‘The Fault In Our Stars’ to be remade in Hindi

Hollywood blockbuster ‘The Fault In Our Stars’ will be remade in Hindi. Fox Star Studios, the banner behind the ‘Knight And Day’ remake ‘Bang Bang’, has decided to remake and release the film in Bollywood.

The ‘Fault In Our Stars’ is based on the best-selling book with the same title, written by John Green. It is the story of a 16- year-old cancer patient, who falls in love with an ex-basketball player, who is also a cancer survivor.

Confirming the news, Vijay Singh, CEO of Fox Star Studios said “Every once in a while comes a special film that goes on to define the emotions of a generation. The Fault In Our Stars resonates with the emotions of today’s youth and has found appeal across audience demographics. We are hugely excited to be adapting the film for Bollywood and can’t wait to get started!”

The makers are currently gearing up to adapt the script to suit the Hindi audience.

The lead stars and director for the Hindi remake haven’t been finalized yet.



  • Breaking NEWS,
    “HAPPY NEW YEAR” starring SRK is
    fully copy {Remake} film of Tamil
    superhit film “Robbery” by Nagarjuna

  • It is a very nice film i have heard…i wanted to watch this film but my friends forced me to watch crap Hercules!!!

  • Wow. .waiting for it! But if a film is being remade, then it shouldn’t look like a normal copy. I should look like a tribute.eg.agneepath(2012) was a tribute to bigb’s agneepath.similarly, sid anand has stated , “bang bang won’t be a remake only,it would be a tribute.it would look like the sequel of knight and day.”

  • Varun dhawan or ranbir should play male lead while aalia or shraddha should play female lead.wao!another blockbuster for youngistaan

  • Thank u indicine for this article.u hv made my day.200cr blockbuster coming.it should release in 2016 smer holidays as target audience will hv holiday

  • Sounds an interesting movie.

    Who will be the cast?

    I wonder how many will now complain now that we are copying hollywood, cuz we found a bunch of people out here complaining when a south indian movie is copied.

    Every film is copied or atleast inspired from some source, whether it is another film, book, experiences etc.,

    In earlier times mostly it was books that inspired movies, because movies were too less compared to books. However, now we have so many movies in different languages and countries that people are bound to be inspired from movies far more than books.

    The important thing is whether the film touches or atleast reaches its target audiences.

  • It’s really a good news i like these kind of remakes because in these movies the makers are interested in remaking their movies . For Ex. Most no. Of Priyadarshan’S movies like Hera Pheri, Shiva, Hungama, Garam Masala, Hulchul, Dhol etc are south remakes which have been originally made by Priyadarshan himself . AR Murgadoss directed Ghajini and Thupakki and he himself directed Ghajini and Holiday . So Fox Star Studios remaking their own movie is a great idea . Knight and Day was produced by Fox Star Studios and Bang Bang is also being produced by Fox Star studios so personally i don’t think that is a bad idea . The Fault in our Stars the title of the movie is brilliant . Waiting for the official announcement .

  • I always wanted this movie to be remade in Hindi..RK and Deepika, else Alia-Varun will perfectly suit for this awesome movie!!!!

  • @Saksham,

    you are wrong, Priyadarshan has not originally made all the movies in Malayalam which he made in Hindi.

  • Kick may emerge the highest grosser ever in single screens as the first week business was similar to Dhoom 3. Dhoom 3 grossed around 85 crore nett lifetime in single screens and Kick has grossed around 56 crore nett in the first week.The difference in the first week business between Dhoom 3 and Kick was all at the multiplexes with Dhoom 3 being around 15 crore better including an 8 crore nett plus leadin the national chains.Kick will finish in the 80-90 crore nett range atsingle screens and even if it does fall a couple of crore short of Dhoom 3, it has a larger ratiofrom single screens which means a lower all India average ticket price despite slightly higher multiplex average ticket price than Dhoom 3.

  • newcomers will be good for this movie. english version is good hope they make hindi version the best.

  • Good decision. Alia Bhatt out of current actresses would be perfect choice for the role of a teenage girl. Or maybe a new actress could also play it. Hero is also supposed to be young, they have plenty of choices from our “Youngistan”, wouldn’t mind a new actor either.

  • @rahul m nowdays hinduli films don’t hv unnecessary songs.holiday was an exception but in rest all films songs only added charm to the movie

  • I thinks, they will cast tussar kapoor or fardeen khan and tammana, vidya aunty. Sure shot biggest biggest blockbuster of century. Loll vikram and nipun, keep dreaming they never cast srk and jaadu.

  • amazing movie Fault in our stars.
    also looking forward in any case whether ‘ Dallas buyers club’ will be in hindi….

  • Salman should star in this film as he has still that innocent charm in him and will also allow him to show his acting skills in realistic films

  • Great..I think ranbir will be the first choice for male lead..n for the female lead which is a more important role…shraddha..

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