January 2010 – Bollywood Movie Releases

January 2010 is packed with several big releases along with a few small, but very interesting films lined up for release. Check them out. 

January 8th 2010

  • Pyaar Impossible – The first release of the year is a Yashraj Film written and produced by Uday Chopra. Pyaar Impossible stars Priyanka Chopra and Uday himself, who returns to the big screen after more than 3 years – his last release was Dhoom 2 in 2006.  Pyaar Impossible is a beauty meets geek tale, a date film directed by Jugal Hansraj. Fathiya, one of our readers here, has already watched the film and posted her short review.
  • Dulha Mil Gaya – Shahrukh Khan fans desperate to watch him on the big screen, after a long long time, would probably be the only ones to watch this much-delayed film. Also starring Fardeen Khan and Sushmita Sen, Dulha Mil Gaya is directed by Mudassar Aziz.

January 15th 2010

  • Chance Pe Dance – Shahid Kapoor on a high after Kaminey returns with the lovely Genelia D’Souza in this Ken Ghosh (Ishq Vishq) directed film on ‘strugglers’. The hype is strangely missing.
  • Hello! Hum Lallan Bol Rahe Hain – Also releasing on 15th is this Rajpal Yadav, Preeti Mehra comedy directed by Dileep Shukla.
  • Idiot Box – The third release of the week stars Sushant Singh (The Legend Of Bhagat Singh) and Hrishita Bhatt. Idiot box is directed by Sunanda Mitra. Can ‘Idiot’ in the title do the trick for this low budget film or will it go unnoticed?

January 22nd 2010

  • Veer – Salman Khan’s most ambitious period film Veer, is the biggest and most expensive release of the month. The movie also stars Zarine Khan, Jackie Shroff, Mithun Chakraborty and Sohail Khan. Directed by Anil Sharma of Gadar fame, it remains to be seen if Veer can match or surpass the super success of Hrithik Roshan’s Jodha Akbar.

Janaury 29th 2010

  • Rann – Ram Gopal Varma has been terribly inconsistent in the last 2 -3 years. Apart from Sarkar Raj and Phoonk, he has gone wrong with every other film. We don’t really know what to expect, it could go either way – great or awfully bad. The promos look good though. Rann stars Amitabh Bachchan, Paresh Rawal, Ritesh Deshmukh, Suchitra Krishnamurthy, Mohnish Behl, Rajat Kapoor, Gul Panag, Neetu Chandra, Rajpal Yadav and Sudeep (Kannada superstar)
  • Ishqiya – Is our pick for the month. Three of the most talented actors in the industry – Naseeruddin Shah, Arshad Warsi and Vidya Balan – come together in this crime thriller produced by Vishal Bhardwaj and directed by Abhishek Chaubhey.
  • Road to Sangam – Is a patriotic film directed by débutante director Amit Rai. The movie stars Paresh Rawal, Om Puri, Pawan Malhotra amongst others.

Biggest release of the month – Veer
Most awaited film of the month – Veer
Our picks for each week – Pyaar Impossible, Chance Pe Dance, Veer, Ishqiya

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  • Who thinks that if Shah Rukh Khans next film My Name Is Khan (MNIK) is a flop, he would be finished and other Actors such as Akki will take over?

  • Veer will be a big flop! Too much hype for the movie, like other most awaited movies in 2009 this one would also be a flop to start of this year.

  • Offcource every one has 1st choice Veer….
    doesnt matter how is movie and how is heroen , but i hv to watch it 1st day 1st show which is on thursday 5:30 pm AST…. better luck with Salman bhai , because it is his Dream Project since last 20 yrs , and i know ke jab sapne toot-tay hain to kaisa feel hota hai aur main nahi chahta ke salman bhai ka spana tootay. at least it should be above avarage.
    then Pyar Impossible
    which is releasing today and i am going in the evening show , i like this kind of romantic comedy , funny movies . i m hopefull it would be get batter business due to Dulha Mil Gaya , because when SRK’s fans wont find him enough in the movie so they will disappoint from him and they will go for Pyar Impossible…
    i want to tell u one trick..
    when u want to proov urself that u r very beautiful or genius then stand with u an ugle person or a mad person . people will compair u and they will find u batter then other person…
    PI is same case , people will disappoint from DMG…
    3rd is Dande pe Chance, looks like combination of Kismat Konnection and Luck By Chance…
    better luck with Shahid
    4th Ishqiya…
    naseer ud din always do good movies and Vidya has also good track record and arshad little bit funny , Vishal Bharadwaj always make good movies … looks good but it wont be hit it can critical acclaim but hit very unlikely when it has compiteter Rann….who has also big names like Big B , Paresh , Ritesh and Ram Gopal….
    this month is very crusual for Bollywood , if 50 % movies of this month get success then it would be batter yr for bollywood like 2007 , 2008….

