Rakesh Roshan slams makers of Raees

Last week, Rakesh Roshan announced that his upcoming production ‘Kaabil’ will release in theatres a day before it was previously scheduled. In a statement to the media, Roshan said his film will hit theatres at 6PM on 25th January.

About a week after the announcement and a day prior to the release of the ‘Raees’ theatrical trailer, reports emerged that Shah Rukh Khan had also decided to release his film on 25th January.

Reacting to this, Rakesh Roshan has slammed the makers of Raees saying “Whatever dates we are taking, they are following us. I would have never done the same”

Here’s what the senior Roshan had to say to DNA:

I didnít know about their date. My distributors said we should come out on January 25 from the evening shows. I didnít know the Raees team also planned to change their date.

Whatever dates we are taking, they are following us. I would have never done the same. I belong to an old school of filmmaking and I have given 50 years of my life to the industry. I would never release my film on a day when another filmmaker has already announced their film. I decided to remove Krrish 4 also from Christmas 2018 because I saw SRK’s film is coming that day. I could have easily released my film with Befikre or even with Dangal if I had to clash. But when I announced the film in February, I saw a clean window in January and hence I picked the date. I can’t get into this new groove of things because I don’t understand it.”

It’s a full fledged release on November 25 and not just paid previews. Now that the other film is following my release date, it’s up to my distributors to take a call – whether to release from 6 pm or right from the morning shows.

After a ugly box office clash between Ajay Devgn and Karan Johar during Diwali this year, we could be in for yet another dirty clash. However, while Ajay and Karan were never the best of friends, the relationship that the Roshans share with SRK goes back to the early 90s. In fact, Hrithik is very close to the main men at†Excel Entertainment too.

It’s a clash that should not have happened, but with both sides unwilling to move, two similar films are heading towards a major clash at the box office.



  • Yes, the clash shouldn’t have happened in the first place. It could have been avoided. But like Ajay Devgn once said, there is no warmth in the industry anymore. He was right. I remember SRK said he respects Rakesh Roshan very much but he didn’t change the release date. And there is Rohit Shetty who pre-poned Golmaal 4 out of respect to Rajnikanth. SRK should have pre-poned Raees 2 weeks earlier.

  • Rightly said !!
    While he tried to avoid the clash by releasing it an evening earlier, Excel and Red Chillies challenged it yet again in the most disrespectful way!
    I don’t understand why are they doing this?! Especially since someone like Farhan, who’s one of the best childhood friends of Hrithik, is involved too!!!
    Just goes to show how messed up people can get when it comes to business!

    There are some who would also say that Rakesh Roshan decided to clash despite Badshaaho was releasing on the same date. But it was never certain to release on the given date, given the delays it was facing. I’m sure if Badshaaho would have locked a 26th Jan release, Rakesh Roshan would’ve moved his date!!
    Apart from business, there’s something called as humanity and respect.

    Thoroughly disappointed with all the 3 Raees producers!!

  • Everyone is free to release his films whenever he wants.Rakesh roshan or kaabil team shouldn’t have problem for this.and most probably, releasing Raees on 25th Jan was a pre decided decision.that why they didn’t reveal the exact release date of film earlier.only ‘republic day’ was a scheduled date of the film.

  • Looks like Rakesh is gonna be the Ajay Devgan of this clash, always complaining to get some attention… What doesn’t he understand in this clash ? Raees could not be postponed again, it was Kaabil that needed to move. May the better film win, but as for now I would say that Raees trailer was 1000 times better than Kaabil…

  • Misleading headline. I would not call it ‘slamming’. He’s only speaking the truth, Kaabil was 1st announced for Jan 26th, then Raees announced same date after averting clash with Sultan. Now, Kaabil was preponed by a day and decided to come on Jan 25th, and again Raees makers also decided to prepone it by a day and release it on same day as Kaabil. It would annoy any filmmaker in a clash, the clash shouldn’t be happening at all to start with in a month like January.

  • He has every rights to say that. This is clearly shows the Insecure of Raees Makers..!!! The Raees trailer receiving a average to negative response except SRK performance whereas Kaabil trailer has received Fantastic response all over.

    This is pathetic decision by Raees makers to clash with Kaabil and it does not make sense them to clash on R day especially. Both the movies are going affect badly due to clash and Raees is going to doom at BO given the budget of the movie whereas Kaabil will be hit with low budget..

  • Srk posted a video on Instagram with released date 26th jan now raees makers r completely exposed
    Srk said we had decided early that raees coming on 25th jan but this video shows that this decision is taken after rakesh roshan announced their film on 25th jan
    Insecure souls Raees Makers … Not expected this dirty game from SRK .Shame!!!!

  • I am not a big fan of srk but in this case srk deserve to release raees on republic day specially it looks alot bigger film than Kabil canvas and scale wise every bigger film with khans deserve will festive release unless it’s made on smaller scale kabil looks a smaller film in this case

  • This shows the cheapness of Raees makers & proves that their only motive is to make money. I wish Kaabil surpasses Raees so that SRK in future never clashes with any other actor.

    ‘Sultaan ki release ka pata laga toh Raees ki release taal di. Hone deta release.’ Salman bhi khan hai issliye avert kar diya clash.
    Jan Kaabil release announce ho chuki thi toh kyu usi din release karne ki aag lag gayi saale mulle ko.

    Feeling bad for Mr. Roshan. Distributors of Kaabil should now release their film right from the morning shows on 25th January.
    Now even if Raees comes out to be a good movie, I won’t watch it for sure.

