Pyaar Impossible Movie Review

Pyaar Impossible, is the second production venture of Uday Chopra (first was Yeh Dillagi in 1994). Directed by Jugal Hansraj under the Yashraj Banner, the movie is written by Uday Chopra himself and has Priyanka Chopra as his female lead. Anupam Kher and Dino Morea have supporting roles . The promos looked good and the music has done well too. But does the film entertain? 

Pyaar Impossible is about a geek, a patent part of every college, Abhay (Uday Chopra) who-not-so-surprisingly falls head-over-heels in love with the hottest girl of the college Alisha (Priyanka Chopra). And going with the universal truth, the stunning Alisha never notices our hero Abhay. He never gets a chance to confess his feelings, since she moves back to India midway of her semester.

Then we zoom in the days and there we are seven year forward; Nothing much has changed, Abhay is still a bespectacled geek and still madly in love with Alisha. Now he owns a unique program that can hold and run all the operating systems in the world but to his misfortune his program gets stolen. He for the first time sets out to fight for his right and in this journey stumbles upon Alisha, now a divorce with a child. Does he win back his fortune? What about the Beauty and the beast, well actually just a geek. Is Pyaar possible?

Pyaar Impossible Review

While not close to as bad as last year’s first release “Chandni Chowk To China’, Pyaar Impossible is a disappointment nonetheless. Loaded with glamour, the film actually had the potential to be much better, if only the love track was more refreshing and the story had some twists to avoid getting too predictable.

Agreed, the story is simple but it neither has the charm of a romantic tale nor the breeze of a comedy and hence boredom begins to creep in 20 to 25 minutes into the first half. Its not just the story that is at fault here, but the execution, which is absolutely amateurish. Barring a couple of scenes that manage to evoke some kind of emotion, the film is extremely sluggish and highly predictable. Its the pace, that requires you to watch Pyaar Impossible with a lot of patience.. it unnecessarily drags along.

Also let’s have a reality check here, since when did software companies of high grade get this easy with the dress code? Priyanka is always in minis, baring most of it for any and every occasion – a treat for the guys in the audience though. Also we have six year old Tanya who can understand her nanny’s (Uday) love for her mom and helps him hook up with her by having sleep overs at a friends place. Absurd ain’t it?

Music by Salim-Sulaiman is peppy and hummable but simply adds to the runtime.

Coming to the performances, Priyanka Chopra tops the rest. She looks stunning in every frame of the film, very natural and confident in her act. Perhaps one of the only reasons to watch this flick. Uday Chopra passes off as a geek, he does well in a few scenes.

Dino Morea as the program thief alias a business man is bad with nothing more than one and a half expressions. Anupam Kher has very little to do and is okay in his act. Advika Yadav (Priyanka’s daughter) is excellent.

Overall, Pyaar Impossible is a formula flick high on prediction. Watch it for the gorgeous Priyanka Chopra, but only on DVD, a fast-forward option is a must while watching this flick.

Rating: ★★☆☆☆ Watch on DVD



  • Chirag:
    what i hv to do ????ok i got it that it is not my job to right as such big reviews so can i come to u and change ur small nappies ??? aur make a milk for u and give u in ur feeder ??? or take u out for candies and chocolates ( god main utha ke ) ????
    or u want me to grap ur finger and drop u to ur play group school ???
    Fathiya aapi:
    i dont wana say any thing about u , u liked it and u want to give it 3 stars its ok Taran also gave it 3 stars.
    but this movie is really disappointed for me , i was thinking it is college life’s love story but college was only 15 min . then 2 hrs nanny.

  • Good review Indicine and a even better review Nauman.
    keep it up buddy forget da few who r criticizing da way u review.

    @ Fathiya u just stick to b grade films. am sorry to say dis but if u think Janemman is a crap movie 1/5 and PI is better 3/5 den dere is seriously something wrong. anywayz dats ur taste. plz go watch Chance Pe Dance azwell. i feel dat u will also like dat film

  • I was sure this movie will be a boring movie. It didn’t look interesting. And after reading the reviews, I’m glad I’m not watching this. Not even on dvd.

  • @Fathiya I think u r having some problem sister bcoz tht’s d only reason u said JAANEMAN a crap movie u always like that movie which is hardly liked byany people.

  • hey…it would hav been watchable if uday was replaced by shahid or akshay… any way it should be a flop… by the way indicine, uday produced yeh dillagi in 1994???? before 16 years??? wasnt he so young at that time… how old is he now???

  • he he he I know fathiya will like this film because it is too worst…….and an srk fan like you should like this,,,,,,,,

    @ nauman nice review …
    @ indicine your’s is also good

  • JAANEMAAN IS a awesome movie how can she say that its crap thats very bad fathiya can u please let us know wat your top 10 movies so that we could know wats ya taste please

  • ha ha …love all the comments..very entertaining…Like I said before, the title song sums it up and should be….hit impossible…oh yeah on yeah….no no no …Flop hai possible…yuck……… of the worst movies I have ever seen…Uday Chopra should stick to production and forget about acting..

  • Naveed UK: Are u seriouse or joking?!! Did u really like the movie Jaaneman?!! If that is true.. then no comments!!!!

