Saif admits his love for Kareena


At the Lakme India Fashion Week actor Saif Ali Khan admitted his love for Kareena Kapoor putting all speculations regarding them to an end. Saif’s admission came in the presence of Kareena who accompanied him to designer Manish Malhotra’s show.

Ever since the shooting of Yash Raj Film’s ‘Tashan’ Saif and Kareena were frequently being spotted together at pubs, resturants and many other public places. Both choose to keep mum for all the rumors and questions of media about their sudden intimacy. But finally due to the exuberant pressure from media, Saif chose to reveal his ‘feelings’ for Kareena at the Lakme Fashion Week show on wednesday.

Saif Ali Khan and Kareena Kapoor at Lakme Fashion Week

saif and kareena

Last year Kareena choose to walk the ramp with actor Shahid Kapoor to reaffirm their relationship at the same designer’s show during the Wills India Life Style Fashion Week. This time the seats have turned and Kareena Kapoor is now dating casanova Saif Ali Khan. How long will this Saif-Kareena relationship last? Only time can say.

This could affect the release of Imtiaz Ali’s comical love story ‘Jab We Met’ starring the ex-love pair Kareena and Shahid Kapoor. Even before their fans got to see the amazing chemistry of the couple on screen, their off-screen chemistry has completely gone on rocks.

Kareena and Shahid



  • Well Well well….Even I am glad tat Shahid is safe now…I uderstnad tat he had a great luv for kareena but she is greedy for MONEY!! which Saif flonted in front of her..and she got flattered. Kareena u r not new for saif u r just another girl for him. You are goona regret the way karishma did…And Shahid do u remember Karishma’s break off wid Abhishek same is happening in ur matter.Dont worry coz Life is easy to say ;Diffcult to stay;Easy to feel;Difficult to deal and difficulty is part of life tats y a Girlfrnd is never a WIFE!!!

  • kareena is a super sexy girl .any 1 can fall in his love but i believe that his true love was actually for shahid
    saif is good as an actor but woh kareena ke layek nahi hai.i wish shahid n kareena join back. i love them together.ill be most happy if they come back. n yes kareena i love u u r most beautiful girl i havr ever seen .
    aap toh meri favourite ho by tke cre.

  • sup people
    i don’t know what to say
    Shahid n kareena were a hot cuople they shouldnt have broken up i love them,kareena is going out with saif now and they are a hot couple but HELLO LOOK AT SAIF”S Age!! I luv saif but he is way to old for my kareena, but i hate kareena because when in 2005 in 1 magizine i felt like i wanted to be her she was my favorite actress,i loved what she wrote

  • kareena is a hoe….money digging slut….good ridance shadid itz about time you took out the trash…kareena is a old crow you deserve better

  • cmon gyzzz, what da hell, it waz kareenaz choice, itz her life , if she lykz saif n dznt lyk shahid dan vot> she deservz 2 taste differnt gyz , n not jus stick 2 1 guy,,,,, get a life gyz

  • kareena is an anaroxic! i am glad that shahid and kareena broke up! man shahid u are a hotty dont u worry bro, u will get a better woman in your life!! peace!

  • Hey ppl jus waned 2 say i agree wiv most of u dat kareena is a HOE n needs 2 stop b-in big heded. i fink shahid is so buff n he cud find ne1 ppl shudnt feel sori 4 him coz hiz free 4rm da twisted cow
    jus 2 let ppl nw hu fink dat cow is gud lukin u guyz need 2 gt glases n c wat kind ov BITCH she is. neway erm jus 2 let u no kareena dat shaid is beta den u n hpe saif dumps u
    shaid tc ov urself xXx

  • kareena u r a great bitch go to hell i dont wanna see u anymore, u bloody nonsense, stupid, idiot anyway u have seen slimmer in tashan but dont think that u r best u fool even deepika is better than u.ha!!!!!!!!!!ha!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!ha!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!kareena u have gone ha!ha!ha!!!!!!!!!!!!!ha!!!!!

