Pyaar Impossible Movie Review

Pyaar Impossible, is the second production venture of Uday Chopra (first was Yeh Dillagi in 1994). Directed by Jugal Hansraj under the Yashraj Banner, the movie is written by Uday Chopra himself and has Priyanka Chopra as his female lead. Anupam Kher and Dino Morea have supporting roles . The promos looked good and the music has done well too. But does the film entertain? 

Pyaar Impossible is about a geek, a patent part of every college, Abhay (Uday Chopra) who-not-so-surprisingly falls head-over-heels in love with the hottest girl of the college Alisha (Priyanka Chopra). And going with the universal truth, the stunning Alisha never notices our hero Abhay. He never gets a chance to confess his feelings, since she moves back to India midway of her semester.

Then we zoom in the days and there we are seven year forward; Nothing much has changed, Abhay is still a bespectacled geek and still madly in love with Alisha. Now he owns a unique program that can hold and run all the operating systems in the world but to his misfortune his program gets stolen. He for the first time sets out to fight for his right and in this journey stumbles upon Alisha, now a divorce with a child. Does he win back his fortune? What about the Beauty and the beast, well actually just a geek. Is Pyaar possible?

Pyaar Impossible Review

While not close to as bad as last year’s first release “Chandni Chowk To China’, Pyaar Impossible is a disappointment nonetheless. Loaded with glamour, the film actually had the potential to be much better, if only the love track was more refreshing and the story had some twists to avoid getting too predictable.

Agreed, the story is simple but it neither has the charm of a romantic tale nor the breeze of a comedy and hence boredom begins to creep in 20 to 25 minutes into the first half. Its not just the story that is at fault here, but the execution, which is absolutely amateurish. Barring a couple of scenes that manage to evoke some kind of emotion, the film is extremely sluggish and highly predictable. Its the pace, that requires you to watch Pyaar Impossible with a lot of patience.. it unnecessarily drags along.

Also let’s have a reality check here, since when did software companies of high grade get this easy with the dress code? Priyanka is always in minis, baring most of it for any and every occasion – a treat for the guys in the audience though. Also we have six year old Tanya who can understand her nanny’s (Uday) love for her mom and helps him hook up with her by having sleep overs at a friends place. Absurd ain’t it?

Music by Salim-Sulaiman is peppy and hummable but simply adds to the runtime.

Coming to the performances, Priyanka Chopra tops the rest. She looks stunning in every frame of the film, very natural and confident in her act. Perhaps one of the only reasons to watch this flick. Uday Chopra passes off as a geek, he does well in a few scenes.

Dino Morea as the program thief alias a business man is bad with nothing more than one and a half expressions. Anupam Kher has very little to do and is okay in his act. Advika Yadav (Priyanka’s daughter) is excellent.

Overall, Pyaar Impossible is a formula flick high on prediction. Watch it for the gorgeous Priyanka Chopra, but only on DVD, a fast-forward option is a must while watching this flick.

Rating: ★★☆☆☆ Watch on DVD



  • Arshan:
    i mentioned that i watched wanted on DVD and i dont put my review when i watch any movie on DVD, because dvd quality always poor and so many scenes they delete, so i didnt like much wanted , but if i watched it in cinema may be liked more.
    understand bhai ???
    but one thing i can mention that story was old and very ordinary but execution , style , action performances by Sallu , Mahesh and Parkash ( ghanni bhai ) were perfect . ayesha looked very preety like always, action sequences were very good and last 30 min were the soul of the movie,
    due to good action and good performances i can give it 2.5 or 3 stars . but if i watched it in cinema they may be batter rating..

  • @Nauman
    since u said that taran was wrong by giving wanted 4 star and it was a very ordinary movie therefore I commented on the review showing that WANTED was not a very ordinary movie bcoz almost every review was positive then how can u say WANTED and ordinary movie.

  • wanted was a 3rd class movie. nothing new in story. but some action sequences were good.i hate south indian style movie. mostly action movies. and wanted action sequences r too copy of french film ” b-13″.
    on the whole it was worst film of 2009.

