Saif admits his love for Kareena


At the Lakme India Fashion Week actor Saif Ali Khan admitted his love for Kareena Kapoor putting all speculations regarding them to an end. Saif’s admission came in the presence of Kareena who accompanied him to designer Manish Malhotra’s show.

Ever since the shooting of Yash Raj Film’s ‘Tashan’ Saif and Kareena were frequently being spotted together at pubs, resturants and many other public places. Both choose to keep mum for all the rumors and questions of media about their sudden intimacy. But finally due to the exuberant pressure from media, Saif chose to reveal his ‘feelings’ for Kareena at the Lakme Fashion Week show on wednesday.

Saif Ali Khan and Kareena Kapoor at Lakme Fashion Week

saif and kareena

Last year Kareena choose to walk the ramp with actor Shahid Kapoor to reaffirm their relationship at the same designer’s show during the Wills India Life Style Fashion Week. This time the seats have turned and Kareena Kapoor is now dating casanova Saif Ali Khan. How long will this Saif-Kareena relationship last? Only time can say.

This could affect the release of Imtiaz Ali’s comical love story ‘Jab We Met’ starring the ex-love pair Kareena and Shahid Kapoor. Even before their fans got to see the amazing chemistry of the couple on screen, their off-screen chemistry has completely gone on rocks.

Kareena and Shahid



  • Lol all of you are so judgemental. I’m not a Kareema fan, hmm actually i don’t like her, even before she got famous… But all of you are actually ridiculous. :\ They must have had a reason why they broke up.. you guys can’t just keep acussing them “just for sex, money” Lmao. wow..

    Chemistry probably wasn’t there.. Yes i feel sorry for Shahid, but its life. :) I’m sure he will find someone better with his hot self ;)

  • Im so happy that kareena and shaheed broke up.because kareena doesnt deserves shahid kapoor ,kareena looks like his GRANDMOTHER i mean shaheed’s GRANDMOTHER or MUM hahahha its the reality really.kareena only loves to use the boys nothing else ,shaheed can find more good thn kareena like AMRITA RAO,VIDYA BALLAN,well good luck shaheed may Allah bless u always and be happy leave kareena and leave thinking about her ,What she is ?ok any how bye take care

  • hey shahid i really love you ur my favourite actor i just cant get over you you really have a sweet inncont cute smile which makes me feel like im ur girl which im not. u and amrita rao makes a good cute couple dont worry about kareena shes a slut that left a cute sweet guy like you. im really sorry shahid if you are reading my comment. keep up the extra hard work i love all your movies especially kismet konnection when you new movi milenge milenge comes out ill be the first one watching it!!!! im ur number one fan! i hope you will find your true love coz kareena will regret what she has done! im soo in love with you. take care shahid keep working hard. plus me and you are a cute couple as well!!! one day i will come to india to see you shahid !! love you take care!

  • Its actually so funny..i cant believe kareena’s choice…who has she chosen in place of shahid?saif?if kareena lux lyk shahid’s mom den saif daadu lux lyk kareena’s big bro..i mean wat happened 2 u kareena?wic loser have u chosen in place of shahid..saif is suc a big loser..he cant do ne shit..he has already been wid so many gals nd u aft him..its so funny..jst luk at saif’s face..he is ma dad’s age n i am 16yrs old..he is gonna die of old age very soon..wat is he gonna fuk kareena..even viagra is out of option 4 tht grandpa..i don understand how u can love him..if he stil can have sex wid u den its ur luck kareena..if he cant den don be suprised..he is newys gonna die in few years..

  • The reason y i sd tht saif is gonna die of old age even tho he is almost equal 2 ma dads age is due 2 his grandpa lyk old granddad has an healthier face den his..

  • kareena you were my favriout actros since i was 8 years old and today i am 12 1/2 and i was shahids fan since he started his first film
    today i would like to start by saying the day i found out about you and shahid i started to cry i new it was a bit childish but i couldnt help myself
    all i want to say is i really wish you come back to shahid but not after what you have done with saif if you know what i mean.
    but i wish the best of shahid and i am sorry kareena but the wordt for you and saif

  • kareena saif is a married man and has a kid like hw can u do this he is the age of my uncle

    and i cant belive u fell for it speshaly after salam namaste

  • hello and hi every one
    plz don’t abuse kareena is a good actress
    also saif is a good actor but idon’t think shahid
    and any way leave it all and don’t west your time shahid kareena and saif forget all and talk about your self

  • Kareena and saif both are same type of people so both deserve each other like they both like to take taste of so many and they can’t stay with only one and one day they both will also leave each other and will join some one else. Because it’s their personality that they like to sleep with so many people so can’t sleep with only one people for whole life. Great news for you shahid. Lucky guy that bitch like this is not more in your life. Please concentrate on your career.