  • kareena is a BITCH!!!!!! i cant believe that sahid would go out with her!!!even with saif i feel that way!!!!that f*cking basterd is not good enough for any of them!!!!i mean did u even see her with out make up?she is in jab we met she was so ugly….i hate her!i am ready to say that to her face i am not affraid of that hoe.!!!

  • but i love saif and shahid.the only thing i dont like is that they are bad enough to be talking to her.and shahid gave her a kiss. and saif is a better and OLDER guy than her.i feel so sorry for saif and shahid.

  • every girl in india likes muslim men,,n he z a smart n rich guy ,,so its beta she got rid of dat fukin miser hindu asshole,,,,she needs a rich muslim nawab,,,good 4 her…

  • that saif khan is a fuckin dog and that kareena is a fuckin bitch,kutiya will burn in hell for eternity,actually all the girls in this fuckin country have become so greedy for money they will spread their legs for it.kareena is a fuckin slut,a two bit whore like her sister i say send them to whore houses and get them fucked by dogs and as for shahid u n amrita rao rock dude.

  • osama u bastard don’t spread racial hatred here,i am a hindu and have a lot of muslim friends who are like my brothers than friend so shut ur festering mouth.

  • i luv u shahid ure ma fave actor. if any 1 wanna no that shahid kapoor is cmin 2 london on the 26th of april for zee cine awards 2008 in london. u can get a ticket i tink if they ar avalible. the site iz 2 book ure ticket or if u wanna vote or stuff it is n shahid kapoor addy (email) iz keep it up shahid luvin u muhwahhh.

  • they r all doing 4 fame and business. there is no such thing as LOVE in show business. so guys, dont waste time.

  • Hey guys…………Stop blaming Kareena…….there must b a strong reason that she broke-up wth Shahid………..& y do u guys think that Shahid is such a innocnt guy.!!??…..Watevar u guys mind ur own bussiness………& let kareena do watever she want’s in her life………
    U GUYS R DISGUISTING …those who r blaming kareena ……….U guys shud have FUCKEN respct 4 a Women…………………….

  • Raj Kapoor slept with may Heroines in this industry
    now its turn of the Men in Bollywood to Bang the Kapoor Bitches………

  • kareena is a BITCH DATZ ALL I CAN SAY shahid ur da best jab we met was a sick film I HATE KAREENA DA BITCH

  • Hi Friends,

    What r u guys talking about,Kareena as ditched sahid .Pls know the inner story of shaid. Sahid and Sania Mirza were caught in a Hotel in Bangalore.They were loofing around in bangalore.Do u guys know this story.Sahid looks bola but he is not so.That was not a Gossip. A few ppl know this Afair of sahid and sania Mirza.Kareena i think u have showed sahid that u also have life without sahid.Really appreciate ur boldness.Sahid pls come out of ur ……………

  • oh man!i luved shahid-kareena 2gether.they were an awesome couple!i luv kareena!i hate saif,he’s always butting in peoples lives!first he tried 2 interfere in john-bipasha,2 get bipasha…and now he interfered in kareena-shahid’s lifes.he’s such a DOG!i hate him 4 wat he’s done with shahid and kareena.does he even realize that he’s got 2 kids and have u seen his age.he’s 2 old 4 kareena!i really feel bad 4 shahid.he’s so cute and really a great actor after jab we met.kareena and shahid were awesome in jab we met!they’re acting was commendable!i really really hope shahid-kareena get back 2gether.SHAHID KAREENA 4 LYF!THEY ROCK


  • can sum1 plz tel me wat happened with shahid and kareena? am so confused ,but they made a cute couple and shahid is so damn hot. wish him all the best, what goes around comes around and gud things happen to those who wait. i hope shahid finds sum1 who’l reali love him and stay faithful 2 him. i dont hate kareena girl did what she had to and thats her business. ppl dnt hate aight.

  • Shahid and Kareena were such a good couple and My favorite actor Shahid Kapoor is heartbroken

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