Rohit Shetty talks about his film with Shahrukh Khan

Soon after the release of Chennai Express, rumour mills have been abuzz with news of Shahrukh Khan working with Rohit Shetty once again. In Shetty’s own words, there were rumours of nine films including remake of ‘Angoor’, ‘Hum’ and ‘Chalti Ka Naam Gaadi’.

However, the ‘Singham Returns’ director has clarified that he has only signed one film with SRK.

“There are so many films I am doing, according to reports in the media. Some are saying that I am doing a remake of ‘Angoor’, some are saying it is ‘Hum’ and now you are saying it is ‘Chalti Ka Naam Gaadi’. And there is also a ‘Punjab Express’. So as per the reports, I am doing as many as nine films with Shahrukh”

Rohit also said that his next film with Shahrukh is currently in the pre-production stage and will go on floors next year.

“I’d like to put all rumours to rest and say that only Shah Rukh has confirmed for my next film. No one else has been roped in as of now. The pre-production for the film has already started and it will go on floors next year” Shetty told reports an event to promote his upcoming film ‘Singham Returns’ which releases next week.

Rohit also said that the film won’t release before 2016.

Rohit Shetty

Rohit Shetty



  • @Sahir : Sorry bro. Misunderstanding! By redefine, I meant to say that he has already defined and proved himself in past and with HNY, he will just strengthen his magic once again. May be, my selection of word was wrong, but my intention was the same as what I mentioned in this comment.

  • After Singham Returns, The graph of Rohit Shetty movies turns to all time low…& same happen with SRK…

  • babaji, you dont need to guess what is the genre of HNY… but we all know what’s the genre of ch akki’s next dog entertainment which is made for pleasing animals like you by non other than our anadi ch akki…

    niranand- that was expected from you as bhabhi fans are illiterates as well as bhikaris that’s why you havent seen a bank vault in your life and have only seen cheap washing machines thats why you werent able to understand poster of HNY while you easily understand bhabhi coming out of water and dancing to 7 seas faraway … indicine post this comment it has nothing offensive

  • @Babaji Ka Thullu, Are you going to watch Entertainment this week? I think you have won tickets as well. I will watch Entertainment this weekend and hopefully be watching Kick again after that. When it comes to comedy, I blindly trust in Akki.

    By the way, don’t you think this is the true story and plot of a certain film coming in Diwali? A gang of robbers enter a casino. However, they have to hide in a Big Washing Machine to avoid the bouncers and guards guarding the casino. They get stuck in the Washing Machine and are unable to come out of the Washing Machine at the right time. Therefore, they struggle to come out of it. From there, the story starts.

    If the reports are to be believed, it is also an unofficial adaptation of Nagarjuna’s Robbery and Lewis Milestone’s Ocean’s 11.


  • @nipun yes even i am missing the old vintage SRK but nothing to worry as FAN and RAEES will be performance oriented movie not typical masala.

  • @legend khan- aamir nd salman shud thnk srk as he left lagaan nd 3 idiots(for aamir) nd ek tha tiger nd wanted(for sallu)

    srk cared for his contemporaries bt sm actors like tingu alwayzz thnk him by saying kutta nd all bullshit things at least sallu declare srk king of bollywood nd srk announce sallu as a gud frend
    bt no 1 talks abt nangu tingu

  • I agree with Nipun. SRK has done so many great films in the past. While Chennai Express was an ATBB and a decent entertainer, I don’t think it was one of his best films like DDLJ, Baazigar, Darr etc.
    I have also got a feeling that Raees and Fan will be better than HNY, but HNY might collect more at the box office.

  • Again rohit!!well…OK…let’s see…after all our sweet heart srk can make everything look good….:-D

  • @sahir,well pk poster is awkward …but the fans of amir’s reaction is even more awkward…. Those boys who was saying on Twitter and FB that how the poster is great…blah..blah….that was funny or awkwardiI don’t know….how can a naked man photo seems to them great!!!….well…amir’s fans liked it that’s the fact….even he didn’t hide that part with transistor …that would be also great to them….

  • Oh yes.Waiting for this movie and hope that this time our king will give tribute to any Hollywood star so that overseas collections will be more bigger

  • @Anand you are wrong that our king and rohits combination worked once in a blue moon and will not work again coz our king did all action scenes under sun in chennai express and will do the same in this movie

  • SRK haters are getting nervous hahaha, when HN all break every record, they will hiding in a dark corner. Not able to show there faces anywhere, no comments will be seen on indicine hahaha.

  • Dnt want argue on hny hope it will do atleast 125+ becuz srk never cross this figure 8 diwali. Hope my prediction is 125-150.

  • @Eldho varghese don’t be such a DUMBASS, y didn’t yuh mention salman, most of his superhit and 100CR film were south… it would be better movie if Ravi tega has release it in hindi, bakar mah KICK title ka name khatab kardia sallu nah!!

  • @Anand
    I am skipping Entertainment,coz i have watched KICK n Hercules within a week and have to watch Singham Returns next week…also the trailer is ok but not good and it is’nt looking like a herapheri,welcome or garam masala kind of comedy..but still Akki is best in comedy…
    I have decided to watch Bang Bang on OCT 2 with indicine tickets….

