Rowdy Rathore vs Dabangg – Which is your pick?

Rowdy Rathore is the first ‘Blockbuster’ of 2012 and is running successfully all over in it’s 4th week.┬áThe film is now being referred to as Akshay Kumar’s Dabangg!

Although the response to both films was similar, Rowdy Rathore is unlikely to go past the lifetime collections of Dabangg (140 crores). But that could well be due to competition from new releases every week – from films like Shanghai, Ferrari Ki Sawaari and Teri Meri Kahaani.

Ever since it’s release, we have received requests for a vote out between Rowdy Rathore and Dabangg. Both films belong to the same genre and both featured Sonakshi Sinha. Probably the only difference apart from the lead actor and director, would be the fact that Dabangg was an original script while Rowdy Rathore was a scene-to-scene remake.

Which film did you enjoy watching more? Rowdy Rathore or Dabangg? Vote now!

Rowdy Rathore or Dabangg?

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  • None

    Filmaking in bollywood has become a template consisting of a top hero, cheap action and comedy, item songs and special apperances!! The day masala films are put in the past and the audiance opens up to different kinds of cinema only then can you say bollywood is growing..for every 1 experimental though provoking piece of indian cinema we get more cliche and typical films yet audiances flock to see them…Perhaps its the audiance to blame for this, difficult to open everyones eyes..In the end its all a game of dollars and cents!!

  • Rowdy Rathore because akki apn action khudi kiya, whilst sallu used fake computer effect and double to perform his action.

  • Rowdy Rathore all the way… it a combination of perfect entertainment comedy+emotion+action+music..

  • kamaal karte ho yaar tum bhi.Jab hamari picture blockbusters bante hain toh aap log south remakes bolte ho aur jab straight film karke ALL TIME BLOCKBUSTER HIT banate hain toh ushe phir se south remake se chunn ne ko kehte ho.kya kamaal karte ho yaar !

  • Rowdy rathore had better appreciation, because despite no holiday it will come close to dabangg collection and beat dabangg is distributor share as more people watch its, and made more in single screens.

  • yes exactly i too mean the same boxoffice has already decided 2 years ago that Dabangg is AN ALL TIME BLOCKBUSTER HIT that too is an original script released in 1800 screens and comparatively 1000 screens less to rowdy rathore which is released in 2750 screens and is south remake of telugu to tamil to hindi version and is declared as a Blockbuster by the box how can u compare both the movies and tell us to pick one.

  • Arey bhaiya Ready film bhi non festive season mein hi release hui thi with least expectations and released in hardly 1700 screens and moreover was a comedy film though south remake like rowdy rathore but also credited as Blockbuster and its life time collections were 122 crore and collected 1 crore more than rathore which is 121 crores SO WHATS THE BIG DEAL.

  • one difference is Dabdangg’s biggest item song was muni picturised on malaika, whilst rowdy rathores biggest hit song was Chinta Chita picturised on akki,, hahaha kamal. Also Rowdy rathore did not have any recognizable cast, villain is unknown, heroine is a newcomer, comedian sidekick is unknown, item girls are unknown, whilst dabangg had vinod khanna (former Superstar of 70s), dimple kapadia (former female star), Sonu Sood, Om Puri (famous national award winning actor), Malaika arora, anupam kher, arbaaz khan, mahesh manjeker. So Akki wins.

  • “Rowdy Rathore eue to presence of comedy.:-D”

    Rowdy rathore had it all, romance, drama, comedy, emotion, everything you need in a typical 80s or 90s action masala.

  • Jo log Dabangg aur Rowdy rathore ko vote karna chahte ho,salman aur akshay ke fans ho woh log plz vote aur comment karein.Baaki ke raandi ke bacche sab hatto mardarchod saale.

  • Dabangg was a great and most enteraining movie.But rody rathor is rubbish and senseless movie directed by parbo deva

  • Indicine are you senseless.
    How you compere rowdy rathore to Dabangg.
    Rowdy rathore is a rubbish film like akki’s other films.Dabangg is great film you better know that.

  • Who the hell is saying that salman fans are illiterate and tapori.I am well educated person and still im proud to say that im salman fan.
    All the haters just go to hell.

  • Both are not good for bollywood nd for a cinema. .bt bcz rowday cm later so its more tapori nd nw wait for dabang 2 for more tapori film. .

  • Salman ruined the bollywood with tapori hits, nw after rowdy its clear that sallu is nthng bt tht masala cn make any bolywd movie hit. . Plz grow indian ppl nd salman nd nw discourge any ths time of movie

  • @parvez ka baap…..pehle to apna asli naam likh hij*e ki aulaad, sau l*nd ki paidaish, maa ke la*de aur agar ek baap ki aulaad hai to apna phone no. de!!

  • Dabangg is all time best action movie in history of bollywood.So everyone copying Dabangg whatever they southfilm actors or bollywood actors.

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