  • fathiya i ll support u on the janeman verdict it was crap but pi i s not great too when most of the establish critics are bad then there is seriously wrong in the muvi and as for the tarans 3 star rating if it was rather good muvi he would give it 4 star for sure from your movie preference i am sure u r very romantic in ur life thats why u like evey single romantic muvi maybe you will disagree its just my thought dont mind personally

  • fahad umraojaan is a classic muvi but the remake of the movie stars aishwarya was total garbage better you dont insult this muvi if you reffering aish starrer then u should clearly say that you dont like aish starrer umraojaan

  • Indicine.

    We are all aware of your hatred against Akshay Kumar and your ugly games to bring him down…. But is it really necessary to insult him under every article? This article is about Pyar Impossible and there was no point of bringing the name of CCTC …. We all know CCTC was not a good film… but comparing Pyar Impossible to CCTC, just bcoz both are first big release of the year, is only a clever ploy to insult Akshay… Had CCTC been a SRK movie or an Aamir Khan movie or even a Sallu Bhai’s movie.. u wouldn’t have mentioned its name…. but you are here to insult Akki in every way possible.. U guys are pathetic…. Plz be impartial… when you are reviewing a movie, stick to that only and dont try all these dirty games….

  • @Adiii
    Well as u said that wanted was 3rd cls then M sure that Dulha mil gaya and billu will be a class cinema for u TERE NAAM KE TARHA TERI AKAL BHI ADIII HAI.

  • Anuparno: did u even watch the remake of Umrao Jaan?!! No for sure because u all guys judge any movie and see them with other ppl’s eyes.. so many ppl say that a movie was crap and they didn’t even see it!!! fyi.. I saw it 3 times, loved it, and it was much better version than the old one..all the family member admired this movie, all the friends which I know.. Aishwariya deserved best actress award for this movie.. everything ws perfect but the audience was just.. blind!!!!

  • PYAAR IMPOSSIBLE sprung a pleasant surprise by fetching a positive start at select multiplexes [of metros]. The opening day figures at plexes of some centres were decent. Its target audience – the youth – were responsible for its encouraging start. Let’s see if the business gets better on Saturday and Sunday. DULHA MIL GAYA, on the other hand, had an insubstantial start. At smaller centres specifically, the business was slightly better than PYAAR IMPOSSIBLE. However, the presence of star names hasn’t ensured a flying start for the film.

  • @Anuparno: Yeah I meant Aish’s starrer Umrao Jaan…….. I also love the older version….Infact I do still listen it’s songs in my car whenever I feel bored while driving……. Those songs from the old version are just too good that I can listen them anytime any where…

    New version suckzzzzzz…….

  • Indicine.
    Was it important to mention the flop of akshay here, i know u hate him but dont rise by pulling him down, its an bollywood site here not an anti akshay site.

  • Indicine,

    Now you have two people commenting on your mentioning of Aksay flop here which is extremely unrelated… any comments… or r u just bold enough to pull Akki down and not strong enough to admit it?

    Pyaar Impossible could not make much impact at the box office as it grossed 3.75 crore nett over the weekend. The first day grossed around 1 crore nett and the film did better on Saturday and Sunday but pick up was not big enough to alter the fate of the film. The film was better at select multiplexes in Mumbai and Delhi but overall poor. The first week should finish in the 5.50 crore region.

  • The other release of the week Dulha Mil Gaya was very dull as first weekend business was in the 1.75 crore nett region. The makers tried to make it look like a Shahrukh Khan film but these sort of things may have worked 20 years ago, today is a different story as electronic media has a huge reach and public are well aware about who is doing what in movies therefore it had dreadful results at the box office as the public simply kept away.

  • @Nauman ..If u watched wanted on dvd.Its ur fault..not the makers fault,dont disgrace a certain movie if u didn’t watch it properly.

    @Arshan ..gud reply to Adiii.

    As for PI it was an ok movie.Not Bad.I think 2.5 stars are enough 4 this movie.And no way it was better than Jaaneman.

  • I liked Pokkiri, the original Telugu was the best, since I don’t speak Telugu, I watched it with english subtitles, and you can,t bit this, I liked it so much that I went to buy the DVD.

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