  • indcine team:
    after 29 Jan , 5 Feb is free , there is none of any big release . and on 29 Jan has 3 releases.
    i dont think so 29 Jan is good date for three releases when just 1 week before Veer is Gonna release.
    if Veer will Hit then his business will effect on these 3 movies..and it looks like 4 releases on same day which never works.
    I think Rann or Ishqiya should be shift to 5 Feb. if i was Producer of Ishqiya i deffinately shift it to 5 Feb.
    i think they should think abt it ..
    i personally like Vidya, Arshad and Ritesh i dont want to Flop them .
    on every friday only 1 movie should release, all audience will see one movie then they think abt 2nd for next week batter then audience spread and both movies flop.

  • Definitely VEER,VEER,VEER,VEER
    doesn’t matter what the story what the hype this movie is carrying but one thing that SALLU BHAI presence make this movie a worth watch for many I dnt know whether it’s going to be hit or flop but it remains my favo of the month.

  • Sallu bhai to ride a horse in a mock race at mahalakshmi racecourse on 17 of jan he dnt want to leave any stone untured for VEER may he’s hardwork is paid of with BB and I pray for that.

  • It is obviously Veer, Veer, Veer.
    Nothing can match the divine sight of Salman Khan on horseback!!!!
    Salman knows how to ride a horse the way no other Bollywood star can.

  • There is no doubt for everyone the first choice will be Salman’s VEER””
    inshallah will break all the records (excluding 3 idiots )
    just want to know the acting of new girl Zarine Khan will she able to copitate with other actress
    will be knowing on 22nd itself

  • Adnan mohammed and adnan waheed are you 2 guys or is it just the1 with two names, a bit of conffusion thats all

  • Adnan veer hasnt even releasd yet and how can ya say its going to be a big flop, i think you dont like salman khan thats why

  • @ Naveed UK
    Its not the fact that i dont like Salman Khan, personally i think these sort of movies wont do well at all during these times. You tell me whose going to go watch these except some Sallu Lovers?

  • With Salman Khan ‘Veer’ must be the 1st choice 4 majority.But I want more publicity n promotion 4m Sallu Bahe.I am sure if he promotes well he will bring audience to theaters regardless of quality of the movie.

    After Veer–Chance Pe dance,Pyar Impossible and Ishqyia are my pics 4 the January,2010.

  • am a akki fan am going to watch it promos looking good salman dream projects for 20 years, anil sharmas back what hes best at the cast salman, sohail, mithun and jackie if the movies good a think everyone will watch this movie

  • FAT ADNAN SAMI , stupid kya bakwas kar raha hai salman ” VEER” khan ke bare main . ” VEER” will rock the world .

  • Rajib i think thats too much veers nt gna create history in indian cinemal i dont agree with ya there pal, should be a hit though

  • @ Rajib Haider
    You have personally insulted Adnan Waheed by phrasing him as “Fat Adnan Sami!, You have no right to comment like that to a person who you do not know, im sure other people could insult you or swear at you similar to that, which im sure you wouldnt be pleased with!! And finally arguing or even chatting to People like you Rajib Haider is same as talking to a Dog.

  • @ Rajib Haider, Keep your comments to yourself mate, since you dont make sense at all. No Bollywood movie will ever rock the world, since the story plot is similar to every movie or so. youre just a lousy Sallu Fan!

  • rajib what you said to adnan that was wrong, wasnt appropriate at all i know he offended you saying that veer will flop but you could have answered him back nicely, no need to take mick out of his name, like your names rajib what if i called ya ROGER you woudnt like it would you, dont get offended of what i said hope you understand no need for comments like that please guys, chill relax enjoy, am i right guys

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