Ra One Records

Just received the official numbers from Eros International. Here are some key points. 

Ra One Records

  • Biggest Single Day collections History
  • Best ever Diwali day collections (18.5 crores)
  • Highest first weekend overseas collections in history (32.75 crores)
  • Highest weekend collections at the Indian box office (96 crores)
  • Highest grosser in South India, Mumbai, Rajasthan, Delhi

Box office collections (5 day extended weekend)

  • Total Gross (worldwide including India): 170 crores
  • Total Gross (India only): 137.25 crores
  • Total Net Gross (India only): 96 crores
  • Total Overseas collections: 32.75 crores

Release Details

  • 4004 screens worldwide
  • 3100 screens in India (includes Tamil, Telugu and 3D versions)
  • 904 screens internationally

Ra One will have a wider release in early 2012 in South Korea, Hong Kong, Taiwan, Russia, Lebanon, Jordan, Syria, Palestine, Brazil, Spain, Italy and Greece. The film released overseas in 3D on Saturday.

The source of all the information above is Eros International.  According to them, Ra One is the biggest money-spinner in the history of Bollywood and by quite some distance.



  • Now all srk haters and sallu remake khan would have got their answers. Salman- hi don, i am totally depressed as you have broken all my records, Shahrukh- so sorry for you bodyguard, go, cry and sleep atleast for 3 months otherwise you may go in coma.

  • Hi

    According to this Raone released with 3100 screens in india so if we exclude Tamil telgu screens. The number of hindi screens are similar to tht of Bodyguard….

    Raone collected 96 cr Net from india so tht make it arnd 10cr more thn Bodyguard…. which is very goood…

    So how much can we believe this data……………….

  • eros international’s share rates were down by 5-7% after the first day comparisions with bodyguard…hence they hav anounced these imaginary collections…check out boxofficeindia collections for true results they r doing these collection details accurately from past 8years…mind u i’m akshay kumar fan..not anyone of these khans

  • All are trying to say about dubbed version.if the movie was not dubbed than it will earn more crore instead in that selected screens if was in hindi

  • its jus rubbish… some sayin 91 some 92 n now its 96… bt eros is the producer. so it has to increse the collection coz of da fear it might nt make it to the hit status.. listen srk fans.. monday update has come. it has crashed on monday…..so dont be so happy with dis fake collcetion. even with this fake collection, it will nt reached bodyguard collection. coz WOM is very bad for ra1 as shown by monday box office.. hahahhahahaha…

  • Raone is a great superhero movie in world.we are glad to see this movie 5 years earlier as hollywood going to making film on RA.ONE based superhero in coming year.

  • Ra.One (Hindi) grossed a huge 81 core nett approx in its extended five day weeeknd. The film set a new record for business in the first three days. Below is the extended weekend territorial breakdown of the film.

    Mumbai – 29.48 crore

    Delhi/UP – 15.52 crore

    East Punjab – 6.26 crore

    West Bengal – 4.94 crore

    Bihar – 1.66 lakhs

    Assam/Orissa – 1.42 crore

    CP Berar – 3.80 crore

    CI – 2.68 lakhs

    Rajasthan – 4.71 crore

    Nizam – 4.40 crore

    Mysore – 4.42 crore

    Tamil Nadu/Kerala – 1.68 crore

    TOTAL – 80.97 crore

  • ha ha ha.
    Mujhe lag raha hai ki srk pagal ho gaya hai isliye aise jhoothe number batata hai. These numbers are fake
    here are real collection given by BOI
    ra.one-80.97 crores weekend(hindi version in india and 85.50 crores including all languages such as hindi,tamil and telagu and also 3D)

    bodyguard-86.10 crores weekend(only release in hindi version)
    so finally, bodyguard is clear winner

  • No matter i will watch RAONE JUBTUK it becomes alltime blockbuster.hey @iamsrk fan come on.and fire on again.

  • @ INDICINE TEAM now what will u say about this…….I read your article that BOLLYWOND’S BIGGEST DISASTER IN THE MAKING……now what will u say about article…………???

  • Shahrukh khan done a great job.RAONE Is a great movie in the eye of hollywood critics.such as hollywood reporter ,la times, rottentometoes,newsdaily,becumr and many more.they gave thumps up to Ra.One.

  • @ilouvsrk.. ra1 being atbb is like damadam being a hit.. ra1 will have a tough time makin it to hit status.. monday crashed heavily… so dude. no chance of ra1 being superhit. for all srk fans. i jus hope ra1 makes it to hit status.. coz for that it should cross 140 crore min.. which looks very diificult rite now.( if with such high ticket rates, 3D rates, ra1 cant make it to hit status ,then its a embarassement to all srk fans)….

  • —————————————-SHAHRUKH – THE REAL KING OF BOLLYWOOD—————-

    From Past 18 Years after Arrival of SRK as Baazigar I Am Hearing Who Is The KING OF BOLLYWOOD!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    and again

    But I Have Not Yet Heard That……….
    AAMIR or SALMAN , AJAY or AKSHAY AND So On…………….
    Every Time The Question Arise Who Is Leader Of BOLLYWOOD…
    SHAHRUKH Is Always There In 1st Place Compared To Others Actors……….

    It Is Simple That SHAHRUKH Was and Will B The UNDISPUTED KING OF BOLLYWOOD!!!!!!!!!!!
    —————————————-SHAHRUKH – THE REAL KING OF BOLLYWOOD—————-

  • i also like srk but i like salman more and its not fair to compare 60crore budget movie with 150crore budget movie but if people are comparing the stardom than stardom of srk was big 3-4years ago now salman has the huge stardom and to all those sheep who call salman remake khan let me tell u maine pyar kia, hum aap kay hain kuan, pyar kia to darna kya, tere naam, mujhse shaadi karogi, no entry, partner and maine pyar kuon kia were not remakes and just to shut all salman hater up by saying that he is the only actor with most all time blockbusters. i will not bring srk down because he has his own place but now the king is only salman khan followed by aamir khan and srk. i also love akshay kumar very much because i am a punjabi jat and loved his movie singh is king. no mater what box office say but he is also one the top actors

  • sab k sab jallo salon…ab tumhari behes se record nai break hoga…after all SHAHRUKH KHAN IS THE UNDESPUTED KING OF BOLLYWOOD….

  • @wiz.poka one who really laughs doesn’t need to say-he see…. i am laughing,it shows your disappointment, don’t worry shahrukh fans are quite emotional, they have sympathy for you.

  • @ahmed don’t be so sad and frustrated, salman remake khan is doing another remake of south indian film ‘kanchan’.

  • @deepak…common laugh…it is d season of joy..no fightin,no fightin,only lovin,only lovin…cheers..umrao jaon…

  • 170 crores ka naam sun ke wiz pakau has gone mad.don 2 ke baad to wiz pakau bechaara coma mein na chala jaaye!! Take care wiz pakau.

  • Ek Kal Humhare peeche Hai ..Ek Kal Humhare Baad Hai..
    Salman Ke fans Ko Pata chal Chuka hai..ki SRK Salman ka Baap Hai..

    Wait for international release in spain..russia..taiwan..and other 6-7nations..Then if China’s deal goes successful then..it will release on huge 1000prints in CHina..
    It will keep on running worldwide for next 2-3Months…

    SRK is the best..

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