Rakesh Roshan slams makers of Raees

Last week, Rakesh Roshan announced that his upcoming production ‘Kaabil’ will release in theatres a day before it was previously scheduled. In a statement to the media, Roshan said his film will hit theatres at 6PM on 25th January.

About a week after the announcement and a day prior to the release of the ‘Raees’ theatrical trailer, reports emerged that Shah Rukh Khan had also decided to release his film on 25th January.

Reacting to this, Rakesh Roshan has slammed the makers of Raees saying “Whatever dates we are taking, they are following us. I would have never done the same”

Here’s what the senior Roshan had to say to DNA:

I didnít know about their date. My distributors said we should come out on January 25 from the evening shows. I didnít know the Raees team also planned to change their date.

Whatever dates we are taking, they are following us. I would have never done the same. I belong to an old school of filmmaking and I have given 50 years of my life to the industry. I would never release my film on a day when another filmmaker has already announced their film. I decided to remove Krrish 4 also from Christmas 2018 because I saw SRK’s film is coming that day. I could have easily released my film with Befikre or even with Dangal if I had to clash. But when I announced the film in February, I saw a clean window in January and hence I picked the date. I can’t get into this new groove of things because I don’t understand it.”

It’s a full fledged release on November 25 and not just paid previews. Now that the other film is following my release date, it’s up to my distributors to take a call – whether to release from 6 pm or right from the morning shows.

After a ugly box office clash between Ajay Devgn and Karan Johar during Diwali this year, we could be in for yet another dirty clash. However, while Ajay and Karan were never the best of friends, the relationship that the Roshans share with SRK goes back to the early 90s. In fact, Hrithik is very close to the main men at†Excel Entertainment too.

It’s a clash that should not have happened, but with both sides unwilling to move, two similar films are heading towards a major clash at the box office.



  • Stop crying uncle. Better accept that the Trailer has given you goosebumps and remember one thing,

    Yeh toh sirf Trailer tha, Picture abhi baaki hai mere dost :-)

  • #DON2 – SRK is BACK
    #RA1- SRK is BACK
    #JTHJ- SRK is BACK
    #Dilwale- SRK is BACK
    #FAN – SRK is BACk
    #Raees – SRK is BACK

  • rakesh sir dont worry
    if anything can bring smile on your face that would be raees trailer
    watch and compare with your porduct :D :D

  • Rakesh Finally understood that He Is In Big Mess Now He Can’t Even Change His Release Date And Kaabil Trailer Is Nowhere Near Kickass Raees Trailer..Now He Will Play Some Dirty Games But He Should Remember When Srk Is Good He’s Good But When Srk Is Bad He’s Even Better..
    #Rip Kaabil

  • He should release krish4 with alr-srk film on Christmas.. Tit for tat.thats how srk and his team will learn a lesson of fair game.

  • srk ran from eid now leaving no stone unturned to make raees big hit
    bt he forgot that in mean time he has given birth to so many haters

  • Now some SRKians like Xzone will come here nd say what about Baadshaho.
    For their kind info, Ajay was bg wid Shiavaay till Oct end ( as he was director , producer )
    After consulting with Bhusan kumar ( prod of Badhshaho ) , Rakesh Roshan announced it for Jan26.
    Even Bhusan kumar said it in Interview.
    Though Baadshaho was announced for Jan 26 there was news within industry it wont hit theatres on Jan because of Shivaay. New date of Baadshaho is May 12 but still its unconfirmed. Some are saying its postponed from may 12.

  • So called ethics man rakesh roshan now try to be taking sympathy why you are move from 26th jan where are yours ethics now ?? Earlier you said that it’s my superstition that i always stick my that but now you are playing game why are you involve Christmas 2018 date ?? Even you have not a script but you just want to be a nice man you try to showing that you giving a date to other which was not your shame on you

  • Iss umar mein jyada ghussa shehad k liye achha nahi hota saheb..just chill SRK has said nothing against kaabil n its makers !
    Seriously you ruined your son’s career.

  • This clash can severely dent the relationship between Rakesh Roshan, SRK, Hrithik Roshan and Farhan Akhtar . Hrithik and Farhan have been childhood friends . SRK and Rakesh Sir and Srk also share a great understanding with each other . Both Hrithik and SRK are coming after giving failures so the success of Kaabil and Raees means a lot to both of them . Raees is produced by SRK and Excel Entertainment so they will do everything to succeed at the Box Office . On the other hand Kaabil was announced first on 26th Jan 2017 and coming from behind we will see a clash between Kaabil and Raees . The idea to prepone to 25th looks great but this gives the feeling of cut throat competition . This clash can be ugly like SOS – JTHJ and ADHM – Shivaay . The clash between BB – Haider and MD – Rustom were absolutely fine . Hrithik and SRK also have been the best of friends since a long time and this can malign their bonding . All said and done this will be Hrithik’s 3rd consecutive clash and this film means a lot to him as he is working with his father and playing the character of Rohan who is blind makes it even more challenging and difficult . Peace !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Rakesh sir agree with you!!!! raees makers should respect the legend!!!!!! they should release the movie on 26 not 25 evening

  • This clearly shows how uncertain Raees makers are at this moment.
    But KAABIL will emerge victorious for sure now.

  • A video released an hour ago on SRK’s official Instagram page says the release date of #Raees is 26 January
    Source : Indicine ( Twitter )
    Height of Insecurity
    Dear SRK u lost all my respect from today onwards.
    God bless u

  • When Rohan shifts his release date half day back then it is a bold move.
    When SRK shifts his movie by 1 day then it is cheating. How?

    Rakesh Roshan is behaving like 2 year old kid who is crying for no reason.
    Rohan is same as Ajay Devgan and he will meet the same fate on 25th January.
    Raees bhai haazir hair!! Koi bhi itna KAABIL nhi ki Raees bhai ko rok sake..

  • Every1 go nd check SRK’s Insta Account. Their is short video of Raees teaser which says Its coming on Jan 26

  • Raess looks like poor man’s Rowdy Rathore…

    Getting a gut feeling movies is going to bomb at bo without any trace…

    It seems kaabil will be having an upper hand for sure…

    SRK when we can expect a movie from u like mommy returns…

  • i never take srk a cheap but now i realize he is just like any cheap that i know but one thing for sure is winner take all

  • Raess looks like poor man’s Rowdy Rathore…

    Going to bomb at boxoffice without any trace….

    After this trailer it seems Kaabil is having upper hand…

    SRK when we can expect a movie like mommy returns from u….

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