Pyaar Impossible Movie Review

Pyaar Impossible, is the second production venture of Uday Chopra (first was Yeh Dillagi in 1994). Directed by Jugal Hansraj under the Yashraj Banner, the movie is written by Uday Chopra himself and has Priyanka Chopra as his female lead. Anupam Kher and Dino Morea have supporting roles . The promos looked good and the music has done well too. But does the film entertain? 

Pyaar Impossible is about a geek, a patent part of every college, Abhay (Uday Chopra) who-not-so-surprisingly falls head-over-heels in love with the hottest girl of the college Alisha (Priyanka Chopra). And going with the universal truth, the stunning Alisha never notices our hero Abhay. He never gets a chance to confess his feelings, since she moves back to India midway of her semester.

Then we zoom in the days and there we are seven year forward; Nothing much has changed, Abhay is still a bespectacled geek and still madly in love with Alisha. Now he owns a unique program that can hold and run all the operating systems in the world but to his misfortune his program gets stolen. He for the first time sets out to fight for his right and in this journey stumbles upon Alisha, now a divorce with a child. Does he win back his fortune? What about the Beauty and the beast, well actually just a geek. Is Pyaar possible?

Pyaar Impossible Review

While not close to as bad as last year’s first release “Chandni Chowk To China’, Pyaar Impossible is a disappointment nonetheless. Loaded with glamour, the film actually had the potential to be much better, if only the love track was more refreshing and the story had some twists to avoid getting too predictable.

Agreed, the story is simple but it neither has the charm of a romantic tale nor the breeze of a comedy and hence boredom begins to creep in 20 to 25 minutes into the first half. Its not just the story that is at fault here, but the execution, which is absolutely amateurish. Barring a couple of scenes that manage to evoke some kind of emotion, the film is extremely sluggish and highly predictable. Its the pace, that requires you to watch Pyaar Impossible with a lot of patience.. it unnecessarily drags along.

Also let’s have a reality check here, since when did software companies of high grade get this easy with the dress code? Priyanka is always in minis, baring most of it for any and every occasion – a treat for the guys in the audience though. Also we have six year old Tanya who can understand her nanny’s (Uday) love for her mom and helps him hook up with her by having sleep overs at a friends place. Absurd ain’t it?

Music by Salim-Sulaiman is peppy and hummable but simply adds to the runtime.

Coming to the performances, Priyanka Chopra tops the rest. She looks stunning in every frame of the film, very natural and confident in her act. Perhaps one of the only reasons to watch this flick. Uday Chopra passes off as a geek, he does well in a few scenes.

Dino Morea as the program thief alias a business man is bad with nothing more than one and a half expressions. Anupam Kher has very little to do and is okay in his act. Advika Yadav (Priyanka’s daughter) is excellent.

Overall, Pyaar Impossible is a formula flick high on prediction. Watch it for the gorgeous Priyanka Chopra, but only on DVD, a fast-forward option is a must while watching this flick.

Rating: ★★☆☆☆ Watch on DVD



  • I ony went to watch this movie because of fathiyas review. But OMG it was a sleeping pill. I slept off twice.

    If not for priyanka i would have slept through the whole film.

    1 / 5

  • Pyar Impossible Review

    Pyar Imossile is very important for Udhay Chpra. He came back after 3 years gap. His last release was Dhoom2 which had Abhishek and Hritick in main lead. Now he came back in his own movie as main lead actor which is directed by his friend Jugal Hunsraj.
    So let see how is movie


    Udhay Chopra (Abhay Sharma) loves Priyanka Chopra (Alisha) in college times. But he never told it to Priyanka,even she doesn’t know about him that he is student of her college. And one day she left the college then both never meets.

    After Seven years Udhay meets to dino Moria and introduced him his software, but Dino Stole his software and he lounched it on his name. Then Udhay goes to Singapore to find him and he meets Priyanka chopra and then he knows that she is single window with 6 years old daughter. Priyanka is looking a nanny and Udhay becomes her daughter’s nanny.Then how he gets back his software and can he tell to Priyanka that i love u since college times.
    the movie is all about.

    Script has lack of interest. First movie starts with college scenes of Udhay and Priyanka, and we thinks that we are going to watch a good romantic musical college life love story, but all finish within 15 min. Then movies goes after 7 years and it shows that Udhay is software engineer then Dino steals his software and he goes to Singapore to get back his software. Movie suddenly changes his mood. Till last 30 minutes you will think that where is love? Where is romance and where is Udhay , Priyanka chemistry?

