Records that Salman Khan chases with Ek Tha Tiger

With about a week to go – it’s finally time for the pre-release coverage of Ek Tha Tiger. Obviously, the film has a lot riding on it and the trade has humungous expectations from the Salman Khan – Katrina Kaif starrer.

Here’s why..

  • Ek Tha Tiger is the costliest film that Yashraj Films has ever produced. Insiders say, the film cost Rs 80 crores to produce and market.
  • It’s Salman’s first release in the last one year. The expectations are high, since Khan has delivered back-to-back blockbusters during EID (Dabangg in 2010 and Bodyguard in 2012).
  • ETT is produced by the biggest production house in the industry and features two of the biggest names in the business – Salman and Katrina.
  • And finally, Ek Tha Tiger has an extended weekend of 5 days. Plus it has the added benefit of a holiday on Monday.

So what are the records that Ek Tha Tiger chases next weekend?

  • First day : When Bodyguard absolutely smashed the 14.5 crore record of Dabangg, by more than 40%, not many expected any film to come close until Salman’s next holiday release. But Hrithik Roshan’s Agneepath broke the record by 5% to top the list.
  • Biggest day : Shahrukh Khan currently holds the record for the highest single-day collections, as Ra One on the second day of it’s release, notched up close to 23 crore nett (Hindi version only). Can ETT break both records on 15th August?
  • First Weekend (3 days) : Another record that SRK holds will be in the firing line during the holy festival of EID. Ra One also tops the list of the highest weekend, with 52.93 crores (Hindi only) in the first 3 days of it’s release.
  • First Sunday : Akshay Kumar’s last release Rowdy Rathore currently holds the top spot. But the film was able to break the record, as released on Friday. It’s ‘first Sunday’ was the 3rd day of release. Since Ek Tha Tiger is releasing on Wednesday and Sunday will be it’s 5th day, a lot will depend on content and word-of-mouth.
  • First Week (7 days) : This time it’ll be Salman competing with himself, as his last release Bodyguard created history by grossing Rs 100 crore in the first 7 days.
  • Second Weekend : Content will be the absolute king, if the film has to come close to the 34 crore record currently held by 3 Idiots. This is one record, where we seriously doubt ETT will come anywhere close.
  • Lifetime Collections : The biggest of the lot! Salman Khan recently said that it’s shameful that no film has come close to 3 Idiots in 3 years.  Even with multiplexes in every nook and corner of the country and rising ticket prices, no film has managed to cross the 150 crore barrier. Can Ek Tha Tiger do it? Well, a lot would depend on the content again. Presence of a major star, popular music, universal appeal and strong word-of-mouth are all very important if any film has to break into the 200 crore club.

So then, those are the 7 records that Ek Tha Tiger chases when it finally releases next weekend. We believe, the film is capable of smashing all of them – except the second weekend of 3 Idiots.

There’s more for the individuals involved too..

  • Salman Khan: It could be a hattrick of ‘blockbusters’ during EID for Salman and his 4th 100 crore grosser.
  • Katrina Kaif: She’s the most popular star in the industry, but none of her films (as a lead) feature in the 100 crore club.
  • Yashraj Films: Like Katrina, the biggest production house too doesn’t have a 100 crore film to it’s credit? They would want that to change. Wouldn’t they?

What do you think? Which records will Ek Tha Tiger break? Tell us in the comments section below.

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  • Anil biggest joke of the decade as u said that [ And Hollywood never copied ETT( what nonsense )]
    Hollywood copies ETT/James bond copies Salman Khan..
    Its a fact, agree or not.


  • If ETT releases on 15th then the first day box office collection would’nt be brecked and if the movie releases than its obviour that all records will be broken

  • If ETT releases on 15th then the first day box office collection would’nt be broked and if the movie releases than its obvious that all records will be broken

  • I can bet that you are all getting frustrated at my attempt to bring down SK. I am not writing this for you but for the people who don’t know SK. You tell that SK is loved by people. But, the truth is majority of people in India hate SK(around 60%). Not on this site, but every other critic has given bodyguard thumbs down except Mr. Taran Adarsh. SK and his loyal terriers have created an entire new definition of entertainment since you people love films that are nonsense. I can guarantee that ETT can never break the record of 3 idiots. Because nonsense can never win over quality.

  • SUPERSTAR So you accepted his films are not good. His films are hit without a reason because 40% of the audience have changed the thing called entertainment. EMPEROR KHAN:
    FYI Hollywood James Bond films have released before ETT & the new one Skyfall has been in development for 3-4 years. Hollywood takes some time to make films, but they are QUALITY not nonsense. Were you people SK fans before Dabangg? The thing is you people just want the same type bollywood romance drama etc. A BLOCKBUSTER DOSENT PROVE THAT A MOVIE IS GOOD. The movies that have released recently like Rockstar, Agneepath are quality(acting, direction. Rockstar was a bit stretched). It is a shame they didn’t grab 1000 crores on 1st weekend. If crap films of SK can grab 200 crores being crap, those films definitely deserve 1000 crores on 1st week. After all, they are 1000 bar times better than recent(new not before 2005, where SK gave good films) SK films.