    Arshan: so u too consider Jaaneman as one of the best movies!!! Oh God.. if u really saw this movie as a good one.. then no wonder why u all hated Saawariya, Asoka, Umra Jaan, Dil Se, all these movies which are serious drama, love stories and not some meaningless shallow like yr Jaaneman!!! I know.. you ppl don’t digist any story or any film which spread good messages and threre’s a purpose of doing it, to teach u something in life, to learn something in life.. and instead you just need movies which make u jump on yr seat or hold yr stomach laughing and laughing.. that’s all.

  • i still havn’t watched that movie.
    and i really want to just because of priyanka chopra and i hate uday chopra.
    but some of the make it sound bad it could be bad. who knows?
    hope its not that bad……….

  • Fathiya Aapi:
    what is the message in Pyar Impossible ???
    that wait till 7 yrs for ur lover and when u will find her be a nanny in her home for her daughter and then never told her that i love u since college life ?
    bull shit script
    if u are talking about beauty that udhay said beauty is more important to get attraction form others ?
    so i can understand .
    but tell me one thing why we go to cinema ?
    we go to cinema for entertainment, for fun , for enjoyment , we want to forget our all college , office , domestic problems and we want to have some fun in cinema .
    if u are interested to get some good messages then read your Holly Books or ethics books. these books can give u batter messages .
    cinema is only for entertainment .
    ticket lo seat pe baitho dostoo aur family waloon se gup shup maro baatien karo movie dekho popcorn khao cock piyo movie enjoy karo aur the end ke baad ghar aa ke dostoo ko movie ke baray main batao
    this is cinema.
    hope u have understood .
    and why are you tring to compair Pyaar Impossible with Jaan e man ? there se no resemblence , diffrent cast , diffrent producer, director , diffrent story …. are u all right ???
    there is no resemblence between these 2 movies except that Akki and Udhay both use eye sight glasses and both have bad hair style.

  • @Fathiya so I was right u only like movies which r hated by majority and plz do tell what msg u got from all those movies even we would like to know.

  • Pyar impossible is better than 3i n janemaan.wat a joke.fathiya waiting for ur next funny comment about dulha mil gaya,i think u will say it is better than sholey……:-)

  • Fathiya aapi:
    u asked me that according to me which movies had best script ?
    so let me think
    1. 3 Idiots
    2. London Dreams
    3. Wake up Sid
    4. Johny Gaddar
    5. Namaste London
    6. Waqt
    7. Rock On
    8. Under Trial
    9. Aitraaz
    10.Kal Ho Na Ho

    i wrote some movies which are in my mind
    even i can write Munna Bhai MBBS , Tum Bin , Khuda Ke Liye , Rang De Basanti and so on…….

  • Indicine Team: I read Taran Adarsh’s review for the movie now.. and I agree with all what he said..sorry indicine.. didn’t like yr review this time.. anyone (specially the girls as it’s a girl’s movie more than boys.. girls would love it more than boys) read Taran Adarsh’s review on and then decide for yourself if u r gona watch it or not.. he gave it 3/5.. but it deserves 3.5/5

    Nauman: the guy lacked confidence because he wasn’t a good looking guy ( and that exactly what happens in life) specially opposite a very beautiful charming girl.. in the college.. no man who’s not perfect in his look would ever dare to express his feelings for the most beautiful girl in the college because he’s sure 100% that he’ll be rejected.. Udhay lacked this confidence although he was smart, intelligent.. and because YOU Nauman, while watching this movie, could NEVER realise that he’s that smart there4 u didn’t understand the movie!! Udhay knew that the only chance for him, to win this queen’s heart was by accepting to be very close in her life.. to accept to be a nanny for her daughter.. and to win anyone’s heart.. u must first win the heart of the closest member in the family.. which was her daughter.. so Udhay was very smart.. tried to win the little girl’s heart and was sure that at the end.. she could fall in love with him too, specially that she was a very naughty little girl and no nanny accepted to look after her.. so.. he won her love as well as his software at the end.

    Nauman: these type of movies aren’t meant for you.. it’s for ppl who love romantic movies and there’s something in this movie to tell the audience.. and Traran Adarsh said that this movie is light and nice for romantic ppl.. I think it’s mostly for the girls.. they’ll love it.

    And I don’t need to repeat myself saying what was the message in the movie.. I already mentioned it.

  • Fathiya aapi:
    listen plz dont talk about Taran Adarsh. since last 3 months i found him worst reviewer .
    he gave wanted 4/5 which was very ordinary movie and u have watched 100s movies of sunny deol , suneil shetty and other heros.
    then Do knot Disturb 3.5/5 ohh my god was it movie ????i hate govinda every time same role
    Blue 4/5 according to him he never watched that kind of movie in bollywood … movie was good but lack of direction and bad climax bad it avg.
    Rocket Singh he gave 1.5 /5 which deserved at least 3/5 it was well made movie but again lack of script pull it down.
    now Pyaar Impossible he gave 3/5 which wasnt more than 2/5….
    4 months ago i believed on Taran but now i only beleive on my self sicne i started to watch every movie in cinema and writing proper review in indicine…
    ok if u liked it thats good atleast u enjoyed that is good.every movie is for enjoyment u did thats it …
    i will enjoy in DPC or Ishqiya . nahi to 3 I , namaste london , waqt or 1 wednesday dobara dekh loon ga dvd pe.

