Saif admits his love for Kareena


At the Lakme India Fashion Week actor Saif Ali Khan admitted his love for Kareena Kapoor putting all speculations regarding them to an end. Saif’s admission came in the presence of Kareena who accompanied him to designer Manish Malhotra’s show.

Ever since the shooting of Yash Raj Film’s ‘Tashan’ Saif and Kareena were frequently being spotted together at pubs, resturants and many other public places. Both choose to keep mum for all the rumors and questions of media about their sudden intimacy. But finally due to the exuberant pressure from media, Saif chose to reveal his ‘feelings’ for Kareena at the Lakme Fashion Week show on wednesday.

Saif Ali Khan and Kareena Kapoor at Lakme Fashion Week

saif and kareena

Last year Kareena choose to walk the ramp with actor Shahid Kapoor to reaffirm their relationship at the same designer’s show during the Wills India Life Style Fashion Week. This time the seats have turned and Kareena Kapoor is now dating casanova Saif Ali Khan. How long will this Saif-Kareena relationship last? Only time can say.

This could affect the release of Imtiaz Ali’s comical love story ‘Jab We Met’ starring the ex-love pair Kareena and Shahid Kapoor. Even before their fans got to see the amazing chemistry of the couple on screen, their off-screen chemistry has completely gone on rocks.

Kareena and Shahid



  • I love u Shahid……… JAB WE MET u r looking dashing…… u yaar…..u r so cute…….acha hai kareena is not with u…….she is not for u…………..

  • hey kareena why u left shahid tht stipud guy saif what does he think so tall lik banana be bak to shahid tel him go on da road this fukin guy saif …………shahid is best for u ur wish i m telin shahid is da best for u luk yr filmz …..JAB WE MET… many filmz r nice of da best of shahid n kareena jus tel saif dnt cum between kareena n shahid my best actor n actress is ……I LUVED YR FRIENDSHIP…… best of luck have fun with kareena i m telin shahid nt u saif ali khan bastard hav fun with shahid kareena shahid can get any gal …..EVERY DOG HAS HIS DAY…..

  • hey kareena is a stupid,foolish,idiot girl she don’t deserve shahid she is very unlucky.she was just using shahid b’coz most girl like its saif’s turn she will soon dumped him after his matlab is over. saif u foolish can’t u see she looks like a bitch she is doing ‘jadoo toona on u’ u foolish. kareena saif bakwas shahid don’t worry u will get far better than her just take kareena photo go to bathroom and flush her out u will fell better ok my best wish 2 u

  • i m verry surprise about there relationship saif & kareena.i thing kareena is going to made.she cant understand she lossing a verry sweet and hounest boy(shahid kapoor).saif is a verry chet person he left his own two child 4 his x girlfriend.i m loughing on kareena.

  • It was certainly surprising to hear about Shaid-Kareena breakup. I mean he is a down to earth guy and both of them looked very much in love. They had been going out of about 4 years and had acted in many movies together. Even on Koffee with Karan, they expressed theri love for each other.

    And now we hear that she has fallen for Saif. Well I don’t know if thats a really good idea considering that Saif first divorced his wife of 13 years, then broke up with his Italian girlfriend of 2 years, had a brief stint with Bipasha Basu and now has Kareena by his side. It doesn’t seem to be a very stable person in relationships and only time will tell how Saif’s relationship with Kareena goes. I wish htem luck.

    I recently heard that Shahid is seeing Vidya Balan. I hope it works out for him.

  • Shahid doesn’t have to worry about anything he is handsome, successfull and i am 100% sure that he is gonna fine someone much better than kareena. kareena looks older than him anyways so its good that she found saif now they didn’t go farther i can tell how hard it has been to shid if it was unconditional love but shahid is the best he will find his match/ soul mate he will succeed more in his career trust me one day every girl would want shahid they even want him now so kareena ji should imagine how it will be later anyways i am sorry its their personal matter i shouldn’t be saying all these things that i said i appologize shahid, saif and kareena. they know what is best for them and they knoww aht they should do we r no one to interfere. i like them all.

  • Kareena,
    May beyou want to haveaexperienced guy.saif already experience with Amritawho was that much senior to saif.samemuch senior is saif than you,ANYHOW enjoy baby it’s your life

  • ooooooohhh….i really heared tht u n saif get married in wed thts really very gud even gr888!!!! coz i really hate tht fuck guy bloody shahid actually he doesnt loves u he only wanna fame from u…….congratzzzzz kareena u deservs tht romantic guy coz u deserves the gr8 i love u kareena …………….yuppyyyyyy……… love u alot bayboooo……….. but dont do like ur sis lolo ….. now spend ur whoe life happily wid tht handsame guy dear……….n wanna see u in new flims soon……….. bha byeeeee

  • hai very sorry to say mr saif u did wrong decision by jointing with karina.she had already engaged with shahid then why u eat that piece of loaf which already come from the other are man what are u doing.idiat.