    Scenes which have worth:

    1. First 15 minutes are well made .
    2. Udhay’s first day as nanny is funny.
    3. Dinner party in Priyanka’s home when Udhay performed as a chef is really good.
    4. Some scenes of Priyanka and Udhay in last 30 minutes.


    1. Udhay Chopra came after 3 years gap and he is producer and writer of Pyar Impossible. He Is good as an actor but about script he doesn’t know anything.
    2. Priyanka is same like Dostana. She looks good and her way of talking is also good
    3. Dino is Ok
    4. Priyanka’s daughter is best in this movie she is batter then Udhay and Priyanka and she looks very cute and beautiful. We can see her after 10, 12 years as a good actress.
    5. Anupum Kher has small role but good.


    Jugal Hunsraj is director of Pyar Impossible. He made Road Side Romeo animation movie, but it is his debut for commercial cinema. His work as a director is just o . Selection of script and execution is poor, but he got good work from actors especially little baby. He couldn’t get success as an actor and his direction is also in the same way. He really needs improvement .


    Music is good and impressive like all others Yush Raj banner’s movies.
    Pyar Impossible title track is mind blowing especially Udhay’s face expression his very good and as per as Priyanka is also looking very good.
    Alisha is good track and in first half it looks good as a back ground.
    Bada Bada Dhoom is also fine song and little baby danced very well.

    Negative Points:

    1. Lack of script and screenplay.
    2. Poor Direction and Execution.
    3. Screenplay doesn’t hold and it leaves his track.
    4. Uday is more interested to impress Priyanka’s daughter rather than getting back his software and assurance to Priyanka that he is her real love.
    5. Password hacking idea is bull shit which can’t be happened.
    6. Udhay locked password on company’s desktop computer but when Dino tried to run software from his lap top it didn’t open. If he locked password on desktop then it should be open in Dino’s laptop.
    7. In climax Udhay needs to demonstrate his software , but he was more interested to hug and kiss Priyanka Chopra. And media was also interested to shoot their love making scene rather than demonstration of Priyanka’s boss.

    Overall Pyar Impossible is just ok movie doesnt have enough pyar, doesnt have romance and just some good scenes and good music.

    At Box office it is very difficult to work this out.So, Hit Impossible

    2 / 5 XX

  • Very detailed and good review Nauman. But better give a ‘spoiler warning’ before some of the scenes that you mentioned. Those that plan to watch the movie, may not like it as you have revealed the climax too.

  • heyyyy indicine team:
    same same , thx God we both are same at this time ,
    i think it is 1st time when we put same rating ,what was ur Rocket singh’s rating i gave it 3 and i think u gave 3.5 or 3 i forgot.
    but it is good at this time that u also noticed those things which i noticed.
    i m very happy
    so plz give some comment abt my review because at the time of 3 Idiots u didnt say any thing abt my review like u always say
    nice review nauman…

  • i dont know wht is wrong with fathiya and wht is her choice every bull shit bakwas movie she likes and every good movie she doesnt like …
    Suniel u r right even my friends went out side for smoking and they left the movie , i couldnt join them because i hv to write review…
    so many times we started phon calls or sms , even while watching movie i sent the sms to amish , hina and sudeep that movie is boring..

  • Indicine team:
    is at 7:40 pm comment about me ??? thx u liked it and now i am also getting experience to write the review and i am trying to correct my grammer and spellings , hope i ll be fine like u after 3,4 months.
    and u forgot to talk abt bet performance of the movie which was Priyanka’s cute little doll which mentioned by Fathiya as well. she was really cute i hope so she would be good actress in bollywood after 10,15 years and may be she would be hereon of Aarav Kumar, Aryan Khan or Abraheem Ali Khan….
    do u know what is her name ????
    BTW what about my e mail which i sent u 2 weeks ago u didnt say any comment abt it. plz tel me ..

  • indicine team:
    climax was worst part of the movie i had to talk about it , he should demonstrate it and he should have give a good speech but he was intrested to hug Priyanka….
    my friend who was sitting next to me he said to Udhay that
    Demo Kia Tera Baap De Ga ????

  • Indicine and Nauman..Nice reviews.But I will still watch it 4 Priyanka Chopra.Really this movie had potential to be good.The story is little bit inpired by ‘Jaaneman’.Akki’s n Udhay’s character look similar if I go by the reviews???

  • Hina
    nothing commen between janaeman and PI , just u can say that in both akki and udhay looks same,like simple parhako kitabi keera type with eye sight glasses and poor hair stayle, and same way of talking,
    and u dont need to watch it in cinema save ur 200 Rs and have Egg Fried Rice with Chicken Menchorian i know it is ur fav dish…
    just wait for dvd.

