Salim Khan defends Salman, says he’s an ‘A-Level’ sportsman

Veteran writer Salim Khan has defended his famous son, Salman Khan, who was appointed as the goodwill ambassador of the national contingent for the Rio Olympics.

Salim’s comments come a day after several current and former sports icons criticised the move of Salman representing India at a global sporting event like the Summer Olympics.

“Milkhaji it is not Bollywood it is the Indian Film Industry and that too the largest in the world. The same industry which resurrected you from fading away in oblivion” Salim said.

The co-writer of ‘Sholay’ also added that Salman is an ‘A-Level’ swimmer, cyclist and weight lifter.

“Salman Khan may not have competed but is an A level swimmer cyclist and weight lifter”

Milkha Singh had earlier criticised the move and asked why it was necessary to “import a person from Bollywood”.

“India has produced so many sportspersons who have given their sweat and blood for the country like PT Usha, Rajyavardhan Singh Rathore, Ajit Pal and so many others. One of these could have been made a goodwill ambassador. What was the need to import a person from Bollywood?” Milkha Singh had said.

Meanwhile, Salim Khan also defended Salman on English News channel Times Now.

He said “Many sportsmen who fade away with time are revived via films. Sometimes we feel ashamed of the fact that we were unaware of such sportsmen in our country after watching the films made on them”

“Salman Khan is a popular person.. When he goes to schools, colleges and talks to students and children about the sports, they will definitely listen”

“Salman’s films sell way before they are released. If his film is good, of course they will sell, if not then it will flop like some of his projects have in the past. Salman Khan’s film doesn’t work only by his name, they work because of the entire team’s effort” he added.

The industry has come out strongly in support out Salman. Veteran filmmaker Subhash Ghai too has said the move to appoint Salman as the goodwill ambassador will inspire the youth of the country to take up sports.



  • and this statement from Salim is just stupidity and nothing else !!!!
    If you can’t respect Milkha , atleast don’t say anything wrong about him !!!! It’s disgusting of him !!!!

  • India mein abhi kuch bhi ho
    Sab milke criticize karne lag hate hai.
    Whats d problem yaar?
    If they choose salman then why evry1 feel bad about it.
    Cricket and Bollywood s popular in our country so they choose a renowned face
    , it will help for sure.

  • There is a strange behaviour in today’s generation that people don’t wanna give any chance for anyone to correct their mistake. Ram warned Ravan many times before the war, Pandav did same thing.. But now i don’t think there is any tolerance in the world.

  • Either Salman Khan or Sachin Tendulkar should have been the ambassador now that Salman has been we should respect that , he was a national level swimmer and he’s well aware of sports


  • @xzone: i am not an indian and i never knew milkha singh (bhag milkha bhag) and mary com prior to their life essayed in the respective movies. Apparently when i saw those movies in silver screen then i realize how much struggle they have done in their respective lives to reach on top. If fahran akthar and priyanaka chopra wouldn’t have portrait that role on silver screen then we outsider from different countries wouldn’t have known your true heroes by now. I recently watched Neerja the real
    Super woman , Majhi the mountain man and Akshya’s Airlift thsese are all the true heroes of India . Mr Salim khan sir said it very true if these all film were not made by now then expect india the whole world wouldnt have known these real heroes of india.Your comment only shows that you are so jealous that Salman was being asked for this honour and dont pretend that u respect Salim khan if i really respect him then u wouldnt have show up ur hatred which is so apparent due to total loss of fan collection. Would u have given same reaction if your favourite Srk would have been approached for this honour? No – u would be prasing srk,our global king deserve this bla bla 😜😜 we can understand these few months all srk fan were 4 in hibernation and gone complete demented on Salman’s growing popularity and hovering in the boxoffice like big daddy pls humble request to u all dont come to any salman’s releated post and comment otherwise be ready to face consequences. “”Frm#Sydney 😊😊

  • to be honest salman is not worth to represent bollywood how can he be an ambassador for sports. in india everyone who praises the govt is benefitted one or the other way no matter which party is in power.

  • Although biggest fan , Salim sir should not have spoken in such a tone and manner about great Milkha Singh

    He might have been fading into oblivion but was representing India which is a big honour

  • Salman is a very good choice, he is a gud man , extremely popular. The game stands to gain from his choice as an ambassador. Salims response is a tad too insensitive buh its true.

