Rowdy Rathore vs Dabangg – Which is your pick?

Rowdy Rathore is the first ‘Blockbuster’ of 2012 and is running successfully all over in it’s 4th week. The film is now being referred to as Akshay Kumar’s Dabangg!

Although the response to both films was similar, Rowdy Rathore is unlikely to go past the lifetime collections of Dabangg (140 crores). But that could well be due to competition from new releases every week – from films like Shanghai, Ferrari Ki Sawaari and Teri Meri Kahaani.

Ever since it’s release, we have received requests for a vote out between Rowdy Rathore and Dabangg. Both films belong to the same genre and both featured Sonakshi Sinha. Probably the only difference apart from the lead actor and director, would be the fact that Dabangg was an original script while Rowdy Rathore was a scene-to-scene remake.

Which film did you enjoy watching more? Rowdy Rathore or Dabangg? Vote now!

Rowdy Rathore or Dabangg?

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  • Dabangg was not a cheap remake like Rowdy and didn;t have cheap dialogues like Rowdy……
    Dabangg’s song was also better…..and this was the only movie to start the trend of these type of movies……….

  • both are the most bakwaas movies of all time..

    dont know how indian audience love these kinda crap movies..

    now-a-days..ppl want cheap action scenes,below d belt comedy and an item song..or a scene in a bikini..

    both d story,atleast be original…

    you cannot feed d audience anything in d name of entertainment…

  • salman’s last good watchable movies was wanted..

    akshay’s last good watchable movie was….ummm, hav to think now..there r so many movies he has done in d last few years…
    it wud b namastey london…

    i wud like salman and akshay to act in an original script rather than these tamil/telegu craps..

  • I think dialogues of dabbang were more amusing to hear than rowdy rathore,I hesitate to spoke them out.

  • just imagine rowdy rathore in any festival time and open in national holiday like dabbang. Only rowdy rathoreeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee. Dabang was a good movie. But this much appreciation it never got

  • most pathetic movies i hav ever watched in life—-

    ready, bodyguard,, chandni chowk to china, rowdy rathore, singh is king, hello, yuvvraaj, karzzzz, blue, veer

    most awesome/inspiring movies of my life are—

    3 idoits, my name is khan, chak de india, rand de basanti, swades, taare zameen par, lagaan, ddlj, gadar,

  • These type of movies degrade bollywood cinema, these are for cheap people like hajjams, chaiwalas, taporis, mawalis, har**is!! Just look at the dialogues like chedi singh, hum tumme itne ched kardenge ki saas kaha se le aur…..WTF…Sadak chaap dialogues chi..

  • my bakwas movie tess mar khan ,ra one ,kambat ishq,blue ,bodyguard, my name is khan ,rascal ,action replay,

  • i consider aamir and shahrukh to be ACTORS(plz do not include tapories who just show off their pathetic muscle and bodies in every film)…aamir nd SRK are somewhat changing the face of indian cinema…
    Aamir by his great script and his awesome acting is showing the world his charisma…

    and shahrukh…never saw another actor who can touch your soul as he can do…. he really gets into the skin of his characters and bring them to life so effortlessly.., be it Rizwan Khan of My Name is Khan, or Aman fom Kal ho naa ho. He indeed is the best in bollywood…

  • my inspiring movies maximum aamir khan ,salman 90’s nd few today ,srk 90’s ,akshay never do forever movie except khiladi mohra hera feri msk

  • maria srk also show taporipan in josh ,om shanti om ,my name is khan ,rnbdj,ra one cant compare with amir

  • @indicine….what kind of comparison is this??? Both movies are worse!! Does it make any sense in watching these movies, cinema is not only masala entertainment, sense should also prevail too, for ex. Movies having character roles like Chak de india, taare zamin par, 3 idiots, my name is khan, swades, zindagi na milegi dobara, lagaan etc. Just cant compare these movies rowdy rathore and dabangg just because these are blockbusters in terms of box-office. These are just like cartoon films where throughout movie one hero beats 20 to 30 goons, there are some idiotic and senseless dialogues, one or two cheap masala songs and then all children at the end are very happy, common be realistic!!

  • masala entertainment is ok just one or two times but if it’s repeated consistently like what these sallu and akshay are doing, then in India these actors will have no problem but outside India they will be definitely considered as IDIOTS..

  • @bhaskar….u idiot, what taporipan was there in my name is khan and rab ne bana di jodi??? No masala songs were there, no cheap dialogues and no r*pe scenes!! Have u watched these movies or r u just bluffing!!

  • just sallu bhai dabangg is no.1. Everyone known sallu bhai 100% better than akshay.indicine please don’t compare akshay with sallu bhai. Sallu bhai is king of world

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