Ra One Weekend Box office Collections

Ra One has broken all records for it’s opening weekend with a record Rs 85.5 crores (BOI figures) at the box-office. This includes the hindi version and the regional (Tamil, Telugu) dubbed versions.

Released on Wednesday, Ra one’s first day was affected by Diwali celebrations. Thursday was record-breaking with 24 – 25 crores, easily the biggest day in history. Friday and Saturday were around 15 – 16 crores, while the big disappointment was the Sunday collections.

On Sunday, Ra One opened well for the morning shows, but fell below expectations for the later shows. Mixed word-of-mouth and poor collections at single-screens undoubtedly affected business on Sunday, which usually witnesses a 15% jump in collections.

According to Boxoffice India, the Hindi version did 81 crores of business while the regional dubbed version collected 4.5 crores for the weekend.

Great weekend for Ra One although a little below what we expected, given the pre-release craze for the film. Weekdays will be extremely crucial.

P.S – Ra One is officially Shahrukh Khan’s biggest grosser ever, edging Rab Ne Bana Di Jodi in it’s first weekend itself.



  • ha… indicine team u told that u guyz havnt got d official numbers yet, thn y u guyz want to publish such an article so soon???this makes us to think u guyz r unbiased…so please grow up guyz n b proffesional…

  • hehe he so much funny .. u srk fans can’t accept that srk has been defeated totally!!!! its really funny to see u guys flyin in ur own dreamy collections of ra. one so SALMAN just roxx!!!! & u srk fans carry on its really funny to see ur comments!!! HA HA HA

  • hey,just acting like kid! m also a srk fan n i’ve watch movie! there’s nothing spl in it considering 3idiots! so it doesn’t matter hw it earns.probably it earns more than 300 crs,but what of use,people ..”ll forget it after 1-2 weeks.

  • Rajasthan Extended Weekend Ra.One V Bodyguard
    Boxofficeindia.Com Trade Network

    Ra.One does phenomenaly well in Rajasthan but is 5% less than Bodyguard. The extended weekend collections in Rajasthan of Ra.One and Bodyguard are as follows.

    Ra.One – 78 lakhs
    Bodyguard – 1.17 crore

    Ra.One – 1.40 crore
    Bodyguard – 1.09 crore

    Ra.One – 92 lakhs
    Bodyguard – 88 lakhs

    Ra.One – 77 lakhs
    Bodyguard – 81 lakhs

    Ra.One – 83 lakhs
    Bodyguard -1.10 crore

    Ra.One – 4.70 crore
    Bodyguard – 5.05 crore

  • Ra.One (Hindi) Has Huge Extended Weekend
    Boxofficeindia.Com Trade Network

    Ra.One (Hindi) had a huge extended five day weekend of around 81 crore nett as per early estimates. The regional versions were around 4.50 crore nett making it 85.50 crore nett.

    The Hindi version fell around 4 crore short of the total set by Bodyguard which also had an extended five day weekend.

    Ra.One had a huge Thursday by recording the highest day in history and even Friday was good but the film did not go through on Saturday and Sunday as collections hardly showed a jump on both days.

    Saturday is okay but Sunday is expected to grow but here Friday, Saturday and Sunday were all in the same region.
    The weekend trend suggest a drops in the weekdays but the film has already got a healthy total in five days and it has regional holidays in the weekdays which may help collections in some parts.

  • Ra.One (Hindi) Extended Weekend Territorial Breakdown
    Boxofficeindia.Com Trade Network

    Ra.One (Hindi) grossed a huge 81 core nett approx in its extended five day weeeknd. The film set a new record for business in the first three days. Below is the extended weekend territorial breakdown of the film.

    Mumbai – 29.48 crore

    Delhi/UP – 15.52 crore

    East Punjab – 6.26 crore

    West Bengal – 4.94 crore

    Bihar – 1.66 lakhs

    Assam/Orissa – 1.42 crore

    CP Berar – 3.80 crore

    CI – 2.68 lakhs

    Rajasthan – 4.71 crore

    Nizam – 4.40 crore

    Mysore – 4.42 crore

    Tamil Nadu/Kerala – 1.68 crore

    TOTAL – 80.97 crore

  • Monday 31st October 2011 09.00 IST
    Boxofficeindia.Com Trade Network

    Q. Will the huge opening of Ra.One mean Shahrukh Khanis top again and ahead of Salman Khan?
    A. Unlikely, he will have to get same opening with Don then maybe. Basically the Khans can all get the openings with the big commercial ventures but the biggest star will be the one who has the most volume of films and that is likely to be Salman Khan.
    Sushil M

    Q. Can Ra.One become a blockbuster and the biggest hit of the year?
    A. Chances are practically zero, probably hit due to opening and holiday period.
    S Mehta

  • hahhaha..karan 170 (worldwide) is Gross for Ra one…and 133(worldwide) is net of 5 days only…..and its all excluding its Music and Satellite rights…….so in short… Ra One has already been declared a HIT …………we know ki ye jaan kar tum logon ki fat gayi hogi… but its a fact…..u know Ram(the truth) always wins….and so did SRK because he made this movie so much Love and passion……and he was destined to win in spite of all these deliberate criticisms………If you haven’t seen it..then go and see how much hard wor