  • Thanx Nauman for your review man…….You have saved my time…My friends were forcing me to go to watch this movie but then came your review and i told them that nobody has liked this movie so it’s better to hang around near Burj Khalifa….So, we finally avoided to watch this movie and went to have a look at the tallest building in the world……

  • Fahad
    could u plz tell me that how tall is it and how many floors does it have ???
    and wht kind of building is it ..
    and thx u liked my Review..
    i really feel proud when u guys give good comments abt my reviews
    i know some of u guys dont like my other comments but every one liked my review
    so thx for all of u.

  • it was feelgood movie! . nouman and indicine. it was nice and lovely film . its ur opinion about film but story is nothing new and i hate dino morea. priyanka looking gorgeous in film. she is super sexy actress in whole world.

  • Amish:
    i dont hv enough time to update my blog and you know batter that where am i busy…
    so a lots of things to do for that project and i got day off from my job after 2 weeks so i had to do a lots of other work.
    i m working on it and hope so it would be done soon.
    indicine team:
    she is my conferm heroen with Aarav in between 2025-2030

  • @Indicine & Nauman- thanx a lot 4 ur reviews……. u’ve savd my money n tym…….. though at 1st i wasn’t interested in watching it…….. but later thought 2 gv it a watch just 4 priyanka……. but after reading ur reviews, i thnk it wudn’t worth d money or tym….

    so, it’s bettr 2 watch it on dvd……@ Hina

  • Nauman lagta hai tumne bahot dil laga ke film dekhi hai, you still need to growup & itne bade review mat liko log dekhkar hi pak jate hai.

    Tumne life main aaj tak kya kiya hai vo socho aur likho. C panti band karo nauman maamu!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • I knew it. Thanks indicine & Nauman for ur reviews, which re-estalish my resolve not to watch the film…at least not in cinema. Three reasons behind this…

    1. Yash Raj Films has lost all the respect I had for the banner. some of the most disappointing films have been produced through this banner…Laagaa Chunnri mein Daagh, Jhoom Barabar Jhoom, Tashan, Rab ney Ban Di Jodi, Dil Boley Haddippa and the list goes on and on and on.

    2. Uday Chopra might be a hard worker. But somehow, i have never been able to accept the idea of him being an actor at all (set aside playing the role of a hero). He should try the small screen…might suit more there.

    3. Jugal Hans Raj lacked maturity in his acting… and he wasted the cute animations of Roadside Romeo…and i expect the least from his direction.

    So thnaks again indicine and Nauman for re-establishing my resolve.

  • @Nauman: Nice, fabolous n very good review, i like the way how u present ur review is very unique n very simple 2 understand d film b/4 u watch it. Good job Nauman, i hope u can show this expirience in 2025.

  • @Hina- 3 idiots will b d best choice 2 catch on this weekend…. whether u’ve seen it before or not..
    hav u seen d latest song promo of veer… taali maar… catch it on bollywood hungama, it’s just awsome!!!!

  • Wot a sad people you!!3 stars for graet film 3 idiots and 2 i me\n two star for pathetic film like Pyaar Impossible??????come on Indicine team get a life!!!

  • Jaaneman was a crap movie.. didn’t deserve even 1/5.. but Pyaar Imposible deserves at least 3/5.

    Indicine Team: I don’t agree with yr review this time, the movie ofcourse is predictable when u see the promo.. and u know that this geek will win the girl at the end of the movie.. didn’t u predict this from the song which says: Pyaa impossible.. no it’s possible.. so.. we know that at the end they’ll be together.. even though.. the movie was nice, not boring, not bad in direction, not bad in the script and dialogue, not bad at all.. that’s my opinion.. yeah I don’t agree that the little girl in the age of 8 would do such a thing.. to make a space for her mom and her nanny to hv a relationship.. but as I’m always saying: these are only movies, sometimes everything happens in any movie.. see those crap comedy which u all loved.. do u think what happens in those comedy movies would even happen in the real life?!! no movie is perfrect.. do u all think that the movie (Veer) will be a perffect one? A flawless one?!! Do u all think that 3 Idiots is a perfect movie and it didn’t hv some slow pace and disgusting scenes, the toilets, scenes..haha.. and 2 of the ladies who accompanied me to watch 3 Idiots got bored and wanted to leave the theatre, and when I asked them: why? they said: what a shitty movie is this.. they just want to pee and pee in some toilets.. we don’t like to see these stuff.

    Nauman: What’s for you great could be crap for others.. so don’t think that you’re a genious here and can judge any movie correctly!!

  • hey thanx 4 da review!!!i hd planned 2 watch dis movie tomorrow..i thought of checking up da reviews online 1st…n thank 2 u mi 200 bucks r saved!!

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