  • All those of you on this article who are jumping on the bandwagon of insults and creating controversy against a decision made by the Olympic association is showing the world just how ignorant and stupid you people are.
    Salman Khan did not appoint himself and the association has their reasons for asking him to do. Have you wonder why they did not ask Singh or Dutt. No disrespect they won medals for the country fine but what have they done since then. Did they give support to drought ridden states like Ritesh, Akki, Salman or some of the other BW stars no.
    When you raise up your tongues against those who help your people no matter what the consequences you will find that God will use them.
    Mr. Khan no weapon formed against your son or your family will ever prosper for God sees the heart and you must always bear in mind that it is fools with jealousy in their hearts who object to those blessing that God had bestowed upon you and your family.
    @xzone you are back you say why are you not holding your head in your derriere with shame over your loser queen. Did you Mr Bimbo terrorist go to Syria and hide out. You are a loser, stay with your loser queen I told you he was going to fail and you did not believe. Now you want to come to abuse Salman and his father well take this again you are cursed into the pits of hell like last time we are not interested in you, where you been or come from with your asinine comments.
    Your hatred and jealousy will be your destruction.
    Don’t mess with Salman Khan or his family because God will mess with yours. He does not like stupidity and all of you think you have the right to insult others well you are going to be insulted ten fold and this is no threat but a promise.

  • I know bhai is excellent in shooting knock knock black bucks

    Bhai is super excellent in Running knock knock hit and run case

  • Yes Salman is A level Crimnal. And he is not able to make Brand ambassador of any Government things until he is culprit.

  • @boyzone very well said where xzone is concerned. He pride himself that he is an expert but every comment of his shows he is just a poor jealous individual who was so ashamed that his so call king lost the battle that he ran away like the rest of the queen cowardly fans.
    Even now he is so consumed with hatred and revenge and jealousy because no one wants to make a way for his queen to release his other film.
    He really is a pathetic creature because he has not yet come to the realization that if God is for you no man, demon in hell can come against you and he is just one frustrated soul.
    So we bind and rebuke all those who are spreading insult against the Olympic Association who has made this appointment. These objectors are just showing the world how immature and illiterate they are.
    Salman you go get them brother. They are more for you than those against you.
    Even the 3.7 million SRK fans did not stand behind him and his Fan went flipping and flopping into a disaster.

  • Salim sir. Y say sportsman revived thru films… First came sports n then films . na legends hote na ap film bana paate.. .. Not a salman hater amymor bt plz gudwil ambsdr unhko jinpe stil cases hai.. Betr dnt keep any khelenge spbe desh k liiye khelenge with or widout any gdwil ambsdr

  • in last 5-6 days I was missing something that I found today!!!! this is all srkians barking! after fan bolckbuster the was dissapear!!

  • The benifit of the decision to choose salman has already been reaped as there wouldnt have so much talk and attention to olympics otherwise

  • one more thing i really sad 4 u @xzone
    i undrstnd ur feeling
    at the time of jai ho i feel,.same… but that feeling of me really really nothing infront of ur feeling abt fan..hahaha
    best of luck and remember if raees clash wid sultan then raees wil crashed by sultan..

  • How ironic controversy created against Salman has backfired because look at how much publicity the Indian contingent going to the Olympics is getting at the mere mention of Salman’s name.
    Don’t tell me that my God don’t have a sense of humor. He has turned all the hate, jealousy and vindictiveness into one great advertisement for the Indian Olympic Association, all this for free and we are still a couple of months away. So much fun 😊 for He is making all you morons look like fools in the sight of the world.

    Why had nobody talked about the Rio Olympics until the appointment of Salman as the brand ambassador?? Why?
    Answer is simple. Salman!
    That’s Salman for you. Once, he is associated with it, the topic has become talk of the country.
    That is why he has been appointed.

  • @Indicine, if possible, I want you to make a list of the famous people (of films+sports) that have come in support of Salman Khan and the famous people that voiced against his appointment???
    Thanks in advance!

  • Milkha singhi ji, with due respect you are a sporting legend sir and there is nothing wrong in your opinion of sportsperson being appointed the brand ambassadors , there’s no doubt that the likes of PT usha or Rajvardhan Singh rathore and others have given their years & years of sweat & blood for our national glory but honestly tell me had PT usha or rathore been made ambassadors would any one have even cared? Had any one of them been made ambassadors would people like u & me & others & media would have given this issue so much coverage??? just bcos he is salman khan & just bcos he is easily one of the most popular & recognized persons in the country he was made the brand ambassador and believe me the trick has worked , now more & more people in India are aware of the Rio Olympics than they were some 3-4 days ago!

    And if u have to blame anyone then blame the people of IOA who have made this decision.

    Salman’s association with Olympics as its goodwill ambassador will definitely guarantee more visibility, interest & following of these games on the TV , that’s for damn sure (Now I am not saying that without salman there would have been no interest in these games at all but with the arrival of the megastar in the picture the interest & following will be high for sure).

    Anyway , I would advice people like yogeshwar dutt , milkha singh ji & others who are against this appointment “please don’t get distracted by such external factors , every Indian including salman would want all of these sport stars to give their best for the country and win as many medals as possible and make our country proud on the global stage , ambassador or not salman will be as happy & as proud as any other Indian , so please concentrate on the task ahead and don’t get too much distracted wanting to be in the limelight ahead of the games , all the best for all the sport stars representing India , make us proud !”

