is not being human
    Just cuz ur a star does not mean u can drive however u want
    He was probably drunk while driving …
    first of all he should not be drinking cus he’s muslim…. such a bad model tbh

    Honestly i dont want him to go to jail eventhough he had done wrong
    I cant imagine bollywood without SRK, Akshay, Salman, Aamir, Hrithick
    they r the face of bollywood

    I pray that he doesnt go to jail

  • I hate police and politicians and judicial system they have to learn judgement from v. shantaram’s movie do aankhe barah haath.

  • Many politicians nd big personalities r killing people in India but none of them hav been sent behind bars at least once. Many murders r being done every day but only 5% of them go behind bars remaining murderers give money and escape from it. Mistakenly salman had done an accident and still even after 12 years they r dragging him to the court. What kind of law is this. There r many important cases than this to look after but they dont care abt those cases but only want this which happened long back.

  • Missing files contradict prosecutions current lacklustre case hence they went missing….

    For defense its imperative they resurface as it will illustrate the witnesses were telling porkies back then…

    Justice for bhai

  • Its not even a small mistake if u kill a goat, hen or cow in india. But if u kill a black buck then its a crime. It means only black buck feels pain while killing? hen, goat or cow doesnt feel any pain? Law in India is according to the comforts of Indian people. They eat chicken mutton a lot so killing hen or goat is a great thing and killing remaining animals is crime. LOL.

  • @indicine
    This is not right,why you always block my replies to @navin,though there is nothing wrong in it…he keeps bashing us all day long giving non sensical comments but you post them all…

  • navin dude why do u hate srk this much that you gone to a limit where you sound completely stupid ? what does SRK has to do with salman n his missing or found files he probably dont even have time to think about salman or his court case… we dint say anything against him whelter he is criminal or not so why are you unnecessarily bringing srk here ?

  • What is so wrong with the people? How can’t this morons let the law handle the case if they respect the law? Do they want to take the law in their hands by accusing a person who is not proven guilty yet.
    Those who want Salman to be jailed, I assure you that your sick dream will never come true. If you so many pray against him, there are millions who are praying for him. Those who benefit from know that.
    @Arjun Kapoor4, u fool! Had Salman Khan gone to jail 7 years earlier, you would not have had youngstar Arjun Kapoor from 200+ Kg Arjun Kapoor.
    @Babaji ki thullu, If u r so sure and witnessed that Salman has done the crime, go and become a witness in the court. Not supporting the law and the justice is also a crime.U criminal!!
    I know insecurity runs in your blood. You are insecure of the Khans. If there is no Salman, only then Dogtainer Kumar and Handicapped Jaadoo boy can dream of breaking into top three. Suzzane should approach the court and claim her 400 Crores Alimony and make thess Roshan Chutiyas bankrupt.
    @Srkfan, yes! Law should equal for all. So, SRK should also be prosecuted under Crimnal Charges for Drunk Beating Security Guards at Wankhede Stadium. Banning him from the stadium is just penalty, not punishment. He must be punished. It happened in public domain, while the charges against Salman is yet to be proven. Same goes for smoking in public…Fair and Square…Just imagine someone else in place of SRK, what would the law do to him? If the guards mandled his daughter which was in reality an excuse, there is police and law. He can’t take law in his hand

  • Now @navin is blaming srk for this incident…but vikram has no problems with that,bcoz he likes navin and his team but hates babaji even if he praises srk sometimes!!!

  • It is absolutely ridiculous bcoz indicine is not posting my comments which did’nt had anything wrong and rather posting salman fan’s comments like of anand’s who is using a vulgar word…

  • @Anand you bhaijaan ke chamche,if salman has’nt done anything wrong then why only salman is accused?? Why not hrithik,srk,aamir etc…
    See the point is that even you know that salman has done that but u will never accept it..bcoz you are a hardcore chamcha and you have shown ur aukaat time to time…you pretend to be a saint like creature but from inside you resemble an evil and spit out venom…just bcoz i said justice should be done!!! Great..

  • @Anand
    people like u don’t understand difference between abusing security guard and killing a man n endangered animal n injuring several people.

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