  • kareena and saif are made for each other
    this is very very very very veryyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy
    beautiful pair in indian celebs pair
    best ov luck dude

  • seriously man i hate kareena ……….its really good that they broke up…..shez so very older than him……. i wish shahid might have dumped her……..he has got taste now………he’ll get n awesome one not that bitch……..pretty cool……..

  • who cares. these two are completely missmatched and an utter waste of time !! saif is sooo pretentious and fake when he is in front of kareena. and kareena seems like a gold digger.

  • hi every body

    i want tell about my feeling i think kareena and shahid is the best lover ever in all the world. i learn the love from them . when i saw the movies i feel love . iam so sad becouse they broke up . i fell the god made them 4 eche ather . i wish if shahid and kareena come back 2 gether . i cant see this bad look in shahid eyes. i love kareena she is a sweet girl and shahid is the super star

  • kareena really u look so cute with shahid its ur bad luck that u leave shahid If u marry saif it is worst thing u will do Saif and kareena horoscopes are not matched at all After marriage they will split I m small fan of KAREENA AND SHAHID I only want say whatever they are doing in thier personal life thier point of view should be right But personal astrology stars are not right for saif and kareena after marriage SAIF ur going good with kareena but after marriage it will not be carry on as ur stars are advising u

  • heey ,,
    its really sad that they broke up . . .
    they were such a sweet couple :(
    i hope shahid finds a new girlfriend because i like him a lot
    kareena is also beautiful but i dont think its good what she did
    saif is too old for her and he has two childrens !!!
    anyways i like the both, but its not okaay what kareena did with shahid hes such a nice actor and i like him a lot :):):) he is one of my favourites but i HOPE he will find a better girl

  • i feel so sorry 4 kareena kapoor! but you know what Ms kareena deserve this lesson becauese she hurt shahid kapoor heart if you hurt someone badly you will get that back like Kapreena have right now. Shahid is really such good guy and he is also young handsome fun friendly but selfish kareena hurt shahid only for money which is not good because everyone in this whole blood world can make money but their is no one can make people excpt God! One thing i will say to Saif Ali Khan is you give her good lesson thanks for that!!!!!!!!! that mean she will never plan to break anybody heart.

  • i agree with all of you people!!!i feeel very very sorry for shahid and i found him very sexy and cute. kareena was a lucky bitch that got to lay her hands on him. my brother wants to fuk her big tym!! i just love shahid i think me and him make a very gooood couple. better than kareena anyway. hate her soooooooo much cant tell you. i hope shahid conciders both sex. i have been told that i am very good in bed wana try me shahid?lol jokin my love is not that cheap. i love you truely madly… take me..

    farah: im shahids sister, we both love shahid lol. well shahid i can only say all the best cutee i will always love you… i think you make a really good couple with priyanka chopra. she is the best! loved her in fashion. love you both!!!

  • Shahid is sooooooo cute yaar
    I can’t believe kareena dumped him
    Dat girl must be brain washed or something
    Yeah saif brain washed her
    Shahid deserves better

  • shahid yarrr leave karina take annushka sharam yyaaa fir amrrita rao fit jaoori teri rab nay bana di jaori tu han kar yaa naa kar best of luck for your life,,,,…….

  • this idiot linked to saif who looks like her father.old bald ……flop.enjoying the money and name of his father and mother,,,,,,,,wheras shahid who was ans exact and accurate match to kareena she left him ……kareena should have been much more successful with shahid and would have been maintained a young girl image…….but she can still leave saif and get back to her love thats its never too late if someone realizez her/his mistake and gets back to right option………saif standing with kareena looks like a selfish sex hungry father is standing with his daughter………kareena looks like old anty with saif………kareena should immediately leave saif and get back o shahid if she dose’nt wants to end in disaster………..wake up kareena ….leave flop tashan and get to hit chup chup ke .

  • kareena go back to shahid please please u deserve him saif ko chod do please pelase he had two children kuch to socho

  • Nd,
    yar ap saiF sy mred krRhe hn kya..
    Dear ya ap acha nhe KrRHe..!!
    ShaHid bhot he acha insan hain wesy Yr apki mrzi hain..
    WeLl saif be nice insan hain..
    ND baBY AP kb merREd krrhe hn..:
    plz plzZzZzZ!rep ME??

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