Salim Khan defends Salman, says he’s an ‘A-Level’ sportsman

Veteran writer Salim Khan has defended his famous son, Salman Khan, who was appointed as the goodwill ambassador of the national contingent for the Rio Olympics.

Salim’s comments come a day after several current and former sports icons criticised the move of Salman representing India at a global sporting event like the Summer Olympics.

“Milkhaji it is not Bollywood it is the Indian Film Industry and that too the largest in the world. The same industry which resurrected you from fading away in oblivion” Salim said.

The co-writer of ‘Sholay’ also added that Salman is an ‘A-Level’ swimmer, cyclist and weight lifter.

“Salman Khan may not have competed but is an A level swimmer cyclist and weight lifter”

Milkha Singh had earlier criticised the move and asked why it was necessary to “import a person from Bollywood”.

“India has produced so many sportspersons who have given their sweat and blood for the country like PT Usha, Rajyavardhan Singh Rathore, Ajit Pal and so many others. One of these could have been made a goodwill ambassador. What was the need to import a person from Bollywood?” Milkha Singh had said.

Meanwhile, Salim Khan also defended Salman on English News channel Times Now.

He said “Many sportsmen who fade away with time are revived via films. Sometimes we feel ashamed of the fact that we were unaware of such sportsmen in our country after watching the films made on them”

“Salman Khan is a popular person.. When he goes to schools, colleges and talks to students and children about the sports, they will definitely listen”

“Salman’s films sell way before they are released. If his film is good, of course they will sell, if not then it will flop like some of his projects have in the past. Salman Khan’s film doesn’t work only by his name, they work because of the entire team’s effort” he added.

The industry has come out strongly in support out Salman. Veteran filmmaker Subhash Ghai too has said the move to appoint Salman as the goodwill ambassador will inspire the youth of the country to take up sports.



  • Salim sir is right.

    Bhai is excellent in HIT & RUN
    Bhai is excellent in SHOOTING.

    Bhai is the best ambassador for Olympics.

    We love you Bhai.

  • Nothing against Salman but would have thought a legendary person from the sports fraternity was the apt choice.

  • I have huge respect for Salim Khan, but can’t believe that he made such an irresponsible comment :
    “Milkhaji it is not Bollywood it is the Indian Film Industry and that too the largest in the world. The same industry which resurrected you from fading away in oblivion” Salim said.

    Salim Sir, if legends like Milkha Singh, Dhyanchand, P.T. Usha etc are not connected to the glamour world, that doesn’t mean their names are fading away. Whenever the history of our country will be re-written, trust me, their names will appear far above yours.
    Every Indian takes their name with pride , but same can’t be said about you or your beloved son.

  • @ cvn kumar – yes salman is excellent in giving hit movies. he always runs in his haters mind and shoots them with each blockbuster.

  • This issue is blown out of propotion,did Salman appoint himself? and Salman is not even being paid.
    People tend to politicises everything,the aim for him being appointed is to raise awareness of the olympics since he is a youth icon and he has a huge fan base.

  • when bollywood was making a movie about him, milkha singh was jumping around with joy. now he has something against them

  • A person who is denied of national award for Bajrangi bhaijan due to his criminal background has been given the brand ambassador role??? Really shame!!

  • first srk was considerd as goodwill ambassador but due to his smoking and fighting with watchman habit, they moved to salman..

  • Well, I am back!!!!
    The decision of staying away from social media and indicine (for a week) worked quite effectively and now , I’m feeling much better.
    Yes, the debacle of FAN has impacted me severely but past is past. So now, will concentrate on Raees.
    However, as usual, my frequency of visits will be less, which will gradually increase at the time of release of Raees.

    Yes, I watched Housefull 3 trailer and it appears to be a piece of garbage for me. Lots of overacting by the main lead and supporting actors plus same old story makes those 3 minutes unbearable. So can’t imagine what will happen when audiences will watch the complete movie in theatre.

  • Well said Salim ji !

    Do u think anyone or even d media would hve even cared if d brand ambassador is not a popular personality? Also there is financial support n better facilities to “our country’s real hero’s” only because of d involvement of Salman Khan fr eg. Sponsorship!!

  • Well, the irony is, “a 50 years old grandpa” has been appointed as goodwill ambassador in order to “inspire the youth”.
    Nothing can be more farcical than this.

  • Too many people giving too many personal opinions in Media.

    The fact no one can deny is that – when stars started supporting sports like Hockey, Football, Kabaddi etc., it came to limelight…….now they are slowly getting revived after decades of being supressed by Cricket.

    Stars added that attraction value which was missing in these sports…….Hence, whatever is needed to uplift the sports needs to be done.

    Why do we have stars telling us to drink Pepsi or Frooti…….why not a sportsperson?

    For the records, Pepsi and Coke never used to take filmstars for their products until they started marketing it in India? Here the biggest draw is the film industry.

    The fact cannot change that a Srk, Salman or Aamir promoting goes about establishing the product in the minds faster than any sportsperson, atleast, in this country.

    Whatever it takes to bring about uplifting the sports has to be done.

    I would ask why just one Ambassador? Let Salman be joined by Aamir, Srk and other sportsperson like Sachin, Saina etc., It would be good fusion of Stars and Atheletes.

  • @Miyabhai Ki Cowardice.. There can’t be a bigger insult for a fan than the movie Fan.. It was so shameful being the biggest fan of the so-called Dinuya Ka Sabse Bada superstar.. that the fan committed suicide at the end – thinking that he wasted his entire life being fan of a coward instead of Aamir or Salman.

    Superstar was reduced to a clown dancing at a mela..

    That movie will forever be remembered as the most shameful tribute to fans. Fittingly he lost a lot of fans with that movie too.

  • Milkha sing is right it was a very bad decision choosing someone in bollywood who knows nothing in sport as an ambassador for something that concerne sport.
    he can’t even speak very fluently in english.

    Terrible decision, they need to change him asap before it’s too late.

  • Chill out guys.. Salman has been appointed because he is a popular actor.. it’ll help promote Olympics in India. What’s wrong in that?

    He has promoted Kabaddi in the past too.

  • Salman is a very Good choice as a olympic Ambassador ! Spare him yr…he has always been neglected at national level…a man who has millions of fans hasn’t even received a padma award ever wen ppl like abhishek bachchan n saif ali khan have received them…now u guyz are criticising him on his role for the ambassador…!!he is a good man..everbody has got tough times in their life, he too has witnessed the same so support him..!! he is our pride…!! cheers to india for rio…!!

  • Salim Khan is not wrong in defending his son but I think what Milkha Ji said was not wrong . There are a lot of sportspersons who have done a lot for their country and have brought many laurels to this country and they do not get the deserved limelight . The appointment of Salman as India’s Goodwill Ambassador was bound to raise eyebrows as there are two court cases going on in which Salman is involved – Blackbuck Poaching Case and Hit & Run Case . It does not matter whether he gets a clean chit or not but these court cases affect the image of Salman again and again and this cannot be measured in Box Office numbers .

  • @salim khan I used to respect you because of your visions but not anymore. How can you give such a shameless statement abot a legendry Sportsman.
    For your kind information mr.Salim ji that movie made on milkha singh also raked mullah at bo, so I think it’s more wise to say that bollywood was more benefitted than Milkha singh ji.
    We are Indiand by birth and no can deny that He/She havn’t read about P.T usha and Milkha Singh, so shut your mouth and teach your son some morals so that he will make senseble movies and behave like a man(not criminal).

  • I think it would have been better to appoint a sports person to do the honors! !!
    It’s not salman’s fault !!! It is the fault of Indian Olympic Association !!!

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