Video: Karthik Calling Karthik – First Look

The first look of Karthik Calling Karthik starring Farhan Akhtar and Deepika Padukone, has been released by the makers.

From the promo, the movie looks very interesting. Check it out and tell us what you think of the trailer.




  • agree Indicine it looks interseting in da last 10 secs.
    but yeah Deepika looks gorgeous and am a big fan of hers.

    but am worried dat dis film alongside Pyar Impossible, DMG and Raan r gonna completely be sidelined due to 3i, VEER and MNIK.

  • If a movie is good and is liked, it’ll work. As simple as that.

    No great hopes from Dulha Mil Gaya, its been in the making for quite sometime now. Strange that there is no hype behind next week’s Chance Pe Dance. Should be good.

  • 1st half tipical masala , romantic and funny , like boy , girl meets to each other some funy scenes some situations , then lobve , 3,4 songs then at interval point he gets a call and then mystery starts in 2nd half
    now it depends how is mystery and how it will be handdled…
    Deepika is really gorgous… she is my fav i cant live without her..
    Farhan is also looking good.

  • @ Indicine agree wid ur comment.

    oh yeah i forgot to add CPD.

    its just my gut feelin dat all da films comin out now and a few weeks after MNIK will not work.

    lets wait and see wat happens.

    @ Nauman ur comment on Deepika waz funny. keep it up buddy

  • naveed
    deepika and priyanka both looks like same
    same hieght , same wieght , same figures, same color complection
    even i saw 1st look of KCK i thought it is priyanka but later on i read this is Deepika , i was surprised.
    she always looks good except OSO….
    do u like her?

  • Naveed:
    we guys always talk abt our fav actors like sallu , akki , srk , hritick , aamir and we fight with each other as well. why we dont talk abt our fav heroens ???
    i think we should talk abt them and we should promot them as well
    so i start
    my Fav are
    3. Katz
    if i will make a romantic movie then i will sigh katz or deepika
    if i will make a action movie then Priyanka
    comedy katz
    darama priyanka
    if i will sign akki the Priyanka … i am very intrested to watch them again after 4 super hits
    if Srk then Deepika
    if sallu and Aamir then ……… no one i hv to find short height girl like Aysha or Raani
    if saifi then priyanka
    if ranbir then katz
    if shahid then deepika
    if Emraan Hashmi then all three ( hahahaha 1 is not enough for him )
    Abhishek then Priyanka
    John then Katz
    Hritick then Katz.
    wht do u think ?

  • well da first point i wanna make iz dat dere r not many good actresses around. Bollywood used to have so many beautiful and talented actresses wid da importance being on da acting side.

    anywayz dis is wat i think and it only includes those actresses who r acting now. so da likes of Preity and Rani cant be included even though dere far far better dan most other actresses of 2day.

    1. Katrina- well she is improving film by film and to think her first film was da pathetic and baseless Boom, she surely has come along way. Yes she is extremely beautiful and her looks have helped her but no 1 can deny her enthusiasm and dedication. her acting is improving slowly and her dancing has come along way. she just needs to sharpen up her Hindi. a lot of people say she is Akki’s mascot but believe me wen i say dis dat people over here in England cant wait to watch her films irrespective of her co stars etc. Plus she is Sallu’s GF so i really cant say anything bad bout her

    2. Priyanka- also she has come along way but alongside her looks has also got a lot of talent. people were writing her off after many dismal movies prior Fashion, Dostana. she is now up dere amongst da best. i just feel she is like Akki in dat she signs 2 many films and doesnt really have da best script sense. but i dont know many people in Bollywood who have as much passion as her

    3. Kareena- well i make da mistake of comparing her wid her elder sister Karishma, who really was fantsatic. da full package. anywayz kareena is good wen she puts her mind to it. i cant imagine any1 else playing da role of Geeta in JWM. became a big fan after dat film of hers. but i feel she needs to stop focusing on being a size 0 coz being a size 0 is not cool. i would rather prefer to see da Kareena in K3G, MDK etc. in dat Don song she just looked gorgeous. but yeah even though she is very talented her ratio at da box office is not da best. in fact it is very poor even though a lot of dem films r opposite big names. i loved her in 3i btw.

