Rohit Shetty talks about his film with Shahrukh Khan

Soon after the release of Chennai Express, rumour mills have been abuzz with news of Shahrukh Khan working with Rohit Shetty once again. In Shetty’s own words, there were rumours of nine films including remake of ‘Angoor’, ‘Hum’ and ‘Chalti Ka Naam Gaadi’.

However, the ‘Singham Returns’ director has clarified that he has only signed one film with SRK.

“There are so many films I am doing, according to reports in the media. Some are saying that I am doing a remake of ‘Angoor’, some are saying it is ‘Hum’ and now you are saying it is ‘Chalti Ka Naam Gaadi’. And there is also a ‘Punjab Express’. So as per the reports, I am doing as many as nine films with Shahrukh”

Rohit also said that his next film with Shahrukh is currently in the pre-production stage and will go on floors next year.

“I’d like to put all rumours to rest and say that only Shah Rukh has confirmed for my next film. No one else has been roped in as of now. The pre-production for the film has already started and it will go on floors next year” Shetty told reports an event to promote his upcoming film ‘Singham Returns’ which releases next week.

Rohit also said that the film won’t release before 2016.

Rohit Shetty

Rohit Shetty



  • Ce was a below average to average content. Again a movie wid rohit! Missing the SRK of baazigar,darr,ddlg,k3g,devdas,veer zaara,khnh,mnik.

  • ce was huge hit because of honey singh and rajnikant
    similarly oso was bb because of shreyas talpade, mai hoon na was because of jayeed khan… ab khush..
    if salamir fans r to be believed then houseful 1 nd 2 were bb becoz of CHUNKEY PANDEY

  • Breaking NEWS,
    “HAPPY NEW YEAR” starring SRK is
    fully copy {Remake} film of Tamil
    superhit film “Robbery” by Nagarjuna

  • Rohit Shetty make anything but please make a good film like Golmaal or All The Best dont make us fool by giving shitt movies in the tag of Rohit Shetty Shtyle…

    You are brilliant in Action movies.I loved Singham & looking forward for Singham Returns.

    But incase of comedy…your humor is going Sajid & Farah Khan way in your last few films so please think about it.

    Unless you will get the same fate what Farah & Sajid Khan got.

  • Shahrukh should instead thank Aamir and Salman for not doing Darr and Baazigar, warna Maya Memsab ko hi khatam hojata :P

  • good to see srk rohit back again
    their next film will also be atbb like ce
    srk rocks
    waiting for hny trailor hope hny does 300cr

  • I just hope Singham Returns turns out to be a brilliant film even better than Singham . As for SRK – Rohit Shetty Combo it will be good but i just hope the genre of the movie should be different than CE . My honest opinion is that CE was a average movie let’s hope this time SRK and Rohit Shetty can deliver content .

  • An other masala entertainer.. Anyway best of luck but i wish SRK do movies like before bcz now he is just going after to beat salman and amir box office collections and has forget his real acting avatar..
    Salman and amir upcoming movies are very diffrnt and suprb but srk is just stuk there

  • So, sad, Rohit! It worked only once with the sarkar. It was once in blue moon. After a crap film of the thakur mentioned below, he will become a flop star. Some facts about his upcoming film called New Washing Machine,

    Teesmaar Khan’s Ocean’s 11 remake edited by Joker Kunder named Washing Machine (as shown in the poster, LOL) won’t be able to go past 160 Crores even if it is released in 10,000 Screens. The exhibitors do not have faith in the stardom of the sarkar of 3.7 Billions fans an-alien-planet-wide. So, I don’t think it will have that many screen space for a film of a fading star.

    Washing Machine is a story of a group of robbers that try to rob a casino. Know what? While the lead heroes do multiple robberies in Kick and Dhoom Series, the group of the spineless robbers get stuck in the washing machine. The story continues as they struggle to come out of the washing machine.

    Audiences have had enough of casino robberies like Players, Cash, Race 2 and some super stylish Dhoom series and Kick. The audiences will reject the washing machine outright after the first day of a good opening…

    Teesmaar Khan told me about the story of the Washing Machine like Anurag Kasyap told me Rotten Romance about his film with Sarkar of Paglapur with 3.7 Billion alien population

    Besides, hardly will anybody be watching a crap film after the story driven films like Marykom and Haider and a Hollywood level film like Bang Bang. Who will like to eat baasi tarkari (rotten veges) after the fresh ones?

  • Glad to hear that SRK and Rohit are all set to paired up again. This time I’m expecting something new from Rohit, something which should have substance like his earlier movies (i.e. Zameen). Anyway an SRK-Rohit combo always guarantees a huge entertainer along with decent numbers on B.O. not only in India but overseas as well.
    If we see at the line up of SRK in next couple of years, it looks promising and expectations are much high. Hope SRK will redefine his magic in upcoming years.

  • Copy CAT

    After ‘Dhoom 3?, Aamir’s ‘PK’ Poster Too An Inspired Work

    PK Poster Copied From Quim Barreiros’ Poster

    Aamir Khan’s upcoming drama ‘PK‘ recently released its first look posters. While the poster saw Aamir gone nude and holding nothing but a radio from the 70s, the poster created quite a stir due to the nudity quotient. If this was any less, now we found out that the poster is after all an ‘inspired’ work.
    A similar poster was released in 1973 by a Portuguese musician named Quim Barreiros to promote his album. In that poster, Quim is also standing nude withholding nothing but an musical instrument that covers his manhood.
    Well, this inspiration seems to be quite an exact one. Previously Aamir Khan’s ‘Dhoom 3‘ poster also had run into controversy after it showed striking similarity to the posters of ‘Dark Knight’.

  • The talking standee of Aamir Khan’s P.K. avtar, which depicts the actor nude, with a radio covering his modesty, had to be removed from the Gaiety-Galaxy theatres, after a group of women approached the police with a complaint on Monday.

    The group maintained that the “obscene image” should not be displayed in public. The theatre’s owner Manoj Desai confirmed this, saying, “A policeman told me that I need to remove the standee. I didn’t want the situation to get out of hand and obliged. I don’t understand why a star like Aamir resorted to such publicity.”

    This is the latest in the slew of complaints against Rajkumar Hirani’s upcoming film. “Such objections are bound to be raised. I noticed that most women turn their eyes away when faced with the poster,” said Desai.

    Too Much FUN Lolzzz

  • Rohit is allways copy film from south.this film also be a south copy or remake.He is just following the foot falls of priyadharshan, he was starting the trend of remaking south films in bollywood.

  • @khusi: that’s n’t a good idea. I want hr to work wid vikramaditya motwane, SLA again,anurag kashyap ,vikash vahl etc.

  • It would be great dhamaka at BO ,Content cannot be guaranteed……….
    @Xedon You commented about line up of stars…I agree with you that salman line up is great,but amir do no know his next project after PK….dont talk without confirm news…….and srk line up is great also Fan and raees following by rohit and Anurag…And anurag always come with a different idea..

  • @anand
    Washing machine…lol

    I still have doubts regarding genre of HNY,i think it will be a wannabe thriller but it will have good comedy also….

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