Records that Salman Khan chases with Ek Tha Tiger

With about a week to go – it’s finally time for the pre-release coverage of Ek Tha Tiger. Obviously, the film has a lot riding on it and the trade has humungous expectations from the Salman Khan – Katrina Kaif starrer.

Here’s why..

  • Ek Tha Tiger is the costliest film that Yashraj Films has ever produced. Insiders say, the film cost Rs 80 crores to produce and market.
  • It’s Salman’s first release in the last one year. The expectations are high, since Khan has delivered back-to-back blockbusters during EID (Dabangg in 2010 and Bodyguard in 2012).
  • ETT is produced by the biggest production house in the industry and features two of the biggest names in the business – Salman and Katrina.
  • And finally, Ek Tha Tiger has an extended weekend of 5 days. Plus it has the added benefit of a holiday on Monday.

So what are the records that Ek Tha Tiger chases next weekend?

  • First day : When Bodyguard absolutely smashed the 14.5 crore record of Dabangg, by more than 40%, not many expected any film to come close until Salman’s next holiday release. But Hrithik Roshan’s Agneepath broke the record by 5% to top the list.
  • Biggest day : Shahrukh Khan currently holds the record for the highest single-day collections, as Ra One on the second day of it’s release, notched up close to 23 crore nett (Hindi version only). Can ETT break both records on 15th August?
  • First Weekend (3 days) : Another record that SRK holds will be in the firing line during the holy festival of EID. Ra One also tops the list of the highest weekend, with 52.93 crores (Hindi only) in the first 3 days of it’s release.
  • First Sunday : Akshay Kumar’s last release Rowdy Rathore currently holds the top spot. But the film was able to break the record, as released on Friday. It’s ‘first Sunday’ was the 3rd day of release. Since Ek Tha Tiger is releasing on Wednesday and Sunday will be it’s 5th day, a lot will depend on content and word-of-mouth.
  • First Week (7 days) : This time it’ll be Salman competing with himself, as his last release Bodyguard created history by grossing Rs 100 crore in the first 7 days.
  • Second Weekend : Content will be the absolute king, if the film has to come close to the 34 crore record currently held by 3 Idiots. This is one record, where we seriously doubt ETT will come anywhere close.
  • Lifetime Collections : The biggest of the lot! Salman Khan recently said that it’s shameful that no film has come close to 3 Idiots in 3 years.  Even with multiplexes in every nook and corner of the country and rising ticket prices, no film has managed to cross the 150 crore barrier. Can Ek Tha Tiger do it? Well, a lot would depend on the content again. Presence of a major star, popular music, universal appeal and strong word-of-mouth are all very important if any film has to break into the 200 crore club.

So then, those are the 7 records that Ek Tha Tiger chases when it finally releases next weekend. We believe, the film is capable of smashing all of them – except the second weekend of 3 Idiots.

There’s more for the individuals involved too..

  • Salman Khan: It could be a hattrick of ‘blockbusters’ during EID for Salman and his 4th 100 crore grosser.
  • Katrina Kaif: She’s the most popular star in the industry, but none of her films (as a lead) feature in the 100 crore club.
  • Yashraj Films: Like Katrina, the biggest production house too doesn’t have a 100 crore film to it’s credit? They would want that to change. Wouldn’t they?

What do you think? Which records will Ek Tha Tiger break? Tell us in the comments section below.

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  • @ishaan: People’s reviews, not the box office will show what is a good film. Majority of people in india don’t like Salman Khan, because he is useless. He can’t ACT. And he is earning because the 40% of the public of india is crazy. It was a huge flop overseas with only 5 crore in the weekend. Forget about Ek Tha Tiger, The Dark Knight Rises was a much much bigger megahit only in INDIA. Yes, it actually was. Why? Because the rest 60% of the people love quality and majority of Hollywood films give that. Indian cinema(and much more than that, the 40% audience) really needs to mature.

  • ek tha tiger will break all th record because kat act super in the movie

    i was thing while seen movie who tiger kat or sal

    i got ans kat was

  • @ Anil If a person can wast his time in writing up such a big message then surely he doesn’t no what is entertainment!!!

    and talking about top 3 is your views yar, every one have there own…and for me its!!!

    1. Salman
    2. Salman
    3. one and only Salman…..:-) :-)

  • Indiacinema, i want to ask, wats about majirav mastani sanjay leela bansali next project wit salman? Nd lso abot suraj barjatyas next film wit salman. Plz giv updats abot dis films.

  • @Vimaan: You are surely one of the biggest fools of indian audience .Salman Khan ‘s films are useless. Dude you must seriously learn to accept the fact that entertainment has quality. And looking at the likes of fools like you who tell these crap films more entertaining than The Dark Knight Rises(my blood boils even at the comparison forget about more entertaining or better), i definitely know entertainment much better than you. You people are a shame to indian audience. Also you must definitly have no brains to support SK. Useless. The guy is loved only in North India. Rest of the world hates him, he has no popularity internationally. Seriously, when Indian Cinema is headed to innovation, this useless star and his puppet worshipers come and disturb the whole balance. Saw a pirated version of ETT, just to figure out if SK learnt some acting & i learnt that he is totally useless. I give it 1/5 & tell that he should learn some acting and Cannot be compared to other actors. In other words ETT is another shame to Indian Cinema as many in recent years except ZMND, Rockstar, Agneepath and of course the best Indian movie in recent years: 3 Idiots.

  • @Anil:-If u dont like SK movies then Dont comment here atleast…..No need to do any comment against SK…..Mind that

  • @Kevin: He is the one that needs commenting, not other actors, since he is the most overrated, overhyped actor in India. He is really useless. I don’t know why 40% of India(big sum) still likes him. Even in ETT, he was useless. He cannot act. If people comment on the latter statement, then they really are foolish.

  • Salmans film ett will break all the records of box office modern people watch the movies in which there is action romance and good story to my mind salman g is the only quality ful actor and master mind among some actors of bollywood inshallah i hope the upcoming films like Dabang2 and sherkhan will break all the new and old records of bollywood and can rock love u dear salman and wish u all the best for future may God bless u.

  • Wt a blockbustr movie it iz….salman nd kat luking awesum especialy in mashallah…jst jst a supr dupr hit it wuld b always..mashallah film it izzz…hope 2 gt see more blockbustr movies of salman nd kat togethr in d future………

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