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shahid kapoor

After Kareena made news with Saif Ali Khan and their new blooming love affiar, Shahid always kept him away from media. Contrary to what was imagined earlier, Shahid Kapoor gave an interview regarding his relationship and his films without any hesitation.

What’s your state of mind right now?
How should it be? I’m up and about and all geared for my next release, Jab We Met . I’ve just returned from Toronto where I was shooting for Aziz uncle’s film. We shot for 56 days out of the 60-day schedule. We’re all pooped. But it was fun.

A lot of things happened while you were away. People were speculating about a break-up between you and Kareena. Were you dreading coming back to India and facing the media?
No, in fact I was looking forward to getting back. It was a long stint in Toronto. It felt like I’d lived a lifetime there. I was missing home, family and home food, and couldn’t wait to actually get back here. Interacting with the media is fun, it usually is. So why should I shy away? Also, I know exactly what’s happening in my life. I’m aware of my personal relationships, and have nothing to fret, for I’m not answerable to all and sundry.”

People kept comparing you to Shah Rukh initially. Now your producers say you’re a perfectionist like Aamir Khan.
All this sounds nice, but it’s very unfair. I’m only three years old in this business. There is absolutely no comparison. I’m just a new rank comer and reaching where these stalwarts have reached is a far away dream.

But you are doing just one film at a time…
Yes, that’s the way I like it. Then you don’t have to switch in and out of different characters. You are in the flow. Also, the audience’s tastes change so quickly, that if you have too many schedules and don’t finish your film at one go, you may be a part of a movie the audiences aren’t interested in anymore, because their tastes just changed.

You don’t come across as a busy actor.
I have age on my side. I am 26 years old. I don’t have a wife and kids to support. I can take the risk and can afford to wait till a good script comes my way. I’d rather be idle than do mediocre films. Even three good scripts a year is tough to come by. Trust me!

At the tender age of 26, you have fame, name, money, girls…
I come from a middle class family, and have traveled by train, bus, rickshaws. I wasn’t born with a silver spoon. Today, I consider myself more fortunate than successful.

Funnily, you never claimed to be a star kid when you entered filmdom in spite of being the son of such fabulous actors.
My parents were always in films but at the same time out of it. They were never in the thick of showbiz. Also, there was a part of me that wanted to prove things to myself. I didn’t want to be pushed, I wanted to be chosen.

So didn’t you miss the grand launch most star sons enjoy?
Not at all. My first film did enough and more for me. I am a simple guy, usually content. I like to do my work quietly. I am the underdog, I’ve always been that.”

We heard dad Pankaj Kapoor visited you on the sets once. You got weak knees and requested him to leave.
Yes, it was a disaster. It was a very simple shot and I just couldn’t get it right. Dad surprised me and just plonked himself right in front of the monitor. I told him I was uncomfortable with him being around. He understood and waited for me in my van. We then lunched together.

But you are going to share screen-space with him soon. How will you manage?
You can’t fathom the nervousness. But there’s also excitement and at that time I will be mentally prepared. So it’ll all be ok, I believe.



  • :x hi shahid r u.i am a big fan of urs.i never watched tv but when u came in film industry i started watched tv and i only watch ur movies not of other actors.i really like u.kareena ne tumhare saath acha nahi kiya. :xlakien tum fikher na karo may be god ne tumhare liye koi aur select ki ho.but i tell u ur jodi suits with amrita rao not with kareena.plz reply me

  • hi Shaid ! You are so so so cuteeeeeeee, I really like you , i m a vy vy vy vy mad fan of yours….i really like you, your all movie i had seen. shahid in few month i am going abroad and my main tension is how i’ll watch your latest movie and news about you, sad…………shahid my all wishes is fullfilled bt my only one wish that is to meet you and talk to you is still unfilled so pls meet me sooon ,,,,,,, i really dont know that you will read my post or not bt still with the hope i am writing if you read it pls do reply……pls ,. i cant see you face to face bt i wud be really so lucky if u write me little………………………………….love you……………………………dying to see you,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,may god bless you…may god make your all dream come trueee……………………with love HEMA

  • plzz stop irritating shahid ,he is realy not interested in you people at all ok so stop wasting your time & his time toooooooo! and amrita is such a bahenjeeee.

  • gee…dont need to get nasty ..these girls are just his fans and im sure he would love to hear from all of us… Shaid you are really good actor and i wish you all the best for your career.

  • Hi……… Shaihd again me……….. h r u? shahid u r a good actor ….. u r very Cute……… iam Good 4 u…………………….. iam Nice & Cute …………. &… jahan tak kareena ki bat hain…..tuo Os ko Chor She is Bad Girl…..Bura mat maan…… Sorry …… But….UR movie …Kismat Conncetion is Very nice movie……….But u now why r look it me this movie….Q k os mai Vidya thi……..Es waja se byeeeeeeeeee…..0502645003…………… Ctc lazim karo iam wait ……..00971502645003

  • hi ! this is hema again ! now i am in australia and you know that due to my liking for you my husband is also started liking you, you won’t believe here he seen your movie jab we met and vivah 100 times on his laptop and daily he puts your movie on and i happens to see also then,,,,,and your kismat the connection is released and i am so sad that i cudnt see your that movie yet ! and best of luck for you future and my heart says that you will be a next amitabh bacchan ! god bless you ! hema

  • Can i just ask you one quesion and one question only.
    was kareena kapoor your cousin, bcoz if so, that is pretty sick dont you reckon, there is a word that come inot his situation…INCEST
    your movies are shit may i just say..Jab we ment…wth was that all about, i swear it has the same plot as all the other indian films released nowadays

    sory but all of that just had to be said.

    thanks safe..

  • Hi Shahid,

    My name is Reena and I live in Kolkata. I am an independent working women. I am passionate about my work and love nature, animals, music. I liked your acting in “Jab We Met”, “Kaminey”, “Kismat Connection”, “Chance pe Dance”, “Dil Bole Hadippa”. Your acting has been improved a lot within past 2-3 years. You are a very good dancer too. I hope if you work hard in this way and keep a balance between your profession and personal life, you will definitely achieve your dreams and that will give you happiness forever. I am a well wisher and I think of myself as a friend of yours…not a fan. Take care and be happy always.


  • hi shahid love you darling u r the most sexy boy in world I WANT YOU TO STAY WITH KAREENA KAPOOR

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