  • you are stupid saif that u engaged with karina haave to spend life with your kids and good memories of amarta singh. bye.

  • Saif Khan.Mubarik .you are successful in this world you are get beautiful girl.Mrs Kareena .i know you are very beautiful Man.

  • Shahid and Kareena was one of the my best favourite couple. It’s very bad to see their broke up. I’m sorry Shahid.

    KAREENA you r fuck up and BITCH NO 1. Go to Hell. U did wrong joining with the stupid playboy dud like Saif who could never be with any girl for time being. Kari u better knows u r the 4th one. I don’t know he will make more than Kricket team by his ex-s.

    Shahid, Don’t be upset. God has made a very very beautiful girl far better than KARI. Don’t feel sorry leaving such a stupid bitch.

  • Saif is a born BASTARD….seriously , ,SON OF A BITCH , MOTHER FUCKING BASTARD,,,,to use girls like toys , , , HORNY SONOVABITCH, , , , , when ur old , , ,ul die of the worst possible cancer

  • go to hell jealous gys i think kareena better done when she let that child hes not even a gd actor hes always emmitatin sharu nd he looks lik her son i was fan of hrithik kareenas jodi but its ok its better wiz sm1 older nd u gys i advis u there is no girl who doesnt want money and if she says the opposite shes nthing mor than a good liar

  • hey shahid and kareena what are you doing, you were the sweetest couple i ever seen , c’on just be togather you look great with each other , shahid i know how you feel but have faith every thing will be good again , just make the picture clear for kareena and i am sure she will understand you …………….your well wisher ………………..kanish

  • shahid i m very sorry for u .kareena did nt deserve a honest lover like u .she looked like ur mom from the very first day.she used u as a ladder to fame .kareena is only after money and matrialistic things.proud lady.i hate her u dont b sad .i cant bear to see u so sad .i cud see that u were really depressed during the star dust and star screen awards.just chill up and forget that idiot kareena.u can find a better girl than her.

    saif took kareena away frm u .take revenge frm saif by flirting soha ali khan(saif”s sis) .

  • shahid i m vry sorry for u.kareena didnt deserve an honest lover like u.she looked like ur mom frm the vry first day.she used u as a ladder to fame.i hate tht proud lady.she is afer money and materialistic u dont be sad.I cant bear to see u so sad and depressed.u looked vry depressed on the star screen and star dust awards.a handsome man like u can get any girl.why dont u torcher saif by getting soha ali(saif’s sis)

  • I tHiNK ShE Make A miStakE ThaT LeAve Shaid he is so handsome .. and dashing.. and saif is that much handsome and cOOL so i ThiNk kareen broke up with shaid and make love with saif Cuz of his Money .. so they are HERo z nd Actress.. They Can do Anything>>>

  • I tHiNK ShE Make A miStakE ThaT LeAve Shaid he is so handsome .. and dashing.. and saif is not that much handsome and cOOL so i ThiNk kareen broke up with shaid and make love with saif Cuz of his Money .. so they are HERo z nd Actress.. They Can do Anything>>> HAM TO PEETAi HAi gHAM BOLanai kai Leya.. kai jee sakai tomai daik Sakai hahah lolzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz

  • Hey Shahid i am ur big fan and i really love u veeeeery much,it’s ok if Kareena left u,i dont like her she is not at all beautifull,and i really did’nt like when u and Kareena were together,u r soo sweet that she does’nt deserves u,not even any other girl,except ME,and plzzzzz dont fall in love with that stupid Amrita she is soooooo UGLY,Shahid i love u,i love u,i love u,i looooooove U,and wish u best of luck with ur coming films.

  • shahid u r much better without her imean now i hate her u will look perfect wid amrita rao shes made for u


  • well, there have been many rumors that Kareena had broken up with shahid. Well, no one knows what happened besides them. I think they have broken up, but it wasnt shahids fault, because ltwo days ago I saw stardust awards 2008, and when kareena received an award for Jab We Met, she thanked shahid. When she thanked him Shahid smiled. Oh well, whatever happened I think they will come back together soon.

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