    4. Deepika- well wat a dream debut but dere is no doubt dat she has a long way to go in terms of her acting. she is 1 ov da better dancers and is extremely beautiful. i personally cant decide if she is better lookin dan Piggy chops but wat da hell both r beautiful. she has already appeared in big films and i hope she is opposite Salman in da remake of Kick. i became a very big fan after da Chor Bazari song in LAK.

    5. Asin- well a very very successful star down south. her first film in Bollywood in Ghajini did wonders which we all know about. i personally loved her in LD and like her chemistry wid both da actors. no doubt she can act and dance and posseses a very beautiful smile. well she can only go up really and due to some ov da decisions she has already made 1 can tell dat she picks her films vey carefully a bit like AKhan. well for me i like to call her Chennai Express.

    6. Ashwarya rai- well wat is it dat she hasnt achieved. leaving her personal life aside one cannot question her profesionalism. for me in dat Chaand Chupa song in HDDCS, i have not seen any1 more beautiful. very versatile actress, great dancer, great screen presence. even at her age she has many great films lined up. Guzaarish, Action Replay Raavan etc. its good dat she iz actin wid Akki coz her last few films have only been wid her husband and Hrithik. but yeah she will go down as a legend i reckon

    dere r many actresess dat ive missed out. so plz feel free to mention em

    but i feel dat great actresess like Rani, Preity, Sush etc r realtively finished which is sad.

    but yeah Nauman u asked me bout my fav so ill mention dose actress dat ive followed closely and who alongside dre beauty have immense talent.

    1. Madhuri Dixit (even though she is no longer around i have watched many of her films and absolutely love her especially in HAHK. her smile is amazing)
    2. Preity Zinta- for me 1 ov da most beautiful women i have ever seen. wen i look at her i see some sort of innocence and charm dat very few have. love her dimple azwell. and love her performances in KHNH, Veer Zaara, Janemaan etc. she is 1 lady dat looks good opposite any co star.
    3. Karisma Kapoor- again no longer around but she was immense in films like Raja Hindustani and countless of Govinda and Salman films. 1 of da very few who could pull of comedy wid ease.

    but out ov da current lot my fav is Asin and hopefully after VEER it will also be Zarine.

    i hope dat most ov dat makes sense and it hasnt put any1 to sleep. i have tried to be as neautral as possible.

    and yeah Indicine am sorry dat ive posted dis comment considering dat dis is a KCK page. but i have mentioned Deepika who is in dis film. lol

  • hahaha
    Amish nice …
    Guys just have some fun
    none of any one knows the script of this movie so what we can do …
    we can assume our scripts that what is truth in this movie
    we know that 1st half romantic masala like farhan meets Deepika and both are in love now he got a call from his self like some one has his voice and saying him that i am Karthik
    so who is another guy we hv to assume
    i think it is some mystery we need to find out this kind of movie from hollywood.
    my friend who lives with me right now he is working so ones he ll be back i ll show him trailer him it is copy by any hollywood movie then he will recognise within a second coz he is crazy abt hollywood and he never missed any hollywood movie

  • sorry but i always think that the voice of farhan is modified when he is singing i dont think its his real voice it gives me the impression of sallu singing mitti ke sine in wanted but he accepts on his own that it was the job of the latest tech and not his original voice but look at this farhan he never accepts that his voice is mod. otherwise when he delivers a dialouge in film it sounds nothing more than a crap

  • Winners of Nokia 16th Annual Star Screen Awards 2009

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    Best Actor in popular category (Female)
    Kareena Kapoor – 3 Idiots

    Best Film
    3 Idiots

    Best Director
    Rajkumar Hirani – 3 Idiots

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    Rishi Kapoor – Love Aaj Kal

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    Rajkumar Hirani – 3 Idiots

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  • Definately it’s a copy of a hollywood movie which i have seen but not able to recall the name of the movie.
    If any one can recall…it will be great.

  • dude i think this movie is awesome blossom and i am totally fida on the song uff teri ada dude i think this is the song which i was finding from years and i thanks to that person who has written this song well i usually felt that whose the person who has written this song how he or she has written this song how the person has written the lyrics well the person might have a very intelligent mind or very well matured mind well i wish her a very happy and prosperous life and may you live long years namrata’s will always their for you dear.

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