Ra One Weekend Box office Collections

Ra One has broken all records for it’s opening weekend with a record Rs 85.5 crores (BOI figures) at the box-office. This includes the hindi version and the regional (Tamil, Telugu) dubbed versions.

Released on Wednesday, Ra one’s first day was affected by Diwali celebrations. Thursday was record-breaking with 24 – 25 crores, easily the biggest day in history. Friday and Saturday were around 15 – 16 crores, while the big disappointment was the Sunday collections.

On Sunday, Ra One opened well for the morning shows, but fell below expectations for the later shows. Mixed word-of-mouth and poor collections at single-screens undoubtedly affected business on Sunday, which usually witnesses a 15% jump in collections.

According to Boxoffice India, the Hindi version did 81 crores of business while the regional dubbed version collected 4.5 crores for the weekend.

Great weekend for Ra One although a little below what we expected, given the pre-release craze for the film. Weekdays will be extremely crucial.

P.S – Ra One is officially Shahrukh Khan’s biggest grosser ever, edging Rab Ne Bana Di Jodi in it’s first weekend itself.



  • ha ha ha ra one has earned 170 crores in 5 days is the reality today. 170 crores and still counting… But where is wiz pakau? i think called by salman to get fucked by for writing nonsense comments.

  • @deepak
    be confirm first you said
    170-48 tax=122 cr.

    In that 170 you counted 96 in India.170 is with tax means 96 is also including tax.

    Then now you are saying 96 excluding tax.?

  • @ Indicine- according to all trade analysts and eros it netted 92 crore including tamil,telugu.
    For those Bastards who always brag about why we are adding regional version.. Let me tell all that bastards that tamil and telugu are also part of indian collections.

  • @karan don’t behave like a fool, 96crores net in india and 32.75 crores net in the overseas, worldwide 128.75 crores net and 170 crores gross,go and read about gross collection and net collection, then you will understand.

  • wiz.poka……now that u hav taken a rather defensive tone i would like to convey my apology….i was v angry..its juz the way i react when people say bad things about SRK..its a childhood habit…i once stabbed one of my classmates with a pencil because he said bad stuff about him despite my repetitive warning…u are entitled to ur opinion i agree…bt the tone has to be polite..u see, i hav never left a single comment in any salman post…i dnt like to preach hatred…and u can hate the KING if u want..just dnt spit it out here buddy…its the wrong place…ciao

  • It’s clearly mentioned that these are BoxofficeIndia numbers… And they have been a reliable source for many years now. We haven’t still received the official numbers from either Eros or Red Chillies. So stay tuned!

  • Even for Bodyguard, the BOI figures were about 10 crores lesser than other sources.. We still believe BOI is unbiased unlike these so called trade pundits who inflate numbers based on their reviews.. Official numbers will be published soon..

  • @Indicine team

    I always trust you & i know the 170 cr news is not official from Erros even i checked it on Erros official site & also on Erros official facebook page.

    I know you guys will give correct information.

  • @indicine,thank u very much..now u are talking..@dexter,thank you but u av to ruduce ur anger and control it…because of the future..dnt let it affect u…thanks..

  • As for Ra.One Monday update, Ra.One Monday Morning and Noon shows are poor and huge drop is registered. Evening and Night shows advance booking is average to poor, and if it doesn’t improve rapidly, huge crash is awaiting for Ra.One.
    check it out guys….
    Nowadays as opening weekend indicates, how big the opening was of a particular movie, similarly Monday indicates, whether the movie will sustain or not in coming weeks. Since, today volume of screening is enormous, from Monday movies generally see a drop. But the drop showing for Ra.One in many places is huge and showing tremors already.

    Already Ra.One has not collected as expected in its opening weekend and this early Monday update will cause further damage in the recovery of the huge investments. No doubt Ra.One broke all opening records and collected 91 crore nett all India in its opening extended weekend, but it was expected to collect much higher as per trade sources (Opening Weekend Expected – 100+ crore nett at least).