  • Before anyone says Kaabil decided to clash with Badshaho who announced their date 1st, makers of Badshaho (T-Series) themselves have confirmed that Rakesh Roshan discussed the date with them before announcing it, and both parties agreed that Badshaho wouldn’t be ready by January, so they postponed their film and Kaabil was announced to release on Jan 26th instead. Nothing like makers of Raees.

    Even, director of Kaabil- Sanjay Gupta, spoke the truth which made a lot of sense. But, I guess ego matters more than friendship for SRK and Farhan.

  • I m sure one movie is going to suffer or both .its going to be another dirty clash.whoever loses this battle it will be shameful to the entire cast n crew of that film.

  • Indicine –
    For my knowledge could you please tell whether date of Raees is finalised and is being decided by SRK or Excel.

  • SRK is a businessman without ethics.
    He doesnt care about friendship in his business..
    Such a egoistic person he is..
    He will stoop to such a low level i never thought.
    Disrespecting Rakesh ji who gave him Karan Arjun and Koyla.
    Hrithik, who is his friend for years.
    Hrithik who did ZNMD for excel.
    They (Farhan,SRK and ritesh) are betraying them.

  • SRK should not have done this. He’s pushing the Roshans too far. Even if he wins this clash, he will have destroyed relationships with his mentor, and with someone who considers him an idol.

  • Reaes team is getting famous for all the wrong reasons initially from postponing from eid n now following kaabil team intentionally.I don’t think its going to succeed at the box office given its huge budget and if it flops teesra khan to gyo.waise bhi srk k movies sirf YouTube par record karti hai par jab film release hoti hai tain tain fussss.

  • 25 or 26 jan..IT WAS THERE FOR CLASH RAKESH JI..





  • It is dirty tactics by RCE and Excel. I can understand the clash set on Jan 26th due to lack of good release dates but following FilmKraft and releasing a day before is not fair. Would like to see what SRK fans call this now ? They blamed AJ for playing dirty despite announcing the movie first on Diwali. Now SRK is even following step by step of Roshans !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Btw , Isn’t Rakesh Roshan the same guy who says, “I can’t move Kaabil to a later date because I am superstitious about my dates”.
    Then where was his superstition when he silently preponed his movie by a day?

    Rakesh Sir, no one is innocent in this world. At end of the day, it’s all about business.
    I have no shame in accepting that this fight was started by Raees makers as they shifted their movie to a date which was preoccupied by you, but please don’t act as though you are a saint.
    You have spend 50 odd years in industry (in your own words) so you are well aware how and when to play your cards.

  • SRK is front loaded star with following limited to first 3 days and beyond that he fails to sustain be it any movie in the last 10 years barring CE Ö. Raees will follow same and might lead Kaabil in the first 3 days but will lose in the long term

  • @hrithikian from Nepal,then why your poor roshans changed the date of naakabil from 26th to 25th after RAEES TRAILER CONFIRMED IT’S DATE.because they were fearing so much.so if they can change their film date according to their own interest then looking towards THE CLASH,KING KHAN too can shift.that’s completely fair.wbere you find so unfair,you poor fellow????,rofl.

    And what BROTHER @XZONE said contains TRUTH from words to words.why because when baadshao makers didn’t even decided to shift the release date of Baadshao,at that time your unethical superstitious roshan came and clashed with them.a and now you’re calling us unfair?????waah khud karoge toh Santh jo aur hum Karenge toh chor?????chal bhaag be.

    yeh kyun nahi Bolta ki RAEES TRAILER dekhne ke baad,tum logon ki phatti padi hain?,rofl.

    ALL FILMS OF KING KHAN from 2010 TO till now are HIT+ except FAN.but see your struggler papa’s boy,he has so many small success,still you’re making fun of US.needs to remind you KING KHAN thrashed your puny star during his strong period.remind this.but this time your roshan couldn’t face even akki,and you’re challenging US?,ROFL.

    but where is CE—-ATBB SRK IS BACK????,ROFL.

    @fuselight-another recordless movie,abey khud ki star ki toh aukat nahi Rahi ek record movie de sake.22 YEARS ALREADY BEEN PASSED,kab Dega bhai ATHG,kab Dega????,rofl.

    Abey roshan already run away from BADSHAH KHAN’S NEXT by shifting krrish4,rofl.so ab ro mat.tere bhai ko toh EID bheek mil Gaya hain Na?warna RAEES would have raped your lultan so badly,rofl.a and you want so bay to clash krish4 with US,becaue ON CHRISTMAS 2018,again all records will be broken just like how happened during EID 2013,HA HA HA HA.kyunki tum saale jaante ho ki tumhara aukatless bhai can’t give a single record even in peak period.so tumhara bhi phattu padi hain.pehle ees naakabil beta ko dekhte hain,phir tumhari jamkar kehke lenge,rofl.

    @rangil jhandu,abey harami then what about f…. kaabil makers,who changed the date from 26TH to 25th,are they also not confident about their product?,rofl.ab EID bheek toh tumhara bheekari bhabijaan’s ko mil Chuka Hain,toh bhonk mat,aur chal phut le yahan se,rofl.

  • Ohh really it was clean window when u booked the spot Takale? Badshao was scheduled to release on the same day prior to Kaabil. #Taklu haiwaan.
    Time and again I have said that raeees makers should either postpone or prepone but looking at ur rude behavior today i think I was wrong in saying so.

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