Raees Trailer Date officially announced

Ritesh Sidhwani has officially announced the release date of the theatrical trailer of Shah Rukh Khan’s next film ‘Raees’. The trailer will be out on December 7 i.e 11 days from now.

The makers have planned a unique marketing strategy which SRK spoke about a few days ago. The trailer will be streamed on 3,500 screens across India. SRK and the Excel team have chosen nine cities (Delhi, Mumbai, Ahmedabad, Indore, Kolkata, Bangalore, Hyderabad, Jaipur and Moga) to launch the trailer, with Shah Rukh himself reaching out to the audience through via video conference.

ANI quoted a source as saying “It’s a film which is different from the content that either Excel or SRK are known for. The attempt seems to take this content to a wider range of audience”

“We wanted to reach out and engage with a pan-India audience, rather than confining it to just a single city. We are really excited to interact with thousands of people across cities, big and small, simultaneously by having a live chat with audiences in cinemas” the source added.

Ritesh, who has been trolled and abused for postponing and delaying ‘Raees’, tweeted “Raees Trailer Aa Raha Hai 07 December hope this ends all speculation & I can get some pyaar instead of gaalis… love”

‘Raees’ is Excel Entertainment’s most ‘mass-friendly’ film. It’s also Shah Rukh Khan’s first release of 2017 and a film that should bring back his audience at smaller towns to the theatres. The problem, however, lies in the fact that ‘Raees’ is scheduled to release on the same day as Hrithik Roshan’s ‘Kaabil’.

The teaser of the film was released during Eid last year.



  • Most awaited film of my life. From how much i know Rahul Dholakia, i am pretty sure, this will be the best acting SRK has done in his life

    P.S Trailer after, 11 days- damn, i have 11 math and 5 chemistry classes in 11 days ..waqt kaise katega???

  • Abhi bhi mauka hai kaabil ko ek week shift karlo !! Dono movies ko fayda milega !! Hrithik should understand this raees is much bigger film and srk is much bigger star !! He should compromise a little ..

  • The Faith that class audience had lost from SRK, has raised it once again by FAN & DZ. Wait! Its impact will be on Raees.

  • very surprised to see buzz for #Raees If a Film of any other star was this delayed it wud have gone into Shredder

  • Waiting for it. Trailer is going to be very crucial for this clash because Kaabil’s trailer was also very good.

  • “It’s a film which is different from the content that eitherExcel or SRK are known for. The attempt seems to take this content to a wider range of audience”

    hmmm..some call it commercial, mass entertainer, from how much i know about film and director- i don’t think it will be much commercial

  • People will enter in theater to watch SRK’s cute Charm and will come out praising his Badass Gangster Attitude.

  • Seriously…y clash on 26th jun. I can understand diwali,eid,cristmas or even post ipl(which sort of seems like a nice strategy as the good film will go on to do good buisness.) mass friendly film…the heck will that do when maximum collection possible is 120 crore best case scenario.

  • Wow.. wow.. wow.. can’t sleep.. dogs will start barking now on indicine.. how many of them will close there mouths after 26th Jan.. lock ur dates friends.. countdown begins for much awaited SRK movie.. better mind it.. 11 days to go for trailer..

  • SRK has spend 2 years on RAEES hope the movie is good no doubt his performance is excellent bcoz the character of villian like suits SRK more than other he completely goes into it seriously…

  • Btw watched Dear Zindagi yesterday and I must say it’s a piece of trash.
    Barring those 30-35 minutes of screen presence of SRK, there is nothing much to cheer about.
    At times it makes you feel like you are attending motivational classes lest watching a Bollywood movie.
    How come Gouri Shinde commit such a blunder after directing a masterpiece like English Winglish?

    According to few people, it’s meant for multiplex audiences.
    Nope, it’s for no one. Even multiplex audience want entertainment if they spend their hard earned money on a movie, but this movie has nothing except some Shiv Kheda type of lectures.

    The one and only attraction of the entire movie is SRK. But unfortunately, there is nothing much for him to do with an already fuck-all script.
    His entire screen presence has been wasted and underutilized.

  • Teaser was Dhamaka..pure Dhamaka. I still read Raees teaser YT comments. Dont think any btown teaser created that kind of buzz for film. each scene was so perfectly put and that BGM??? Specially bgm btw, 0:9 to 0:14

  • Leaving a bad year behind (2016) , now all eyes on Raees.
    Excited like hell to watch Miyan Bhai on big screen.
    There can not be a better start of 2017 than this!!!!!

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