  • @indicine- what is the exact amount that ra.one collected at sunday? Just show the division between hindi versn and dubbed version.

  • @ ishan… jus wait n watch. monday reports r comin in. drops r huge all over india.. in this rate its difiicult for ra1 to even cross ready collection. best thn for u is ra1 has open 2nd week… if collcetion drops from monday then u all srk fans has to accept tha the movei isnt acceted by the audience.. lets wait n watch the box office colection of monday. then u all srk fans will shut up….

  • Why r u people so hellbound in destroying ra1? Damn SRK should be given credit for being one of the only superstars in Bollywood not being cheap an uncreative by renaming already awesome Tamil movies. Hence neither Salman or Aamir can be contrasted to SRK a’s he is the only one who still is creative and strives to create rather than recreate:) the only movie u should compare this to is either Enthiran/Robot or Krish as they r of the same genre. Not hopeless movies like bOdyguard.

  • BOI figures are always right….. Ra.one has collected 81 crore in its first weekend where BODYGUARD earned 86 crores !!!!!!! SALMAN ROXXXXXXXXXX!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • @indicine
    what is the difference between nett and gross collections?
    does it have anything to do with taxes????
    what was the worldwide gross of 3 idiots excluding taxes?

    • Aditya, will try to explain in simple.. The total collections are GROSS. Entertainment taxes vary from state to state, but on an average it’s around 30%, so if a film grosses 100 crores, then the net gross is 70 crores.

  • Wizpoka r u contipated or what..??
    U r such pain in the neck..take it man..ra.one beats bodyguard..now no more long comments of urs..

    Bet..No actor or director other than srk..and anubhav..it takes balls to make such a huge film..and act in front of chroma screeen..where u hv to imagine and act..

    Srk rocks..huge step fwd in Indian cinema..

    Don2 looks ravishing..surely it will throw srk on top

  • If we consider avg. 30% tax then 170 crs nett gross is nearly 119 crs & 51 crs tax.

    Means Ra.One’s weekend collections are 119 crs nett.

    According to wiki following are the top lifetime collections:
    3 Idiots :358 crs nett.
    Bodyguard :227 crs nett.
    Dabangg :213 crs nett.

  • ra1 (hindi) just 81cr weekend,.,.itni bdi flop ho gyi yr bhut khushi ho rahi he :):):)
    monday update= ra1 crashed all over .,.very poor opening in mrng nd noon show,.,.

  • @karan ra.one has grossed 137.25crores in india,so reduce it by 30% and you will get its net collection but no gross collection is counted for overseas its only net collection , that is, 32.75 crores.

  • @karan ra.one has grossed 137.25crores in india,so reduce it by 30% and you will get its net collection but no gross collection is counted for overseas its only net collection , that is, 32.75 crores. So total net collection for ra.one is 128.75 crores worldwide not 119 crores.

  • @SalmanFans
    The cost of ra.one is 125 crores. Shahrukh told taran adarsh in recent interview if u r talking about cost of film then let see how ra.one recover it’s cost.

    Ra.one Distributor Rights:77 Crores
    Ra.one Satellite Rights:38 Crores
    Ra.one Music Rights:7 Crores

    Overall:77+38+7=122 Crores

    So Ra.one can’t be flop as ra,one already recover it’s cost and it collects 170 crores worldwide in just five days.

  • Hey, eros entertainments, ibnlive.com & moneycontrol.com already declared dat ra.one grossed 170 crores world wide which is 137.25cr nett and 38.75 gross

  • @Awais

    For deciding hit or flop the figures like satelights rights & musical rights are not cosiderd mate.
    Only Box office run is taken into account.
    When BG crossed 220 cr mark its distributor share is come around 88 cr & films budgate was 60 cr declared All time Blockbuster.
    In case of Ra.1 distributor share worldwide according Indicine team is 150 cr & 175 cr is budgate of movie so you can calculate the fig. to made Ra.1 hit.

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