  • srk has been beaten fair n square….if n if ra.one would have passed 150+ in a week i would have admitted he is the biggest star in India….but in India its 92crores if i take all d sources which is way below add 15-20 more for next 4 days so after extended piece of torture max ra.one can get is 115-120 crore which is 30 crore short of what it should have got ….srk should admit he is no more a great bet on box office…just by adding vfx u cant make a movie blockbuster……iam not saying salman’s bodyguard or ready made sense but atleast dey performed exceptionally well in its targeted segment and thats what count….Salman n Aamir khan are the flavour of this decade…please dont forget to add them to your recipes producers otherwise the box office figures wont be spicy!!

  • King salman u fool..onething is sure.,ur brain is made up of clay…of no use …
    Ra.one had at de least already grossed 81 crores with in 5days & u says dat Ra.one wil be collectng 81 crs
    and 1 more thing u poor guy don’t hav even enough knowledge abt bo details of bodyguard&ready.
    Wake up…dude …wake up.
    Refresh nd update wat de hell u know…is it clear? …mmm go..go..don’t waste time…otherwise’ll b becoming worst.

  • SRK looks like monkey in RA-ONE climbing on the wall just for no reason. he doesn’t looks like a super hero. only Hritik is a superhero of bollywood.

  • 96Cr is Ra.One’s official 5day wknd collections acc to EROS..
    It has 11days more to earn..so cheers..

    Salman fans ki moti buddhi hai..no need to behs wid them

  • 81 crore in 5 days.. haha . what a shame.. n eros will definately pu up more figures ( 96 crore) nw even the deros is worried that the film will nt even reach hit status.. haha…. srk fans. hide urself,, before release u were talkin this n that.. 100 crore+ in 5 days, breakin 3i record. haha… now jus pray that ra1 becomes jus a hit….

  • 3I budget was only 35 crore. Not 60 crore as gaurav said. And it is still running to packed houses in Hong Kong, South Korea plus completed silver jubilee in Taiwan. Reliance and VCF had reported its worldwide gross to be 425 crore as of May 2010 and the number was confirmed by Financial Express, Economic Times, Forbes, CNBC and Indiatimes.

    It is still running in various countries and doing record breaking business there. Its worldwide gross is only increasing. Not a cakewalk to ”beat” 3 Idiots or start ”king jaap”.

  • Also, what is the big deal if Ra 1 is SRK’s biggest hit? Someone who proclaims himself as so-called king, ought to have highest records to his credit. Outdoing personal benchmarks is no big deal.

    So much for SRK fans proclaiming that SRK would have two ATBBs in one year alone! LOL!

    What if Don 2 fails to set new records in December? What would you guys do? Blame cold wave, snow storms or X Mas celebrations or New Year parties or pre-board exam period to justify its collections? Just as Diwali puja and Bhai Dooj were blamed for Ra 1’s underperformance initially? Hope you guys see better days ahead and don’t have to resort to this jhol!

  • @umair ali firstly u update u knowledge … infact the worldwide gross of bodyguard is 230 cr and that of ready is 180 cr… & lifetime of bodyguard overseas + india is 182 cr & that of ready is 142 cr … lets see if ra.one can cross atleast 150 cr or it will be super flop and if crosses more than 150 then its only flop… so we learn that SRK = flop/or superflop…!!!!

  • SRK and his son Aryan gone 4 movie Ra.one first
    day first show…
    After half and hour..
    Aryan: papa ghar chalo na stargold pe BodyGuard
    aanewali hai!!!
    Sallu Rockss…

  • Bodyguard 1st week
    collection – 111.1cr.
    Ra.one 6day collection –
    93.8cr.(Today is last day
    of 1st week)
    So Ra.one can’t beat
    bodyguard’s 1st week
    record sure

  • Ra.one monday update
    6 cr nett
    wat a joke

    was 9.17 cr nett

    i bait if MBKD nt hav realesd on 9 th
    then BG would hv easily crossed 170 cr in india

    ra.one hving open weekends stil wil nt cross
    160 cr

  • to indicine
    salman and amir depends on good script and story.srk’s last few films like oso,rab ne,mnik and raone has poor script and very weak story.becz of srk charisma and star power these films were successful. salman and amir can never make a crap movie successful.they are hugely depended on good story.only srk can make a crap movie successful.that is the only reason inspite of not giving big hits like amir and salman he is still more popular than them.

  • guys total collection of ra.one with overseas is 137 crore’s net and grosse is 170 crore.this breaks every record of shit bodyguar 3 idiots and every hit movie so thumbs upp for srk and his fans.byee byee bodyguard

  • Ra.One after spending 175 cr,have strugling infront of Bodyguard.

    Take a look 5th & 6th day collections
    Ra.One 13.5 cr(sun),6 cr(mon)
    Bodyguard 19 cr (sun),9.5 cr (mon).

    According to Komal Nahta beaking 3 Idiots record is impossible to Ra.One

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