  • @Fathiya WOW even uday would have not noticed dis msg and wht msg u got 4rm dilse,saawarya,umrao jaan,asoka.

  • @Nauman: The building is super cool. It’s an 828 metres tall building with 160 floors breaking the previous record of Willis Tower (108 Floors)…. The building has everything you ask for…..

    @Fathiya: Every one is saying that the movie is a crap including indicine but I have witnessed you the only one saying that this movie is a good one and worth a watch….. Anyway that’s not going to force me to watch this movie in cinema but I think I will wait for DVD to come now to judge it myself whether the movie is good or not…… Before I wasn’t even interested to watch it on DVD but now you have forced me to watch it atleast once…. I’ ll do that…

  • Nauman: If u find Taran the worst reviewer.. then you consider yourself as the best?!! haha.. ofcourse.. everyone think that he’s smarter or a better reviwer.. or a better commentator.. or a better husband or wife.. or a better humen being.. don’t be so arrogant Nauman.. no one is perfect.. few might like yr review.. and few might dislike it.. I can’t remember your review about the movie Wanted.. but if Taran gave it 4/5.. so he was right.. and it became a super hit ( don’t u all rate any movie according to the box office success?!) he didn’t give it 1.5/5 and then the movie became a hit! well with me.. I always used to see him on ztv channel, and listen to his reviews but never knew his name, liked his reviews.. just a month ago, I knew that Taran Adarsh is the same movie reviwer which I see on ztv channel.. I believe in his reviews.. don’t agree for all ofcourse, but.. tell me Nauman.. who will agree for any review 100% and always?!!

    I agreed for some reviews by Indicine Team, but not all of them

  • Guys
    please quite because now i am watching biggest all time blockbuster movie
    Dulha Mil Gaya
    so plzz dont disturb me

  • @Fathiya: Haan Abt Umrao Jaan, Asoka, Dilse and Saawariya….Following are my comments…

    1. Umrao Jaan was a total crap…..I didn’t even bother to get back to see the second half…
    2. Saawariya: I only liked some locations in the movie that’s it….According to me it was a very blackish movie with no story at all. I don’t know why did a director like SLB make this movie??… What was he trying to prove???
    3. Asoka: I liked this movie but for Kareena only.she looked beautiful through out but I didn’t like SRK in it…
    4. Dilse: Dilse was a good movie and I really liked SRK, Manisha and Preity’s acts in it….

  • Three Idiots Has 55 Crore Second Week

    Three Idiots has totally smashed all second week records. the second week business is more than double the previous record holder. Ghajini grossed 26.50 crore nett in its second week while the early estimate for the second week of Three Idiots is around 55 crore nett. Second week records at most places have been smashed by bigger margins than first week records.

    The collection is also better than any other films first seven day week. The two week total is around 134 crore nett and the distributor share is a humungous 69 crore approx.

    The film will also dominate in week three but as there are two releases the film has less screen space than it had in week three. The third week should be able to notch up around 25-30 crore nett business.

  • fathiya aapi:
    i didnt say that i am best reviewer even i always mention that Taran is my teacher he teached me how to watch a movie i am watching his reviews since 1999 on etc and reading his reviews since 2000 on bollywoodhungama when it was . but for last 3,4 months some times i m not agree with him .
    and i said that i can beleive only on me becuase every one has diffrent openions and diffrent taste so i hv to follow my openions rather than others.
    i didnt give review of Wanted because on that time i was not use to visit indicine , i started indicine at the time of Blue….
    and i watched wanted on DVD and when i watch any movie on dvd i cant put my review becuase dvd prints are not good and mostly delete some scenes.
    right now i am watching dulha mil gaya on dvd so plz let me watch…

  • Fahad
    100 % agree with u
    i didnt watch asoka
    i didnt watch Umra o jaan as well
    dilse was good especially 1st half when in every 2nd scene srk introduced his self that he is from all india radio i forgot his name i thing it was Jay ???
    sanwariya was night mare , bull shit

    i m watching dulha mil gaya

  • @Nauman
    here is the review given by the critics and media for WANTED
    1)taran – 4 star
    2)chakpak- 3.5 star
    3)Times of india- 4 star
    4)rediff- 2 star
    5)mid-day- 3 star
    6)zee news- 4 star
    7)Indicine- 3 star
    this is the review given by the media and critics for SALLU BHAI movie do you still think WANTED was a very ordinary movie and still u think so then M sorry because you have a long way to go as critics.
    one man(TARAN) can be wrong but not so many these are top critics which public refer.

  • Fahad:
    thx for ur information
    u can watch it on dvd it has some funny scenes and good music and little baby it really cute and priaynaka looks very sexy..
    udhay is also good in some scens which he has with priyanka in 2nd half.

  • pyaar impossible is jus gud……dulha mil gaya is bakwaas………accordin 2 me pi is bettr dan dulha milgaya

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