  • @xzone : Are you recovered ? So to please people like you Salim sir should have said appointing Salman as Indian ambassador for Olympics’ is shameful ? Salim sir is a veteran he has seen a lot more you cant even imagine. He also said Salman’s movies not run only by his name but efforts of entire unit, that is humility which your idol could learn from him !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Amitji is a doctor. And so he was the face of the Polio Campaign. Salman was a member of Municipality. So he was a face of Modiji’s Clean India Campaign!

  • @XZone, neither can the similar things be said your current flop king. His name will appear way below everyone and everyone will refrain taking his name out of shame. Got that?

  • @xtra overacting zone , 11:56 a.m , so u r finally back on indicine after the disastrous debacle of floppy fan :D :D

    In the same vein ur duniya ka sabse bada overacting flopstar too would be considered the same :D :D

    On a serious note , history of Bollywood is not complete without the 2 significant names – Salim khan for being the co scriptwriter of ‘Sholay ‘ – perhaps the best, the greatest & the most watched Hindi movie made so far in Bollywood history and salman khan for easily being the greatest & biggest megastar ever to grace Bollywood along with Big B , period!

    @12:08 , so what do u want , ur 500 year old mummified unhealthy looking skeletal great great granny (popularly known as duniya ka sabse bada overacting superstar Lol :D) to be made the ambassador Lol :D , fan tho disaster hogaya ab kya kare :D :D

  • And unlike a physically weak & mentally ugly so called duniya ka sabse bada flopstar who is at the risk of getting physically injured even if walks faster than a road roller the megastar salman has always been a fitness freak since his youth and even to this age he works very hard on his fitness .

  • @boyzone 12:56 pm : First of all, take this stanza “Ready to face consequences” back.
    Whom are you trying to “threaten” you fool ? FAN didn’t work that’s correct. But that doesn’t mean that I will have to bear the “threats” of kiddos like you.
    Lol, bring it on . Even I am excited to face those “consequences” ….!

    Next, coming to your comment, did you check the comment of Salim Khan? He said , “Milkha’s name was fading away and it was BMB, which brought his lost glory back”. But that’s not completely true.
    No doubt, BMB gave Milkha Singh enough coverage, which might have helped him to garner new fans, but his name was never lost in dust.
    I am not sure, whether you stay in Australia or Antartica, but in India, many schools have included his story in their text-books as a lesson. So even small kids are aware about his life and his journey.
    And there is no question of me being jealous of Salim Khan. Just go and check , I have openly supported his statements on many other articles.
    But in this case, I feel , his selection of words were the worst.

    @Indicine : Please start blocking or editing the comments of this “@bajanindian”. I am sick of her lectures about religion and god.
    This dumbo talks about religion and god, but at the same time, she comments , “I was converted from Islam to Christian, because Islam teaches us violence and bad deeds”.
    Now, I am not sure which god she follows, who asks her to discriminate between the people based on caste, creed or religion.
    Get a life bimbo.

    @Hrithik 2:45 pm : I wish you read my entire comment before jumping into the conclusion. Salim sir supporting his son, that’s his personal matter and I don’t want to talk about that. I was upset with his selection of words, which he used for Milkha Singh.
    Legends like Milkha Singh does not need any movie or biopic. They stay in the hearts of crore of Indians. How many biopics/movies have been filmed on Major Dhyanchand? But I am sure, majority of Indians know his name and personality.
    So tomorrow, if a filmmaker decides to produce a movie on Dhyanchand, again Salim Khan will come and proclaim that Dhyanchand got his due fame only because of that biopic.
    It’s shameful to see such words coming out from a responsible person called “Salim Khan”.

  • @Anand 2:49 pm : Yes, I am damn sure that whenever the history of Indian cinema will be re-written, it will be mentioned in golden letters, “A common guy from Delhi, without any papa/mama support, became the face of Bollywood not only in India but all over the world”.
    Don’t believe? Go and read the recent QnA session of Indicine where they have mentioned “In most of the countries, Bollywood=SRK”.
    Now did you get that??

    @Hyderabadi envious (NVS) 2:50 pm : Lol, I was here only. I just took a gap of one week due to a personal loss, but I am not understanding why you go into hibernation mode time-to-time ?
    You will come, once in two months, you will post your rant and if that doesn’t get published, you will post a long crying comment , blaming Indicine being partial.
    Again, you will go in the same mode and will repeat all these steps yet again.
    So just don’t worry about me and let me know , what happens to you at times? . Is there any chemical imbalance?
    Don’t worry, cure is available now-a-days and if you need funds for that, your bade dilwala bhabhijan is always there, provided by he doesn’t break your phone or beat you up when you reach out to him. :D

  • I am sure the comments from Salim sir is out of anger. Just imagine it, whatever his son do people give him shit. Everyone has his breaking point and this must be it that everyone gives Salman shit over nothing. I know he went a bit too far but i can understand since everyone is after Salmans head.

    My opinion on Salman being the ambassador for Olympics is that, how can Salman effect the Olympics negative? I mean if you think Salim sir said something bad just listen too Milkha Singh, he said worse. The only one that had made it worse the the Olympics player themselves!!

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