    @weakrum Entertainment’s genre is comedy but i think HNY will also be a comedy…

  • It will carry a huge buzz whenever it release because of Srk-Rohit success with CE,lets see what they will bring. @Sahir hahaha a great example of the guy that Main karu to origional and dusre kare to copy. I think you never seen Ra1 official poster or latest HNY which resembles are simply very much insecure with Aamir.@Laila yes we Aamir fans love the poster not cz it was nude but because the movie raise the expectation even higher as if Aamir did this kind of move than not for just an ordinary film. He is not Srk who even promote his craps like Ra1 etc to fool audience and earn money. Aamir’s well promoted films were always worth a watch whether it was Ghajini,3i or home production Jaane tu, lagaan, or Delhi belly. Yes they can make A non controversial poster but we can’t assume this way until Pk arrives as this risk was worthy or not.

  • @Chickrum, I again say Pot is calling Kettle Black. While no robbers can sit so relaxed (without any urgency shown on their faces) in front of a bank vault after robbing the bank, they can be seen sitting so relaxed at the door of a big Washing Machine. The truth is that they seem to have just washed off their dirty bodies in the washing machine and afterwards, sat at the door turning the switch of the machine off. LOL! Hence, the film is rightly called The New Washing Machine. ROFL! But sachcha yi khazam nahin hote kuch logon ko.

    @Bhabi,Your sarkar gave an epic disaster in the form of one ‘Idiot’ in 90s. Now, imagine your sarkar in Aamir’s shoes in 3 Idiots. He would have given 3 Epic Diasaters within one film alone had he acted in 3 Idiots. Be honest!
    Imagine your sarkar in the shoes of Salman in Ek Tha Tiger and Wanted. If he had acted in those movies, the titles of the movies would have been ‘Ek Tha Orang Utan’ and ‘Rejected.’ ROFL! But I have never heard that your sarkar was even considered for Wanted. Aur rahi baat ek tha tiger ki, the makers of the film has officially denied such a ‘mann gadonn- cooked up’ rumor by pro-sarkar lobby group.

  • Srk-Rohit next sound like ( as sajid farhad said) Satte pe satta and veeram( tamil). But i dont think srk will make another remake of Amitabh bacchan or a tamil remake.

  • SALMAN KHAN : Most Helpful person in Bollywood
    But, Kyon kisi ko wafa ke badle wafa nahi milti…?

    When SRK had no home in Mumbai, he lived at Salman’s home even though Salman was a big star
    at that time with Maine Pyaar Kiya !
    (Confirmed by SRK himself in KBC)

    When Aamir Khan was in depression due to his divorce, Salman helped him to cope up with problems!
    (Confirmed by Aamir himself)

    When Hrithik / Arjun Kapoor were stepping into Bollywood, Salman helped them to get into shape by training under him for 2-3 years each!

    We all know about others.. even gave his vanity van to Katrina ..and the list is too long!!

    Massive Respect for SIR SALMAN BLOCKBUSTER KHAN “The Man with Golden Heart”

  • ddlj was a worst story may be good location or v.good songs were responsible for success of this third class romantic drama. we cant say it is love story cuz this is not love to romance with friends fiance it is cheap western culture. hum aapke hain kaun is most wathable movie of hindi cinema at tv. u can arrange voting for it.


    cry haters as much as you can because your crying period already begined,as 1ST 300CR+ MOVIE OF INDIA.DOMESTIC IS ON IT’S WAY TO RELEASE UN DEEWALI.

    @nipun- SRK hater,so what’s about FAN and RAEES,Aren’t they CLASSIC? please don’t try to degrade CE which is far higher much better content than rohit3 and upcoming crappiest bong bong.if you will watch bong bong instead if Haider(most critically acclaimed film) then you are a just a fellow ,after that please don’t give debate ever on CLASSIC films because non of a hr’s single starter film even got hit verdict till now and you’re calling hr as a classic actor?shame on hr and you,lol.

    @Goutam,still KING SRK’S LAST 10FILM’S DOMESTIC COLLECTION us higher than every actor’s last 10 movies.

    @anand bhojpuri,pity on you loser’s fan who couldn’t understand difference between VAULT and washing machine as expected from a bhojpuri.don’t cry and wait for INDIA’S 1ST 300CR+ DOMESTIC MOVIE HNY IN DEEWALI. there’s no way out .you locked for a massive slap on your face.

  • Aamir didn’t have guts or talent to do Darr. He could only play college boy then. A role he reprises even now!

  • eveyrbody who work with SRK once want again.Cheannai Express is lovely comedy movie and SRK and Rohit Shetty became good friends its normal Rohit to work with King Khan again…I’m sure next movie will create magic again..
    About HNY is copy remake movie….hahaha you SRK hatters are so pathetic…This is not Salman Khan to make remake ..pls…Its SRK if you dont know…So stop be so stuped and jealous and exept that true …if you cant :P

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