Saif admits his love for Kareena


At the Lakme India Fashion Week actor Saif Ali Khan admitted his love for Kareena Kapoor putting all speculations regarding them to an end. Saif’s admission came in the presence of Kareena who accompanied him to designer Manish Malhotra’s show.

Ever since the shooting of Yash Raj Film’s ‘Tashan’ Saif and Kareena were frequently being spotted together at pubs, resturants and many other public places. Both choose to keep mum for all the rumors and questions of media about their sudden intimacy. But finally due to the exuberant pressure from media, Saif chose to reveal his ‘feelings’ for Kareena at the Lakme Fashion Week show on wednesday.

Saif Ali Khan and Kareena Kapoor at Lakme Fashion Week

saif and kareena

Last year Kareena choose to walk the ramp with actor Shahid Kapoor to reaffirm their relationship at the same designer’s show during the Wills India Life Style Fashion Week. This time the seats have turned and Kareena Kapoor is now dating casanova Saif Ali Khan. How long will this Saif-Kareena relationship last? Only time can say.

This could affect the release of Imtiaz Ali’s comical love story ‘Jab We Met’ starring the ex-love pair Kareena and Shahid Kapoor. Even before their fans got to see the amazing chemistry of the couple on screen, their off-screen chemistry has completely gone on rocks.

Kareena and Shahid



  • hey! its a gud thing tt kareena n shahid broke up! even b4 they admitted it 2 everyone n 2 the public, i alreadie knew tt shahid n kareena relationship wont last long. eventuallie, they wuld break up! they dun look gud 2gether! its better if they go out w someone else each cos shahid n kareena luk like siblings, w kareena older than shahid…. :))

  • yeah i m kinda glad tht they hve break up coz i guess kareenaz not able for shahid ….he should have some one else may be amrita roa…

  • It doesn’t matter if they break up cause every body has to move on in life, its not like Saif and Kareena will be dating each other all their lives, its gotta end one day or another. Like many other, I also feel sorry for Shahid, because Kareena and Shahid were the cutiest couple, through my eyes. I don’t pity him as much because it seems to as if he is cool with it.

  • these girls are so crazy they can’t stay with one guy they change boyfriends everyday lolzzzzzzzzzz very funny we call those girls bitch

  • here are three factors…..
    1) Kareena

    1)kareena is a “BIG WHORE”……she doesnt deserve shahid……………she deserves guys like saif only………..
    I remember on koffee wid karan…she told she would not like 2 work wid John……………ye to yahi baat ho gayi ki chhoti muh aur bardi baat…………kapoor khandaan me paida hone se apni aukad na bhoole …she must remember ki raj kapoor ka jamana chala apni heroines ko nangi karke movie chala tha…………..I think JOHN will not even fuck kareena if she comes 2 him wid open V******….and if u frends remember……..some 5 years ago…she had made a comment dat she would not pair up with salman………..but wht happened in “kyonki”……
    ..she is such a big liar,attitudeworthy,whore,bitch,slut………i think all these adjectives are very nominal to her………..carry on kareena……we want more adjectives dat v can add 2 ur name……

    2)Shahid–>is a gud guy…she deserver far better than kareena……oo kutia dekhne me uski aunt lagti thi……….shahid..if u hav fucked kareena…well done dude…just fuck those type of kapoors……………….and if u havnt fucked her….den also gud…bcoz she might be HIV positive.

