Dulha Mil Gaya Movie Review

Dulha Mil Gaya is one of those films that you walk in without any expectations. Its been in the making for far too many years and the lead stars hardly arouse any interest of watching the film first day first show. Getting down to introducing the film, its directed by first time director Mudassar Aziz and stars Fardeen Khan, Sushmita Sen, Ishita SharmaJohnny Lever, Parikshit Sahni and Shahrukh Khan in a special appearance (no, not close to as long as his role in Billu) 

Story, well, is one of those that you might have seen a hundred times or more  in Bollywood films over the past many years. Tej Dhanraj a.k.a Donsai (played by Fardeen Khan) is a dashing young man and like many guys of his age he is commitment phobic. With hope of inheriting crores from his father’s estate, Donsai is shocked when he gets to know he only has a few days to marry Samarpreet (Ishita Sharma) a typical virginal Punjabi girl (like seen in many Yashraj films).

Shimmer (Sushmita Sen) is a popular diva, who is equally commitment phobic. PRG – Pawan Raj Gandhi (SRK), is multi-millionaire who tries to woo back his love, typical SRK style. The film is about these four characters, love and relationships.

Dulha Mil Gaya Review

The problem with Dulha Mil Gaya is, its way too out-dated to work in today’s times. The director is heavily inspired from previous Rajshri and Yashraj classics, but offers nothing new in terms of story-telling or treatment. Also with the changing physical appearances of both Fardeen and Sushmita with almost every scene, its pretty easy to notice that the film has been in the making for years now.

The comedy at most times, doesn’t work. The dialogues are too cheesy and the music is nothing great either. Shahrukh Khan makes an appearance only in the second half, the scene when he jumps into the sea to save Sushmita’s fake dog, works only because of SRK.

Fardeen tries as hard he has done all these years, falls flat unfortunately. With a better actor, the film as a whole would have probably worked. Also, he needs to work on his physique. Hard to rate Sushmita Sen here, she is horrible in certain scenes, good in quite a few. Shahrukh Khan sleep walks through his role. Ishita Sharma is good on debut. Johnny Lever and the others are wasted.

Overall, Dulha Mil Gaya was perfect for the 90s. For today’s audience its boring, out-dated and way to clichéd to make any sort of impact.

Rating: ★½☆☆☆



  • sushmita in an interview said srk is not in guest appearence but one of d main leads..;) ha ha may be she thought movie would run with d Brand name SRK, ..;) better luck next time Sush…

  • Indicine..Whats the screen time of SRK in Dulha Mil gaya?If the movie doesn’t do well,can it be counted in his flops?

  • Indicine Team:
    lets see that how many people try to bother their self to put some comments abt this movie…
    i m sure not more than 15 .
    wht do u think ?

  • Rex, it was okay. Nothing great.

    Hina, no it cannot be. His role was much shorter to even Billu.

    Nauman, theater was empty so not many seem to be interested in watching it. The audience is clever, can’t fool the audience by promoting this as an SRK film.

  • I wont be watch this. But i have a interesting question for you all and Indicine. What if Aamir khan was in a special appearance??? :D I think lot more people would have watched it :D hehe

  • Rex
    u r rite i never seen aamir as sp appearnce but
    SRK does a lots of times speciall appearances
    list below
    start from 2009
    Krazzy 4
    Heyy Babyy
    i see you
    har dil jo pyar kare ga
    and may be more which i forget

  • The promos were not very convincing either to draw the audience.SRK has not even participated
    at any point in the lacklustre promotion of the movie.I doubt why SRK even considers doing these
    special appearances,which have no value and scope for acting.Also,the directors must remember
    that they cannot make a bad movie hit by drawing in special appearance from stars.Luck by chance
    had special appearances from nearly everyone-Shahrukh,Aamir,Hrithik(a larger one),but was a
    box office disaster.

  • special appearance is very important part of film it brings the major part of stars fans to watch that movie ,whoever had done special appearance there fans come even for ek jhalak unke star ki…

    we know that whats special means we know the one of the best charms of special appearance is given by sallu bhai till yet from

    kuch kuch hota hai to ajab prem ki gazab kahani with many more in the list..

    sirf tum

    deewanaa mastaanaa

    dhai akshar prem kai




    and many more ….

    with sallu bhai sreen presence in above films bring a major audiences to make this film watch and help all of above some got blockbuster or superhit or min average also…..

    so, may no one can beat one of the sallu bhai charms of special appearance

  • Afrid Khan bhai
    i forgot abt Sirf tum and Dhai akshar prem ke that where was sallu in these movies..
    so plzz tel me know

  • Nauman,

    in Dhai Akshar Prem Key, Salman played the role of a truck driver. i dont actually remember now about his apprearence in Sirf Tum (as i’ve never watched the complete film). But Salman was deffinitely there in it.

  • nauman bhai , yes in sirf tum sallu bhai had played the role of to be fiancee of the female lead in the movie

    and in dhai akshar prem as akhlaq said”Salman played the role of a truck driver”

    and both of the film get success to bring and watch indian audience and entertainment lover across the globe for sallu bhai as very little to do in the movie but as his charms made film for indian audience and entertainment lover across the globe to watch for min once for sallu bhai fans any time….for his charms with ALMIGHTY GRACE

  • I agree with afridi that no other actor (even srk) has been able to leave impact in a guest appearances as such as salman.

  • I posted this on one of your other pages. At least someone agrees with me regarding SRK’s sleepwalking role.

    SRK was there in the second half..the film is like a dream, or bad nightmare now but it seems he would have been there for less than half an hour in total ..I am not quite sure..the point is he was in auto pilot mode and was sleep walking through the role..and he had the worst lines you can imagine…(not his fault)…he was as bored as he was in Bhoothnaath..at the same time we saw the trailer of My name is Khan…and that looked promising…Sadly the second half of Dulha Mil Gaya is worse than the first…We struggled to stay awake…I also want to add that Yes I do agree that some special app have been made where stars have appeared in the second half …the point remains….how they actually perform during the second half that counts…and this was a bad decision on SRK’s part…disappointment for his fans!!

  • I Am Rizvan Khan. My Name Is Khan And I Am Nt A Terrorist

    kahi aap srk k toh nahi twitter ki tarah yahaa bhi aagaye apni mnik ko promote karne

    but i , wil wish INSHAAALLAAH ki aapki mnik sirf aapke acting aur publicity se ….you will going to make ….

    every one worth a watch

    b,coz there is nothing new in mnik as same as same as kajol act in fanaa and karan same locations but i know that your name is srk you wil try till last for your movie till last

    but, i again wish you even i am not your fan but best of luck INSHAAALLAAH your movie will do good with ALMIGHTY GRACE

  • Fahad
    i dont remember where was Aamir in LBC ???
    there is no news about Dhoom 3 , and aamir now a days not signing any movie from out side of his banner.

  • Zahirul, Aamir is highly unlikely to work in a multi-starrer. Why would he share his huge fan-following and popularity with another big star?

    He is also unlikely to work outside his banner. He will produce his next and either direct it himself or hire some director or get Masoor Khan from Coonor to direct it. His movies are grossing 300 crores at the box office, no less. Doesn’t make much commercial or economic sense now.

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