Records that Salman Khan chases with Ek Tha Tiger

With about a week to go – it’s finally time for the pre-release coverage of Ek Tha Tiger. Obviously, the film has a lot riding on it and the trade has humungous expectations from the Salman Khan – Katrina Kaif starrer.

Here’s why..

  • Ek Tha Tiger is the costliest film that Yashraj Films has ever produced. Insiders say, the film cost Rs 80 crores to produce and market.
  • It’s Salman’s first release in the last one year. The expectations are high, since Khan has delivered back-to-back blockbusters during EID (Dabangg in 2010 and Bodyguard in 2012).
  • ETT is produced by the biggest production house in the industry and features two of the biggest names in the business – Salman and Katrina.
  • And finally, Ek Tha Tiger has an extended weekend of 5 days. Plus it has the added benefit of a holiday on Monday.

So what are the records that Ek Tha Tiger chases next weekend?

  • First day : When Bodyguard absolutely smashed the 14.5 crore record of Dabangg, by more than 40%, not many expected any film to come close until Salman’s next holiday release. But Hrithik Roshan’s Agneepath broke the record by 5% to top the list.
  • Biggest day : Shahrukh Khan currently holds the record for the highest single-day collections, as Ra One on the second day of it’s release, notched up close to 23 crore nett (Hindi version only). Can ETT break both records on 15th August?
  • First Weekend (3 days) : Another record that SRK holds will be in the firing line during the holy festival of EID. Ra One also tops the list of the highest weekend, with 52.93 crores (Hindi only) in the first 3 days of it’s release.
  • First Sunday : Akshay Kumar’s last release Rowdy Rathore currently holds the top spot. But the film was able to break the record, as released on Friday. It’s ‘first Sunday’ was the 3rd day of release. Since Ek Tha Tiger is releasing on Wednesday and Sunday will be it’s 5th day, a lot will depend on content and word-of-mouth.
  • First Week (7 days) : This time it’ll be Salman competing with himself, as his last release Bodyguard created history by grossing Rs 100 crore in the first 7 days.
  • Second Weekend : Content will be the absolute king, if the film has to come close to the 34 crore record currently held by 3 Idiots. This is one record, where we seriously doubt ETT will come anywhere close.
  • Lifetime Collections : The biggest of the lot! Salman Khan recently said that it’s shameful that no film has come close to 3 Idiots in 3 years.  Even with multiplexes in every nook and corner of the country and rising ticket prices, no film has managed to cross the 150 crore barrier. Can Ek Tha Tiger do it? Well, a lot would depend on the content again. Presence of a major star, popular music, universal appeal and strong word-of-mouth are all very important if any film has to break into the 200 crore club.

So then, those are the 7 records that Ek Tha Tiger chases when it finally releases next weekend. We believe, the film is capable of smashing all of them – except the second weekend of 3 Idiots.

There’s more for the individuals involved too..

  • Salman Khan: It could be a hattrick of ‘blockbusters’ during EID for Salman and his 4th 100 crore grosser.
  • Katrina Kaif: She’s the most popular star in the industry, but none of her films (as a lead) feature in the 100 crore club.
  • Yashraj Films: Like Katrina, the biggest production house too doesn’t have a 100 crore film to it’s credit? They would want that to change. Wouldn’t they?

What do you think? Which records will Ek Tha Tiger break? Tell us in the comments section below.

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  • @indicine word of mouth doesn’t2 effect salman khan movie….Guyz,,if salman movie depends on word of mouth or reviews then they not even be Hit..

  • @anil ppl dont test iq in theatres..thy want fun…and ppl lik u wil change ur opinion once ett realeases becoz content definetly wil be gud…cinema shd hav all human emotions and shd suit 2 indian nativity… of instead copyin hollywood movies….and abt salman actin he is givn gud performances lik terenaam and dabangg..critic given thump up for these movies…so before u comment check facts.. i knw ppl lik unable digest the fact tht salman is rulin box office now…

  • @Marz. To Marz: Agreed, that they want fun. So, you call 2-3 hrs. of expressionless antics fun? That is some serious movie judging. About your critics, almost 99% of Salman Khan fans hate SRK. But they don’t comment when critics such as Mr. Taran Adarsh give Bodyguard as well as Ra.One 4.5/5. But they give ‘good but not superhit’ films 3 or 3.5/5. Why then? Ra.One was a bad film all right. But even as a movie it was better than SK films. At a time when there is innovation in Bollywood, SK brings forth masala films & they become superhits. Tell me what fun is there in watching those love story/ masala films since time immemorial in bollywood? That too, there is no quality in them. Dude, why don,t you watch films like Rockstar, Agneepath, Zindagi Na…, etc. if you want to watch thin type of genre. At least, these films are good & will give you much more entertainment than SK’s shirt removing antics.

  • @Marz To Marz:- 1 more thing. SK’s performances prior to 2005 were much better than now. From Wanted all down to Bodyguard, are just overoverover…….hyped films. Tell me why not thumbs up for Veer? Or Yuvraaj?Why for Ra.One? They were at the time of Dabangg(maybe not Yuvraaj). I’ll tell you why. Veer & Yuvraaj were flops(bet even u didnt like them). I really can’t understand the change of taste of Indian people. They don’t want innovation, no new ideas, just the same typical Bollywood drama. P.S. My full name is Anil Pandey. But i prefer quality, not cheap entertainment.