    3)Saif—>saif,ur some movies are doind like khick khick ke chalna,dont think urself a mainstream khan(srk,salmaan and aamir)….ur movies gi bocoz yesh banner only and allah meharbaan o gadha pahalwaann wali baat hai tere sath……………………………………..u ggt kareena bitch and making public announcemennts dat u are in luv with her……………….but wht happened when roza dumped you……………so b patient…this bitch is noone’s………..and she will dump u very soon for some othr xyz……………so dont pride urself on being wid her 4 somtime…bcoz u r not Linadro caprio……………

    …ultimately i wana say……….shahaid is a winner………….kareena is a big big whore…she only deserves shakti kapoor……and saif is a very nonsense guy………priding himself……….are apni movies pe dhyan de sale …..kitni salo ke baad to gadi patri pe aakar dhuk-dhuk chal rahi hai..use bhi -ve acc. kyon dena chahta hai………

  • and if u get a chance shahid………….maa chod do bahinchod karisma kapoor ki bhi…sali koffee wid karan me kya kay bol rahi thi………..apne ghar ka pata nahi..(…divorced se shadi ki hai jo use marta bhi hai bahut)..aur chali thi bahidchod dusro ka ghar basane…………

  • i’m glad tat kareena left shahid coz i’m a great fan of hrithik &kareena.but dating saif is the worst thing she can do in her life.

  • Well, Abhishek was ditched by Karishma coz he did not do good in his career those days. Today he is doing well and got the most beautiful wife.
    Shahid too might come up in his later years and get some one much better.

    I think changing boyfriends n girlfriends is common in film industry. And then who knows what is the truth. Who cares.

  • hahaha…Akshay..good one!! sahi bola re…saali rand hai woh bebo bhais….usko life mein sirf 2 cheezein chahiye…….paisa aur variety of lund…. shahid ka lund pasand aa gaya… grabbed him before any girl cud even lay her eyes upon him….and then used him proper…bichara iss baby elephant ko kaise chodta hoga…i wonder.. btw kareena ki taange dekhi hai….LOL…. anways she flushed him out of her life like gaand se pocha hua toilet paper…purana maal u know… ..SO ABHI saif ka lund bhaa gaya…aur socha…iss lund ke paas toh paisa bhi hai….Wow!! …and ‘atleast’ more star power than me……so why not get fucked by him…thodi bahut big banner ki movies bhi mil jaye kya pata………..waise bhi shahid ka lund roz roz lekar bore ho gayi hoon….pheko isko..abhi new lund maangta hai mere ko re… AND saif will do just that…….fuck this bitch…and dump her……i cant wait…

  • hey shahid don’t worry if one girl iz gone than there iz many oder grulz my mommy and me think amrita roa would make a good grlfwend for you and antiwayz if kareena can get tat fukin ass hobo saif ali khan you can get another gurl k bye luv u sooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo much and kareena kapoor is a 2 face she a complete vegi wit u but wit saif ali khan non-veg fuck ass ugly grl

  • I think Kareena is a big whore, she dumped cutee shahid because of Saif who for me is a budhdha now, I guess shahid was in real love with Kareena he loved kareena more than himself, like he refused films in which amrita rao was starring just to make kareena happy, but this bebo did a childish behavior, which was expected from her like other Kapoor family girls, even karishma was a whore, who publically talked about her ex husband sanjay that he got married to a divorce wife who beats him thats such a cheap act, well shahid you should not go for these actresses, go for a girl who loves you from her heart, there are many ek nazar daal ke deko you will get a real love, which you need. You are such well mannered guy and i can see it from your behavior, right from that album of “aryan” ye hawa kehati hai kya ur innocentness really admires me a lot. Best of luck Shahid, u r too good u will get a better one like than Kareena, Kareena is a whore, who will get fucked up by saif one day and she will repent for sure. so shahid you should be happy now. Best of luck

  • ;) Nothing to worry actually. Its just normal, shahid and karina were into a hot and steamy sex relationship, which lost its charm after they got the fuck out of each other, so its ok to change partners now and give others a chance to lay hands over such a nice slut. She better change even more frequently to allow max access to her vulptuous body.

