Promote films to create awareness, but only word-of-mouth works: Salman

Bollywood superstar Salman Khan has said that he promotes films and goes everywhere to avoid media negativity. While adding that ‘creating awareness’ amongst the audience is important, Khan said it’s the word-of-mouth that takes a film to new heights at the box office.

“From our side, there is no strategy. The film’s team tells us to go and do the job and we do it. Earlier it was very simple with just All India Radio (AIR) and Doordarshan. It used to take just one hour to promote a film. But now there are so many channels and newspapers that if we miss one, they start doing negative stories. So, we basically try and go everywhere to spread awareness about the film and its storyline” Salman said.

With 6 of his last 7 films going on to be blockbusters at the box office, Khan is on a historic run. No actor in the history of Indian Cinema has delivered so many blockbusters in such a short period of time.

To compare Salman’s streak with Rajesh Khanna’s glorious years between 1969 to 1972, the first superstar of Bollywood had featured in 17 films out of which 3 films were ‘blockbusters’ and two were ‘super-hits’.

Will Salman’s incredible run continue with ‘Bajrangi Bhaijaan’? The film releases in less than 36 hours from now!



  • I booked my ticket
    my show time is 12 pm
    u can’t believe it response for advance booking is outstanding…
    I think we will get 35 cr opening ….

  • I hope this article somewhat makes everybody realize that it isn’t only Srk who promotes his movie.Every star do promote their movie to a certain extent at times going a bit over-the-top.There’s a false perception created that it’s only Srk who promotes his movies which is completely untrue.Revealing first look of any movie months before isn’t called promotion hope they understand that.

  • Of course the incredible run will continue..but I still believe that Rajesh khanna`s stardom during that time is the biggest ever simply because it is no mean feat to achieve 15 consecutive successful films in a span of just 3-4 years

  • I think dushman and maryada were also super hits..and may be kati patang I guess there are 4-5 superhits along with 3 blockbusters

  • Indicine ..rajesh khanna all films at that time were blockbusters and it is a shame that you are comparing rajesh khanna films with salman khan films.salman does 1 film per year and releases those on holidays and rajesh khanna used to do 5-6 films per year.why dont salman does 3-4 films per year and i will see how many of them will be blockbusters. I am not a salman hater but you can’/t compare rajesh khanna films majestic run with salman films.

  • No wom Only bhaijaan works…Wom was not that good for some of bhaijaans recent blockbusters

  • No wom… Only bhaijaan works…Wom was not that good for some of bhaijaans recent blockbusters
    Bb is going to be another BB

  • True salman whole media biased. they promote srk and demote Salman everytime but it is peoples love for salman that he is rememeber as biggest superstar of india.

  • bb,,, bahubali already created history and now its tme for next bb,,,bajrangi bhaijan…..advance booking report is v goood…….

  • After bajrangi bhaijan bhai will have 7 blockbusters out of 8 which the so called king can’t even think to achieve in his dream.

  • Sallu bhai u don’t need the promotions for the films…the film just need is ur name…to be a huge….waiting for bb###

  • While bhai is giving blockbuster after blockbuster king fans are shouting too much on king’s hits. It seems they think hits are bigger success than blockbusters…LOL.

  • @Khiladi, if bhai is not comparable with rajesh khanna despite giving blockbuster after blockbuster then whom do you think comparable with rajesh khanna??? The 60cr wala superstar who is playing 2nd lead after Sid in his upcoming movie!!!

  • OMG if he did not sign his brother’s jay ho…than he would have 6 blockbuster…and after BB and PRDP 8…true superstar of bollywood

  • @Challa, but there is a difference between normal promotion and dancing on streets, creating troubles in public places that too before 6month of movie release. Hope yiu understand what i mean.

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