Raja Natwarlal Friday (Day 1) Collections

Raja NatwarlalRaja Natwarlal has collected around Rs 5.5 – 6 crore on its opening day at the box office. The film has fared poorly in the North and was below par even in the South-east where it was a holiday for Ganesha Chaturthi.

The reports are mixed, so it remains to be seen if Raja Natwarlal can pick up today (Saturday). Business in North India would have to grow significantly on Saturday and Sunday if the film has to have any chance of recovering costs. Friday was a holiday in Maharashtra and Gujarat and these two states performed better than the rest, so Saturday business is likely to be lower than Friday.

A lot more was expected out of a film like Raja Natwarlal. Unfortunately, the poor response to the music has resulted in the film under-performing on Day 1.

Update 12:02PM: Official figure for Day 1 is Rs 6.11 crore



  • avg collection, weekend will be 18-19 cr max. and lifetime less than 45 cr as won is mixed, still there is hope that movie trend better for good lifetime.

    @arjun I had scene The villain, and I found that film is unnecessary overhyped, it was an average film which appealing due to its music and Ritesh performance. Performance of Did was avg to me as he tried hard but not able to justify the role, shridha which was superb in Aashiqui was irritating with her role Ek joke sunao. Aamna Sharif was better than Sid-shridha while Ritesh was outstanding. He was able to touched with his performance. overall 2.5/5.I never reviewed ek villain here but because you asked so that my review.Holiday was much better film which has more thrilling plot.Haven’t seen 2 states yet.

    @sss the complan title suit you, why?
    I will tell you, as per your list which you updated in response to comment of @arjun, so kiddo just check the list again which shows Aamir had 15 hit while you said he has just 15 hits, Mr copy paste at least go through what non sense you writing. And if we include Talassh which is a hit than it become 16 , and 15 of 37 is equals to 40% but you wrote Aamir had 47% flop.Lol where you studied, I Will try that no kid gone there for study.

    And for Aamir he won’t retire soon and continue to entertain us unlike some self proclaimed king who needs to visit shouchalaya as its the only place where no one can catch him.

  • @indicine hw much does fanny need to collect for becoming a blockbuster?I think 110cr will b more than enough.kindly reply

  • @nipun veera aka aalia didn’t want to return to her house bcz she was sexually abused since her childhood by her uncle.she had shared this trauma wid her mother but shockingly she told her to keep ir a secret as it will defame their family.so veera felt much more safe and happy wid the kidnappers in countryside than wid her relatives in her own house

  • @raja natwarlal I don’t hv time to celebrate failures or success of others.I m too busy wid my fav stars.I really hope bang bang,pk,hny,bv,tevar and fanny become huge blockbusters and it touches billions of hearts

  • @arjun: no need to tell me about the story here. I understood the story. But i feel they could have shown the movie in a better way. Highway is nice,but could have been better. What’s wrong in giving 3 stars?

  • Thank goodness this movie is out………………..i was going crazy with some fool braying ‘Waiting for Raja Natwarlal’ in every article………………i can rest now lol

  • (Still) Waiting for Raja Natwarlal! The most popular sentence on Indicine. LOL! Anyway, all the best!

    @Queenshuk, he has also sold Kick’s fake tickets to fans. Fans’ ki Sharp Lag Gaya Hoga!
    But can u plz explain,

    Tell Me O Khuda Music Premier Attended by________
    Sunny Leone’s Jackpot________
    Lekar Him Dewaana Dil________
    Mad About Dance___________
    The films have flopped when in any of those film’s events was attended by manoosrukh to show his manoos face…

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