  • =(( hey i dontknow what should i say cizz i love shahid and kareena alot and i cant believe that kareena done that much stupid work but i atill love them and all wasy wish that the to come to gether once again ofter upcomming move ciz they to uderstand once again during the shooting wish god listen my wish and the come together once again so plzzzzz shahid dont choose that stupid amrita roa ok
    plzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz ciz u and kareena look super together plzzzzzzzzzz and i know saif leave kareena very soon ciz he is like this ok so best of luck bouth of u love u to by saraa :(( :(( :(( :x :x :x :x :x come together once again

  • hey i like shahid but y is everyone blaming kareena ….its shahids fault …hes total fida over vidiya balan and kareena found out so thy broke up in july and now announced whn kareena found saif…so it was shahid who dumped bebo

  • kareena is a slut. shes gonna regret wat she did. cuz shahid is the best. she will wont him back. wat does kareena think. saif wont cheat on him. if he can leave his wife and his kinds than he can cheat or dump her. even though saif is like fuckin hot but he got issues. :((. she really gonna regret. i hope saif dumps her or cheats on her. that slut. kareena is real prietty but she got no game!! :p

  • hey peeps
    i am a shahid lover n im sooooooooooooo HAPPY tat they broke up =)) n plus shahid deserves way more dan tat :x
    kareena is a total BITCH, noooo tats tooo nice, lets say shes a complete slute :)) shahid cud always get some1 better like Amrita Rao or ME…. :d :x nyways good luck 4 shahid n i hope he finds his gf (tat wud b ME) KAREENA LOOKS LIKE SHAHIDS MUM =))

  • There are no guarantees in life…. No one said good guys finish first either!!!!!!! As I see it, there is only one life to live and if your heart feels it wants/loves someone then that is just the way it is going to be.
    All of you idiots making judgement calls, I am 100% sure you are the worst hypocrits of all (like the saas from the saas-bahu serials).
    Wake up and smell the coffee morons!!!!!!!!!

    Enjoy your life. If you are gonna be stuck in a loveless relationship then you are not only stupid but should sink your head in a pot of water and drown yourself.

  • yesss they broke upp!!! i soo hate kareena shes soo ugly who on earth thinks shes pretty OMG look at her ugly face!!!? shahid maan ur so sweeet he deserves much better than kareena slut!! i hope shahid and ayesha goes together but i love saif tooo how can he like kareena!1 pliizz dont be blind like shahid!! and amrita omgg shes a slut like kareena and katrina kaif!!!!!!!!!!!

  • hi kareeena shahid am sorry for what happen toyou don’t worry there ar many girls so don’t worr shahid ihave idea how about amrita rao?she is so cute she is beautyful and intelegent and talent so plz amrita is agood girl wish u luck byeeeeeee

  • hi
    Kareena is a big WHORE i just hate her
    dont worry my jan shahid u will get much better then her woh kehte hian na life mai jo hota hia ache k liye hota hai
    n amrita rao is just porfect 4 u….u guyz made a really gud couple like in vivah movie plzzzz shahid perpose amrita rao plzzzzzzzzzzzz
    love u shahid…… :x :*

  • pooja
    i feel happy that kareena broke up with shahid.. shahid is such a sweet heart even after his break up he dia not speak bad about kareena. shahid i jus really love your attitude da, you respected ur love even after ur broke up. don worry man.. I am very big fan of u jus carry on with ur work u will find a real princess at right time but this time be slow to commit your self. u enjoy ur life with ur career,parents and so many fans who loves u so much :).


  • Shahid is out saif in what fucked up life these peepz in no emmotions yet fake it out for 4 years on shows in interviews and in public (lip locking) and for that low life saif alli can say he go impotent because he left his wife and kids for an italian who in return used him as anchor to get to bollywood and here he is out ready to mess few more young girls.If i ever hear either kareena or saif call there companionship love i will send my dog to bite there tongue .GET REAL IDIOTS STICK WITH ONE AND IF YOU CALL IT LOVE GO 4 IT . SAIF ASSHOLE LOOK AFTER YOUR WIFE AND KIDS AND GET A CONTROL ON YOUR D***K

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