Raja Natwarlal Friday (Day 1) Collections

Raja NatwarlalRaja Natwarlal has collected around Rs 5.5 – 6 crore on its opening day at the box office. The film has fared poorly in the North and was below par even in the South-east where it was a holiday for Ganesha Chaturthi.

The reports are mixed, so it remains to be seen if Raja Natwarlal can pick up today (Saturday). Business in North India would have to grow significantly on Saturday and Sunday if the film has to have any chance of recovering costs. Friday was a holiday in Maharashtra and Gujarat and these two states performed better than the rest, so Saturday business is likely to be lower than Friday.

A lot more was expected out of a film like Raja Natwarlal. Unfortunately, the poor response to the music has resulted in the film under-performing on Day 1.

Update 12:02PM: Official figure for Day 1 is Rs 6.11 crore



  • So my prediction was bang on…i predicted 6-6.5crs yesterday…and it is 6.11crs!!!

    RN could have got a 9-10crs start had there been good music n promotions…

  • ohh poor emran.
    hope the movie picks up.
    anyways he has a strong lineup.. in sha Allah wil deliever a sureshot hit

  • Poor

    The irritating Noise of Raja Natwarlal in every article is over.

    Disaster all the way. Enjoy Sajid

  • Under performance of emraan hashmi films from past 1 year made me loose my faith in bollywood. Such a brilliant ,talented actor with amazing dialog delivery. Bad to see is actors who are nowhere compared to him as far as acting skills are doing well than him. I am eager to see his international flick tiger in toronto film festival.

  • Bollywood does not deserve irfan khan, nawazuddin sidique,emraan hashmi,etc. Bollywood wont expand on intellectual basis .

  • Bollywood does not deserve irfan khan, nawazuddin sidique,emraan hashmi,etc. Bollywood wont expand on intellectual basis . Rom-coms wont do any good to hindi films.

  • hasmi is not fit for lead role.he is unable to break his serial kisser image.though he is a good actor he will be super flop as a star except the kissing star.

  • Hope raja natwarlal does good!

    Finally watched Highway! What a superb performance by Alia! How did she do it? I never expected her to deliver a performance which is this good!best performance by her so far. Randeep hooda and the guy playing her partner role were nice too. Others were decent.
    Some movies are flawed,but they offer a lot of things. Highway comes in those catagories. It looks odd sometimes. Alia said that she is n’t able to understand what’s happening to her or Why she don’t want to go back to her home. That theme could have been showed in a better manner.
    There were some moments where i smiled, also sometimes got emotional. The cinematography was awesome. Screenplay could have been better. Songs and background scores are perfect who were creating mood for watching the movie. A generous 3 stars for the movie!

  • Movie is good and entertaining…people will love it and i hope that collection will be too good as per movie quality…
    all the best Emmi

  • People pay 50 rs at single screens and enjoy each n every moment of raja natwarlal. Multiplex audience are forced to watch yawning boring films at 200 – 300 rs. Emraan hashmi rox. Proud emraanian till my last breath. I dont care of the world.

  • @nipun I request u bro wid my folded hands to stop give ratings bcz u r making mockery of ratings by first praising a film a lot and then just giving 3 stars.highway also 3!u gave mardaani,villain,humpty,2 states,jthj,htp etc all 3 stars despite so much praise. U praised sr so much yet gv just 2.5 stars.next u will praise mary,fanny,pk,hny,baby etc but still gv them 3 stara!stop insulting cinema bro.stop it

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