  • anil ki jali hui hai aur phati bhi ek tha tiger ke darr se pagal ho kar negetive publicity kar raha hai.
    and mind u we r loyal salman fans and were always there with him in the thick and yahan tumhare bhaunkne se kuch nahi hoga aur baki tumhari 15 aug ko tak jalo

  • @anil ur opnion is not ulitmate mind u..tell me hw and whre u find 60% percent indians hate salman…do you knw anythin abt film makin,actin and art…see i worked in north and south india as well…critcis and general ppl all over india knw salman is gud actor..but not great actor in league of dilip saab,aamir or kamal hassan…ur comments shows lot of frustration and jealous intent..and abt srk world knw that some factors are there why he lost stardom…due repetitive roles..not able to match standards set aamir.. one more unable compete wid young guns hritik or ranbir..see salman never did movies for awards neither aamir…so instead of ccryin at salman… check facts why srk is fadin

  • @anil abt srk world knw that some factors are there why he lost stardom…due repetitive roles..not able to match standards set aamir.. one more unable compete wid young guns hritik or ranbir..see salman never did movies for awards neither aamir…so instead of cryin at salman… check facts why srk is fadin

  • Let me tell you why i hate SK:

    Acting: Since Wanted, the guy is invincible. No one can beat him. Maybe that’s why people like him, because they are getting tired of heroes getting beaten up by villains. His face is blank like a robot most of the time, just speaking the lines(should have played as G.One) and only shows a frown occasionally when a girl is abducted etc.

    Action: No realistic touch at all. Either you make an action reality movie or a fantasy movie. In bodyguard, he kicks a goon 1 metre high, goon is flying in slow motion when SK hits another goon and 1st goon is still in slow motion flying when he hits on his stomach and brings him to the ground. Is this an action movie or Harry Potter.

    Apparently, he is invincible(also lives when a bullet hits his chest). Sorry, normal bodyguards aren’t invincible.

    Style: People say they are fond of his charisma. What is his charisma? Removing shirts? Or, when while dancing, moving his hands like a madman(song:just chill). That’s what he does, like it or not. They don’t provide a fraction of entertainment to me. Charisma, indeed.

    The worst part is THE GUY CAN’T ACT. If he could act, the other 2 were negligible. Whoever, i meet around me, i usually discuss about movies. All of them say SK films don’t have logic, provide crap in the name of entertainment. What fun is there in watching a movie which has no logic, hero in invincible, villains are just like puppets. It doesen’t provide the thrill of an action movie, and the nonsense makes it unbearable. Go check the ratings on popular sites like TOI, NDTV, or IMDB. Your precious audience’s majority has given thumbs down for him.

    Advice to SK: Learn :acting from an acting class & choose movies wisely

  • Ek tha tiger can never match up to 3 idiots, even if it does grab more than 200 crores. And if you people support SK over Aamir Khan, your taste for entertainment clearly reflects your intelligence. Want to know why his recent films do well. Because ganwaar people from villages who don’t know anything about SK watch his films thanks to some of you people.

  • I don’t fully agree with Anil, he is arrogant. I don’t think salman is at bottom, he is not that bad, but he definitely does’ent deserve to be in top 5. In my opinion, in terms of Acting, he is 8th or 9th. There are definitely people worse than him, but there are more, better than him. I agree he can’t act, he just speaks his dialogues without expressions. He is having his time, so ETT will be a superhit, because for some reason???? people just love him.

  • @anil watever ur tryin not goin effect anyone and becoz everyone wat want frm movie…..lot ppl and critics written off actors lik akshay,salman but still thr movie performin well….dont underestimate anyone…everythin is possible in ths world….one advice for u get life grow up

  • rowdy786: It is also possible that SK will be brought down and all his films will be flops. You people are already dumb fools to watch SK movies and are topping it by calling me arrogant. You don’t know anything about me, so shut up. Fools will remain fools and fools like you people are bringing down indian cinema by supporting nonsense. Also, i hate romantic films. And SK movies nowadays are just romantic. Don’t say anything about action because it is also just like his acting 0 quality. People with logic will complain about this movie, because they want sense, not nonsense.

  • The ‘MOST WANTED’ ‘DABANGG’ premire get ‘READY’ to break all the records of ‘BODYGUARD’ ‘3 IDIOTS’ ‘RA-ONE’ ‘AGNEEPATH’ ‘ROWDY RATHOR’. Ek tha tiger–Ek hai tiger— Ek rahega tiger–

  • @Ryan: Dude, just leave these people. They support rickshawwalla, chaiwala films. Just watched The Dark Knight Rises and seriously you people are a shame if you compare his crap films with that quality. ETT sucked sucks and will suck. Salman Khan is the worst actor.

  • I think it is high time to end the rule of these stupid tigers and bring in the lions of Bollywood: The guys who are a credit not a shame to indian films: Hrithik Roshan and Aamir Khan

  • beta anil emraan k bre me kuch na bol nhi to HUM TMME ITNI CHED KRENGE KI CNFUSE HO JAOGE CHO¤¤ KAHAN C AUR CHU¤¤¤ KAHAN C

  • I’m also a huge fan of salman khan but a true movie lover. Salman khan has given most blockbusters than any other actors but you can’t change the fact that he has given 49 flops which is a huge shame for a superstar like him.

  • ek tha tiger itni bakvas film h ki iss film ko dekhte dekhte mujhe nind aa rahi iss film ko na dekhe to aachha h…….. Ghasi pitti story…..

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