  • A box office doesn’t prove that a movie is good. In my view TOP 3 ACTORS of bollywood are:
    1. Aamir Khan
    2. Hrithik Roshan
    3. Ranbir Kapoor
    The only actors that are worse than Salman Khan are(actually):
    Tusshaar Kapoor & Emraan Hashmi.
    Even entertainment has some quality Marz. Fine, food is a necessity unlike entertainment. But, will you like it if there is some cockroach in it whist you are eating. This is what is quality, which applies to entertainment too. Word of mouth or superhits etc. don’t guarantee it. So before people talk about superhits, they should learn to appreciate quality. I am not wasting my time writing this message for nothing. Almost every foreign critic praised Ra.One, not as a movie but for it’s sheer boldness and innovation, not for shirt removing(which you call entertainment) or copying South Indian films.

  • @anil

    Awesome comments…

    The same people who found, a man getting superpowers when a spider bites him, believable.. or a man getting into a virtual world (TRON) awesome..laughed at Ra.One, just because its an Indian movie. These Pseudo intellectuals spread the negative word of mouth. Ra.One was a far superior product than 99% of what bollywood churns out every friday(and better than salman khan recent idiotic films). Its a herd mentality and ‘Emperors new clothes’ syndrome among these so called intellectuals..

  • @anil it is ur problem if u find salman is expressionless…if he dont knw actin..he dont survive this much long in industry…even after 14 consecutive flops he bounced back…without help of big director or big inspires ppl lik me and many…evn if u see movies lik dil to pagal hai,kucu kuch hota hai now…it islik crap love stories hardly realistic in any way… is nothin new indian films becoz we seen robo of rajini sir…movie chalte chalte,veer zara quite and borin..fortunately after 2000 aamir,akashay and salman given bettr movies thn dumb king…

  • @ryan movie makin is diffrent frm copyin hollywood movies dude get life..dont compare craps wid hollywood movies…

  • anil@ .hw can u say dat salman muV r not good. . Then hw did his muVs earn? . . R u givin us order not 2 watch salman muV ? Lol. . Dats our audience choice. Either watchin or not. .

  • if u don like den don go 2 watch . .dats ur choice. . Audiences lovs salman muV bcoz. Of ful entertainement. .

  • @Emperor Khan:- Dude, just accept that Salman Khan cannot act. If he could, i would be happy as films wouldn’t be megahits for nothing. I am not jealous. If ETT is a good film, i would definitely watch it, & if it is a BB i would be happy if it is a good film. Can’t people differentiate between quality & nonsense?

  • Are you people dumb idiots. I already told you what actors i favour. I guarantee that even if one film of his is just a HIT then after that all will become flops. All your SK loyalty will be gone then. Trust me, that time is not far away. & iam not jealous of any damn actor. Tell me why should i be? They are not the world to me like you guys. Jealous indeed.

  • Haters/Anil… What is differences between “Salman’s And Shahrukh’s popularity”
    Look at bellow..
    srk copied Hollwood (, don2 etc) and Tollywood (billu barbar,ra 1 etc) But Hollywood and Tollywood are never copy his movies…why? because of quality.
    While Salman copied tollywood ,too(ready,bodygaurd etc) But Tollywood copied(Dabangg) him,too and Even first time Hollywood copied bollywood movie(Ek Tha Tiger)…Why? Because of quality.

  • All of you: I never said Ra.One was a good film. I just appreciated it for its innovation. And Hollywood never copied ETT(what nonsense). It is just a matter of opinion. Fine, Miss Pooja, i take it you are an SRK hater. How did Ra.One become superhit almost up to Dabangg(wikipedia) internationally? And there are dozens of good existing actors in bollywood. New actors are also coming up, but because of audience like you, they never get a chance. Tell me why is Ra.One rubbish more than SK films? Acc. to me you say that because you hate SRK. Eg of good new actors: Ayushmaan Khorana, he did very good acting in Vicky Donor, Arjun Kapoor: Dittoo in Ishaqzaade. In Ready, an antagonist runs from SK and in the process farts loudly. Is this comedy(on 2nd thoughts entertainment). If it is entertainment you are talking about why don’t you like Rowdy Rathore(much better than SK films). All because of your loyalty to SK not entertainment. If fresh actors get a chance, Bollywood will move and much ahead than this quicksand it is stuck in because of you people(any new innovation comes, you turn it down almost immediately)& by the way in terms of Quality Ra.One was nonsense, Box Office: a Blockbuster in case you hadn’t noticed. Acc. to me SRK, as an actor is much better than the shirt removing entertainer : Salman Khan

  • @anil ur gone mad…just 2 prove ur point ur talkin all irrelevant crap…go and check ur IQ first….get life dis time ue spendin here dont waste time here…everyone understd u dont hav any purpose othr thn point out one particular actor…..

  • @anil ur not jealous see ur words “Trust me, that time is not far away” these are words out of frutration and jealous…go and admit urself in hosipital..why are u hopin that salman career come down becoz ur dumb and arrogant srk fan….follow excellence sucess wil follow…go and tel ur screen idol…

  • anil@ em nt a srk hater. . Jus like u hate salman . . . S em a die hard fan of salman. . Hw cn u say salman muV r non sense. .? His ready bg r more lovd by ppl. . So they grossd more

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